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List of Omnipotent Beings

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Kami Tenchi

The absolute omnipotent being of the Tenchi Muyo continuity.

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Omnipotent of the Cthulu mythos. All of creation is just his dream.

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The One Above All

Avatar of the writer of Marvel.

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Lord of Nightmares

Creator of the Slayers! multiverse.

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Common character shared by To Aru, Hellsing, Bastard!!, Sunday Without God, Devil May Cry etc. Pretty much any verse which confirms the existence of the biblical God.

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Eru Iluvatar

Supreme creator of Lord of the Rings.

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Creator of the Ninja Gaiden verse. Opposite of Vigoor (pictured). Split itself into 4 deities.

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Embodiment of Akira Toriyama, author of Dragon Ball Z. Tori-Bot is only there as a gag character, but his existence established the author in the story nonetheless.

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Supreme deity of the Darksiders universe. Abandoned creation after losing interest in it.

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  • No version of this character is omnipotent. He was stated to be omnipotent, but the way the story progressed proves he wasn't.

  • This character isn't omnipotent either. He was clearly stated to have been shaped by external forces he has no power over. The Primal Monitor is also above him.

  • This character is also not omnipotent. He was unable to have God and Satan act the way he desired them too, and couldn't tell if they were going to stop fighting or what Spawn would do.