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DCCR2011 top 10 most hated Star Wars characters

As the title says, I will be listing my most hated Star Wars characters...

List items

  • Hoggon is just horrible. I disliked him throughout the entire Redemption comic, and after he killed Ulic I literally wanted to cut out every part of the comic his face appeared in and burn it.

  • "Galen is a horrible character and TFU is a steaming pot of hot garbage. I'm glad that continuity destroying Mary sue is retconned and will no longer be apart of the main universe." -- Dccomicsrule2011

  • This n!gga is even worse then the original Starkiller....

  • ...need I say more?

  • This dude is just an all-around snore fest to me as a character. He's comes off as a stupid brute - to put it simply, I just hate him.

  • Ferrier was just an idiot and asshole of epic proportion. I thoroughly hated him throughout the Thrawn trilogy

  • As a Sado fan, I can't stand his ass. Simple as that, really.

  • Sylvar is just.....meh. I disliked her through out the entire Tales of the Jedi series to be frank. Her attitude is annoying as hell to me - albeit, I did like that she let go of her anger in Redemption, but that still doesn't excuse her sucking through-out Tales of the Jedi.

  • Let it be known: I love the Star Wars "Legends" General Grievious, he a pure beast. It's the CANNON Grievous I can't stand. He's characterized as a coward who runs away from battles the minute he's on the losing in, and he jobs like he was paid by Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Between getting punked by Ventress and Ahsoka giving him all he can handle, the General is more like a cadet in the official Star Wars canon.

  • I hate Jabba...really, really,really ,really, really hate Jabba.