MY Best 20 CBM Movies! So far...

My opinion, not yours. Also, these are of the movies I've watched

My ratings maybe affected by my memory, or lack thereof, of the movie and its events.

Caveat: I have never watched Deadpool, Burton films, or Antman

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  • Talk about a polarizing movie, Man of Steel is hated and loved by millions of people worldwide. You will never see a movie where, on one hand you'll have people singing its praise, calling it the best CBM of all time, but on the other hand hate it for its new take on the iconic character. Directed By Zach Snyder, Man of Steel is the best CBM ever.

    What sets this movie apart is its tone and refreshing take on the character. No, this isn't your standard Superman saves all Superman film, nor is it your wise cracking MCU film. Its a film about a young man who had to grow up in a world where he just didn't fit in. A world where he didn't know his true calling. A world that he basically was TOLD to fear for what it could potentially do. This is a story about a man who fought through pain and suffering, in the form of the death of his planet and the death of his farther. This is a film about a man who was push to the limit to do wrong (whether it be smashing that guys face in at the bar or burning the face off of your school's bully), but instead chose right because it was the right thing. This isn't a story about Superman, but rather a story about Clark Kent, the Man of Steel.

  • When you think of political thrillers, rarely do you ever think of a Comic Book movie. However, despite its campy predecessor's of the MCU, Captain America: Winter Soldier puts its hero in a more realistic world, with a more serious tone. This isn't your standard Summer Blockbuster; there's no big city destroying CGI, there's no alien hunting down some magical gem, and there's no Norse God that has your back if things get a little sticky. What you get is a ground, semi-realistic Captain America that doesn't fall short on action or story.

    The Winter Soldier is what the Dark Knight could have been: An action packed thriller, with a great story, choreography, characters, while capturing the comic YET still being realistic. In Winter Soldier, we get to witness the implications that a surveillance-security system implemented by shield has on the country. Embodying freedom and the American way, Captian America does not stand for this immoral technology, despite threats against his personal safety. Against all odds, we see one man take on, and beat the government in the name of truth and justice!

    The Winter Soldier also has one of the most badass villains in the MCU in the Winter Soldier. Though we comic fans were up for no surprise, I could still feel the suspense and shock that others had when it was revealed that Bucky was the Winter Soldier.

    The movie also introduces and unsuspected plot twist that you expect in a James Bond film; Hydra has been overtaken and infiltrated by Hydra, and it is up to one man to take them down. Despite such a "cliche" story line, the Russo brothers do a great job at presenting us this old story line in a refreshing way.

    Overall, there are very few sleeper moments in this film.