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Favorite Runaways Members

This is long overdue.

So, those who are familiar with me know how much I love the Runaways. They're one of my favorite Comic Book teams, and I'm anxiously awaiting the Hulu series. When I was away from comics for years, they're the ones that reeled me right back in.

So, I've decided to make a list of my favorite members, excluding the roster from that 2015 series that made absolutely no sense and went virtually nowhere.

List items

  • Codename: Princess Powerful. The sweet little girl with the strength of 100+ men. Molly is such a fun, kickass character. I love the contrast in her innocent, child-like behavior, and her fierceness when her eyes glow Pink and starts laying the Smackdown. Simply put, Molly is a badass.

  • Codename: Sister Grimm. The self-appointed leader of the Runaways, and wielder of the Staff of One. While I like Molly the best, I think I relate to Nico a little more since she's a very emotional person, and when confronted with tragedy and stress, she just looks for the nearest warm body. I don't like how she practically made out with everybody on the team, but her toughness, leadership, and overall strength of character is so admirable. After everything the team has gone through, Nico has kept them in line more often than not.

  • Codename: Lucy in the Sky. As far as LBGT characters in comics go, I think Karolina is one of the more underrated of them. Because she's a lesbian, she's found it difficult to find her place on the team, even kissing Nico at one point. Despite being the most optimistic of them all, she always struggled with an identity crisis... until Xavin came to Earth and saved her. I also really love her backstory, powers, Alien roots, and for the simple fact that she's the most caring out of all of them.

  • Codename: Arsenic. What's not to love about Gert? She's snarky as hell, grumpy, normally always pissed off, and she even had her own Dinosaur. Gert had the perfect self-aware attitude when it came to saving the world. In way, she spoke for the viewer. But beneath all that, she has a strong sense of friendship, and I think that's what people love about her the most. I still can't get over the fact that she died.

  • Codename: Talkback. I think Chase's character development, especially through Brian Vaughn's run on the series was really well done. Chase was the typical goofball comic relief, and the getaway driver of the Leapfrog. Underneath all the funny, was an abused kid who had goals and aspirations of his own. When Gert died in his arms, all the comedy was gone. Chase left the team and became an angry, broken teenager that was willing to kill a girl, and even kidnapped Nico, if it meant somehow resurrecting Gert back to life. It was a great direction to take Chase's character to make him more interesting. Unfortunately, after Vaughn's run was up, Chase practically reverted back to status quo. One can't grieve forever, I suppose.

  • Because of Klara's rough upbringing, and the fact that she comes from 1907, she doesn't have that same innocence that Molly does. In fact, Klara is a lot wiser and experienced for her age, and despite all that, still connects with Molly because they're the same age. It works better that way since it'd be annoying to have two little kids with the same personality walking around. Klara is also low-key one of the most powerful members of the group. When she gets angry, her Chlorokinesis can get REALLY out of control.

  • Xavin is a Shape-shifting Skrull that came to Earth, claiming he was arranged to be Karolina's betrothed due to an agreement made by Xavin's people and Karolina's people. I always preferred Xavin with Karolina over Julie Powers because their relationship dynamic was more interesting. Xavin was always so serious and headstrong and Karolina... wasn't. They were so different, yet hopelessly in love. Xavin was a Male when he showed up, but committed to being a woman for Karolina. And when Majesdanes from Karolina's world came to take her away to answer for something her parents did, Xavin shape-shifted into Karolina to take the bullet instead. That's what you do when you're in love.

  • Old Lace is an epic Telepathic Dinosaur. About the most loyal pet you'll ever see. No further discussion is required.

  • The smartest kid on the Runaways, who also turned traitor, almost killing them all. I think Alex gets a lot of hate and deservedly so, but I wonder if a part of him ever felt left out? I mean, sure he's got a genius level intellect and a knack for logic and strategy due to him playing Computer RPG's for days on end, but he couldn't fight and didn't have any powers or tech which made him useless in the field. Chase could at least fight, and even had those Fistigons for a short while. Was it really that he believed everything his parents were selling, or was it jealousy deep down? One thing's for sure, he was in love in Nico.

  • The son of Ultron, who at one time, was going to grow up, become a villain, and destroy the world, single-handedly defeating every single hero... until the Runaways got to him. Victor's a tough kid with powerful Electrokinesis and Metal Manipulation. After Ultron murdered his mother, Victor had no alternative but to join the Runaways for a fresh start. I feel like Victor's only claim to fame is being Ultron's son. Past that, I think Victor is cool and all, and he's a comic book fan like all of us, but he never really stuck out to me. After his arc was over, he was just... there. He has cool powers and can hack stuff, but I didn't find his character as interesting as the others, despite being there for a long period of time.