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Name: Car'ra Knightfall (given by mother)/Sophia "So-So" (given by Catalina)

Age: 13

Birth Place: Order of Sancta Camisia

Alias: Perdida Cardenal (Lost Cardinal), Rat, The Sancta Camisia Assassin, Rouge Assassin, The Martial Arts Ace, Knightfall/Liafador Legacy, Midnight Assassin


  • Mother: Isadora Knightfall
  • Father: Unkown
  • Grandfather: Quintus Knightfall
  • Grandmother: Ziccarra Liafador
  • Half-Brother: Mark Anthony
  • Aunts: Catalina, Maya, Isis, Selene, Tassi Liafador
  • Cousins: Maricela Delgado, Kristina Huntington,

Eyes: Midnight Blue

Hair: Dark Brown

Look: Cassandra Cain/Jeeja Vismistananda

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Car'ra is the daughter of Isadora Knightfall and unknown father and the Granddaughter of Quintus Knightfall and Ziccarra Liafador. Car'ra Knightfall was taken as a child by her grandfather, Qutintus Knightfall, to be raised and trained as one of his members of the Order of Sancta Camisia. However, since she has been under his watchful eye, Quintus has not once acknowledged the child as his granddaughter and instead instead was treated as another one of his warriors. This was done to avoid the conflicts that happened with her half brother, Marcus Anthony, who betrayed the Knightfall family and attempted to overthrow his Grandfather. Now 13 years old, the Knightfall has grown up not knowing the true power that lies within her, being told for as long as she remembers that she was given to Quintus as an offering by her mother to avoid death by his hands. Car'ra now grows more deadly daily, training, bleeding and killing for the family she doesn't know is her own.

The Pit

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Car'ra was sent to The Pit by her grandfather in order to pave the way to the temple that resides inside it. Not only did she survive the grueling torment that came with it, but she found the remains of her grandmother and Tia (Ziccarra and Zeon) and items that they left behind (Ziccarra's sword, shield and the Liafador Matriarch Necklace). Upon emerging from The Pit, she found that Quintus had fallowed her inside, only to not have returned yet. So she kept the items which she was to give to him and waited... only... he never returned.

Living with Liafadors

The lost cardinal left the Order of Sancta Camisia whens he began having nightmares of Zeon Liafador's return to the living. With Raysh no where to be found, she turned to the only other people who would know what her dream's meant... the Liafadors. She approached Catalina Liafador and explained her nightmares to her. Catalina took interest in the child and offered her a place to stay with her and her family. There she became antiquated with other members of the Liafador family. She began training the youngest of the Liafadors, Tassiana and became friends with Catalina's daughter, Marisol.

The Academy

Catalina enrolled both Marisol and So-so into The Academy, ran by Maya Summers. There So-so joined the 'Gem' Class and it was there where the young assassin began to develop powers she never had before. Though she is unclear what they are or how to summon them, she is still learning much about herself while at the same time... still knows nothing. It's because of this that So-so has developed the sudden need to know who she is and where she came from in order to better understand her newfound abilities. Which lead to... So-so #1.

So-So #1

So-so created a team with her classmates to ambush the Order of Sancta Camisia in order for her to get a hold of a book that held the names of all members of the assassin group. But in order to sell the idea to the team, she also included different goals for the team to achieve while there. To free prisoners from the OSC and to destroy any blackmail information the group is holding against others and to collect any intel on the group that could be used against them. Splitting the group into three separate teams the mission was a success, with So-so getting the book. She was one step closer learning who she was.

Chaos Arrives

Shortly after getting the book from The Order of Sancta Camisia Mari was overtaken by Chaos Black. A dark, twisted being who turned out to be the twin sister of Marisol. Chaos took over Mari's body and infected So-so with her darkness, causing her to attack her fellow classmates and attempt to turn them as well. Chaos Black ended up transporting Mari and So-so to the Black Hallows where So-so resided (with Mari) for several months before being released.


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Congenital Insensitivity to Pain: Due to her harsh training by Quintus Knightfall, since the age of 5, So-so has been unable to feel physical pain, or more she is able to ignore pain. From bullet wounds to broken bones, she can push through it to continue a fight or escape. However, effects of her injury are not ignored, only the pain that is caused by it.

