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  • Alignment:Evil
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"š•¹š–Šš–›š–Šš–— š–Žš–“š–š–šš–—š–Š š–œš–š–†š–™ š–žš–”š–š š–ˆš–†š–“š–™ kš–Žš–‘š–‘"

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ā˜¬ Real Name: Ishmael Strix

ā˜¬ Birthplace: Gothic City

ā˜¬ Alias: The Digital Death Note, Shaolin Street Shinobi, The Phantomshell, The Shadowrun Strix, Last of the Gothic Gunslingers, The Trademark, New Age Nightwing Ninja, The Acrobatic Apex, The Human Cheatcode

ā˜¬ Height: 6'5"

ā˜¬ Age: 26

ā˜¬ Weight: 220 lbs

ā˜¬ Hair Colour: Dark Brown

ā˜¬ Eye Colour: Auburn

ā˜¬ Species: Homo-Sapiens

ā˜¬ Alignment: -

ā˜¬ Affiliation: --------------------------------------- ---------- ------------------ ----

ā˜¬ Orientation: Heterosexual

ā˜¬ Identity: ----------

ā˜¬ Relationship Status: ------

ā˜¬ Gender: Male

ā˜¬ Family: -------- --------- -------- --------- --------------

ā˜¬ Occupation: ----------




Equipment; Combat Utility Rigging and Harness

Retrofitted, the unit is a relatively simple CIA black-ops rigging with shoulder and abdominal harness w/duel hip gun holsters. Aethrium buckle. The unconventional belt houses twenty cylinders which vertically clip to the outside of the leather strap.

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There are pockets between the cylinders, as well as hidden pockets on the inside of the belt used for housing an orchestra of munitions. The cylinders house different tools for various situations. Perfectly tailored for an urban free running ghost who lives and breathes on the fly.

Two-tone customized Rifle with crimson Magpul CTR stock., retro fitted handguard & muzzle brake. Trijicon RMR Sight (adjustable LED) top mount along with a vert-grip. TTI Mag extensions (replacement PMAG baseplates) bumping capacity up from 30, to 35 rounds.

Tactical Gear
The Phantomshell wore a P12 under-armor sheath, but it was stolen by the Yakuza during his capture. He now employs light-weight covert BDU trousers with integrated knee pads and a sheer, form fitting top & mask. Equipped with a digitally enhanced optical scope (removable). Many of the deadly gunner's uniforms adhere to the widespread militarized adaptations of high tech athletic fabrics. Such as, but not limited to, Under Armour.
First Line KitSecond Line Kit
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Riggers belt with duel drop down holsters and subloard smoke grenade pouch. Heckler and Kock Mk23 SOCOM .45 with silencer and laser aiming module. Back-mounted UnG Katana
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Integrated extraction harness with chest rig and webbed belt. Mette black Aethrium chest pieces/segmented. Matching Aethrium belt and grommets.

9mm with side functions and removable LAMEbony sheen bandolier with machete, compass, C-4, and rifle ammunition.
The VGS (vertical grapnel system)
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A state of the art full body grapnel w/ harness & riggings salvaged from the aftermath of Gothic's destruction.
Body of the Compressed Gas CylinderThe Rigging & Wrist HarnessesMobility Device
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Condensed within an onyx cylinder, gas is chambered and injected for instantaneous bursts of ignited aerial agility
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A set of Carbonadium wires stored inside the wrist mounted devices while the harness fastens to the lumbar area of the back. 2 independent axes revolve around a synthetic, two axle, spool. Which allows for faster revolutions of aerial acrobatics and weight supported durability.

Is the operational portion of the state of the art fabrication.

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The multi-trigger fist grips launch the wires as well the triggers act as aerial brakes.


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It is unknown at this point just how deep the Phantomshell's well of uncanny speed, agility and reflexes go. Currently, he has displayed the reactionary prowess of an elite top-tier Olympic athlete. Though currently injured and bed ridden, he has displayed small feats of particularly impressive actions.

Its quite possible that once fully healed, he could easily perform complicated aerial acrobatic maneuvers requiring extreme flexible and training. In theory his agility, balance and bodily coordination could possibly surpass those of the finest 1% of all human athletes.

Gun Kata
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An expert in the dramatized close quarter combat style of gun'fu. Capable of visually reacting to the geometric angles of his opponents, treating his gun as a complete tool and weapon while simultaneously melting dexterous motion into lethal quick draws, twirls, and gun akimbo.