Greg Land's Shadowcat copycatting his Phoenix?

I was looking for pics of Shadowcat's spacesuit/containment suit that she wore when her powers were messed up, and I came across a picture that looked very similar to one I had seen before.

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In Uncanny X-Men, Greg Land had drawn Shadowcat in the same pose he had drawn Phoenix in the last issue of Phoenix Endsong. I wonder if he simply forgot about Phoenix when he drew Shadowcat, or if it was an intentional nod to his earlier work. Either way the pictures are eerily similar, almost identical. Their hair is even the same color, which it shouldn't be as Jean is a redhead and Kitty a brunette.


One little change I would have made to Spider-Man Grim Hunt

I would have loved to see Arana wear Mattie's spider-suit at the conclusion of Grim Hunt instead of taking Julia's and leaving her in that drab red trench-coat deal that I hate (i mean Madame Web had a decent costume, why did Julia just get civilian clothes and shades when she became the new MW?) . I felt after how stoic and brave she was up to the moment of her death, Mattie should have been honored (and her blue suit with the stylized red spider design is one of my favorite spider-woman costumes) by having Arana wear her costume. Just my thoughts


What will Rachel Grey think of Nate Grey

Now that Nate isn't dead and Rachel is finally returning to seems likely that after all this time the two will finally meet. I know that Rachel had a strong bond with her brother Cable (does she know he's dead?), I'm wondering how she will react to having another brother? Rachel and Nate have a lot in common..they are both the children of Cyclops and Phoenix from harsh dsytopian timelines who managed to escape into the 616 reality, they both have a strong bond with their "mother" Phoenix, and they are both omega-level telepath/telekinetics who have both recently lost a lot of their power (heck they both even manifested phoenix force raptors and have glowing right eyes). I'm thinking Rachel will accept her brother Nate with open arms (after all the family she has lost she should be happy to have a new brother) and Nate will be  happy to have a sister. Plus it could make a cool comic "The Adventures of X-Man and Marvel Girl" lol