Most Popular Characters

The most known around the world. I cann the first 3 the "big 3", because after them, there's a HUGE gap, and those three are so close.

List items

  • With the first 3 blockbuster Raimi movies being released 7, 10, and 12 years ago(wow time flies), Spiderman success has done nothing but grown. Although Webb's trilogy has not had as much success, Spiderman is still a world wide known hero, from China to Europe to America, everyone knows "Your friendly neighborhood, Spiderman".

  • I'm Batman. Since 1985, Batman has lead the world in Comic Book sales 6 different times(1989, '94, 2001, '03, '05, and so far 2014); to help those numbers, it has TWO films to gross over a billion dollars(one BILLION).

  • Although Man of Steel got mixed reviews from being the "Best Superhero movie ever made" to the worst(although WORST is a little far fetch), that didn't stop it from making $668 million dollars. Leading 3rd in comic book sales in 2013, Superman is still going strong for 76 years, and Man of Steel 2 will do nothing but help that.

  • Appearing in 6 live action films(had a cameo in a 7th), had 2 animated film series, and his own animated film, Wolverine is one of the bloodiest and well known comic characters, and strikes fear into the heart of all his villains.

  • HULK SMASH!! Have become one of the most famous catch phrases among all people. Bruce Banner hasn't slowed down since appearing in 1962. Ask the Avengers and Thor why they call him the "Strongest One There is".

  • The play boy Tony Stark has been rising in recent years, with the releases of the Marvel Civil War, 3 different films, and a huge Avengers movie, Iron Man is becoming a more and more house held name.