The Man in the Shell

"Watch, as I rebuild what you so recklessly destroyed"

Simpler Times
Simpler Times

☬ Real Name: Ishmael Strix

☬ Birthplace: Gothic City

☬ Alias: The Ghostshell of Gothic City, The Count, The Last Republican, The Secret Seditionist, The Lost Owl, The White Talon.

☬ Height: 6'5"

☬ Age: 26

☬ Weight: 220 lbs

☬ Hair Colour: Onyx

☬ Eye Colour: Auburn

☬ Species: Homo-Sapiens

☬ Alignment: -

☬ Affiliation: Sequitur Crix, Halo Corp, Ashley Knightfall(Of Reality-M), Quintus Knightfall (Of Reality-M; deceased), Court Towers(Destroyed),Project Green,Olympus Night Club


☬ Orientation: Heterosexual

☬ Identity: Public, (Legally; deceased)

☬ Relationship Status: Single

☬ Gender: Male

☬ Family: Notable Gothinites; Absalom Strix (Brother-Mayor, presumed deceased), Nikoleta Strix (Sister-Founder Principle Owner of Olympus , presumed deceased), Ezra Strix (Father-Patriarch)

☬ Occupation: Philanthropist, Corporate Management, Criminal Incubator,Global Revolutionary



Physical Skills

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Because of his strenuous and near fatal training, the Count of Owls is capable of tangling (and defeating) meta, mutant, and superhuman foes in-spite of the absence of superhuman abilities and mutant gentics. Exclusive and privileged mentoring and specific tutoring have advanced his mind to the point in which transitioning from a visual-spatial of working memory, to other forms of thought, (language, art, mathematics, reflexes, etc), have been accelerated by the unique emotional disposition of his prodigious and cognitive functions.

Raised with an obsessively disciplined regiment of traditional despotic demands, Ishmael has been baptized in the ways of ancient and traditional forms of martial machinations. Often times studying a single style for a year before sculpting it into a piece of combat precision which he then integrates seamlessly into his ever expanding martial arts repertoire. Fortified by a comprehensive injection of intercontinental techniques and styles. Mostly in the empty-hand, submission and suplex based art of Pankration. Viewed by the secret society of enigmatic Strix as the purist form of combat. Mutants and metas, in the eyes of the aristocratic truest, having corrupted and tainted the purity of other forms of hand to hand combat. Pankration places great emphasis on footwork, mobility, and body positioning.

Ishmael (Hellfire Years)
Ishmael (Hellfire Years)

The same concepts (of angles of attack, deflections, traps, passes, etc.) are also applied to similar situations with different ranges. Making the understanding of ranges and how to bridge them very important. Thus allowing Ishmael to see situations and patterns and utilizing them to aid in his posture, positioning, and movements. As well as other integrated advantages associated with the ancient form of combat. Most if not all of the Count's techniques emphasize circular line-cutting (a la, greco-roman wrestling and the Strixian trademark, Pankration). while others (like, Wing Chun), emphasize range. Others call for the Count to move inside his oppoent as soon as possible. Both opposing dualities have been systematically melded into Ishmael's matured development in order to cultivate the exclusive trademark style. A style originally engineered by his mother.

Early on in the young Strix's development, a three year sabbatical, authorized by his mother, transformed his body using a strict regiment of ancient Greek decorum. Immersing himself in the teachings of Aristotle through literary works following in the foot steps of Alexander the Great who had been tutored by the now infamous philosopher.

As well as continuing to evolve his martial arts prowess through the adaptation of the Greek combat form known as Pankration, sharpening his physical form to the peek of Olympic standards by his 18th birthday. Adopting a dogmatic ritualistic dietary principle and extensive exercise regiment maturing his muscle index to an extraordinary level .

As the Ghostshell of Gothic
As the Ghostshell of Gothic

Sculpting his frame into the mirror images of the proto-artistic bronze representation of the ancient Greek Gods and athletes. Over time Ishmael has cultivated an expansive multi-deminsional sphere of assorted expertise. Melding an eclectic catalog of skills that, when amalgamated into a rarefied combat composition, stylistically fabricated an exclusive martial arts model. Copyrighted by the Strixian hierarchy and hereditary traits found in most Strix. Symbiotic techniques that continue to evolve over time, granting the blueblood the luxury of aggregating new forms and systems.

Acrobatics and Athleticism
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Acrobatic Reflexes - With an exercised regime of aerial gymnastics, coupled with a unique series of ultra-flexible joints, the Ghostshell's acrobatic platform is instrumental in the roolkit of his martial repertoire. Quite possibly it is the foundation of his hypermobility. Granting the renowned philanthropist a rare infrastructure of exclusively acrobatic reflexes that have been passionately perfected through obsessive training and photographically indexed maps of visually observed physical feats. Ishmael's aerobatic mastery is inherently fluent, graceful to the point of being superhuman and habitually reinvented with new and innovative freestyles. Making the surviving Strix one of the most elusive combatants the World has ever seen. Heightened neck muscles and a uniquely exercised otolith organ, mediate the acrobatic crime fighter's magnificent displays of balance.

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Arc Reactionary Reflex (ARR) - The Ghostshell's extensive repertoire of bullet dodging reactionary reflexes have finally begun to scratch the surface of his impressive index of mesmerizing movements. Evolved with a unique clavicle, flexible backbone, and unrivaled training regime, Ishmael has the stylish ability to redirect the nature of his fall without ever having changed his net angular momentum.

Ishmael's manicured muscle memory is so profound it can perform a comprehensive action known as, "Exchoflexes." Allowing for the hybrid human to perfectly echo the physical actions of nearly anyone he visually witnesses. Fashioning a variegated combat style of street savvy nuances.

Equally adept in the use of both left and right appendages, this self taught reward is a practiced gift the Ghostshell of Gothic has enjoyed since an unbelievably young age.

Gun Kata
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An expert in the dramatized close quarter combat style of gun'fu. Capable of visually reacting to the geometric angles of his opponents, treating his gun as a complete tool and weapon while simultaneously melting dexterous motion into lethal quick draws, twirls, and gun akimbo.


Custom AR-15

Two-tone customized Rifle with crimson Magpul CTR stock., retro fitted handguard & muzzle brake. Trijicon RMR Sight (adjustable LED) top mount along with a vert-grip. TTI Mag extensions (replacement PMAG baseplates) bumping capacity up from 30, to 35 rounds.

Tactical Gear
The Ghostshell wears (P12 armor destroyed - march on hell), covert BDU trousers with integrated knee pads and a sheer, form fitting top & mask. Equipped with a digitally enhanced optical scope (removable). Many of the deadly soldgers uniforms adhere to the widespread militarized adaptations of high tech athletic fabrics. Such as, but not limited to, Under Armour.
First Line KitSecond Line Kit
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Riggers belt with duel drop down holsters and subloard smoke grenade pouch. Heckler and Kock Mk23 SOCOM .45 with silencer and laser aiming module. Back-mounted UnG Katana
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Integrated extraction harness with chest rig and webbed belt. Mette black Aethrium chest pieces/segmented. Matching Aethrium belt and grommets.

9mm with side functions and removable LAMEbony sheen bandolier with machete, compass, C-4, and rifle ammunition.