Most overrated characters on the Vine

Some of the most overpowerred people on here, whether it be a random encounter or with prep.

List items

  • Not this one, of course, but pre-52 Wally West is seen as a God. I don't even bother going into battle forums containing him, 'cause it's always "IMP", or "Speed Steal", or "Speed dump". I have legitimately seen threads were individuals suggest that he could take on Thanos, Odin, and Glactus.

  • I understand with the Death Seed version, he's a powerful character. However, individuals believe because he beat a weak Molecule Man, that puts him on Odin's level. If stable, he's a force to be reckoned with, seeing he beat the Void. However this is no where near the case most the time.

  • As the master of unreliable power scaling, I'll admit, often Goku is UNDERRATED on this site. People often put him below New-52 Superman. However, with the UNKNOWN power of his new form SSG, the wanking has gone up a whole other level. Individuals have suggested that he could beat Odin, and is a Universal level being, besides the fact he has displayed NOTHING of that caliber. Goku fans, at least wait until we see the form a little more.

  • See Wally West

  • Regarded to many as "BATGOD", he is seemingly unbeatable with prep.

  • The storm worship on here is unbelievable. "She's the best energy manipulator on Earth and can rival that of Thor." they say.

  • People believe her combat speed gives her the automatic win in every fight.

  • His greatest feat is often misunderstood and misinterpreted.