Agility: With her nimble body, So-so is able to go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort.

Reflexes: The Perdida Cardenal reactions are comparable to those of the finest human athlete and are near-superhuman. They can catch a fired arrow in midair, respond to extremely fast-paced combat, and perform amazing physically defensive feats; They could even evade strikes from beings with enhanced speed, and dodge multiple gunfire with ease.

Endurance: Aside from being able to ignore different levels of pain that no ordinary person could handle. She can also hold her breath for 5-10 minutes and remain calm through stressful or painful situations. She can also tolerate extreme hunger, unbearable thirst, and strong urges to sleep. She is able to stay on the move for several hours at a time that surpasses the average athletic human.

Accuracy: The Knightfall is capable of hitting smaller and distant targets depending on the location. Car'ras brain is hardwired for advanced precision superior to any gold-medal archer who has ever competed. Additionally, the user's aim is obviously not enhanced, it is just at the peak of human efficiency. It's said by peers or/and foes that users of this ability seldom miss a single/multiple targets.

Peak Stealth: So-so has the peak of perfection at sneakiest which makes them very difficult to find, extremely mysterious, and lightning fast at being stealth, silence, and they’re trained with techniques that are useful during day and night ensuring them from being unseen and unheard. So-sos act as a ninja is able to successfully ensure that everyone of their skills are to be stealthy and effective, they can cover various areas enabling them to be silent in any environment to remain completely unseen while hiding and walking.

Predator Instinct: So-so's training allowed her to develop and harness predatory instincts, allowing her to become master of hunting and tracking.With this ability she can discern numerous factors of a situation that make them a master of pursuit and capture. This includes what move a foe will make, where they are headed (if the user is in the foe’s proximity, or knows the foe fairly well), as well as how to effectively cause a foe to play right into one’s hands in combat/pursuit.

Hidden Weapon Proficiency: So-so is a master in using concealed weapons, including weapons that can be hidden on one's person, disguised as something else or hidden by other means. Owing to many societies strict regulations on carrying weapons or the occupation of the users, concealed weapons help hide their advantage until the moment of attack and can quickly overwhelm any unprepared opponent. So-so carries several weapons with her (including her sword) at all times.

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Weapon Proficiency: Car'ra has been trained to use several different weapons and have become skilled with each one she has trained with. Sword, shield, whip, bow and arrow, daggers, bo staff, spear she can use use them all if given a chance. However her weapon of choice are the sword and bow and throwing daggers.

Martial Arts: Trained in different forms of martial arts, Car'ra is able to shift to one form to another with little effort in the middle of a fight. While she was trained in generally known martial arts like Karate and Taekwando, she was also trained in several forms of martial arts, some even from 'hidden' civilizations. So-so refuses to call herself a 'master' of any form of martial arts because with every person she battles, she takes away something new. She has been trained in Bokator, Silat, Krav Maga, Savate, Aikido, Muay Thai and more. She has even trained in the Divine Beasts martial arts from Shangri-Li. Yinhuan (translation: Hidden Danger), Du Yao(translation: Poison Bite). Du Yao is predicated by the belief in shatterpoints, or pressure points, that can be exploited in combat. Zhengfu (translation: Conquest). In stark contrast to the more relaxed Sifang that relies on instinct and flow. Sìfāng (translation: Four Winds). Sifang is known for its relaxed stances and fluidity of motion, with each technique flowing into the next like a raging river.


Yinhuan (translation: Hidden Danger) From the Shangri-Li, Car'ra was trained the ways of Yinhuan by a master of the forum. Yinhuan seeks to take advantage of its user's natural speed and agility, combining it with a wide array of misdirection, feints, and subtle distraction gestures. In the field, Yinhuan can also take the form of guerrilla warfare and has done so many time throughout the Xiaboans' long history.

The offensive combat portion of Yinhuan focuses on sheer raw power that is lethal and ferocious. The style is based off of many of the vicious animals in the Xiaobo Forest. This form of fighting copies the intense expressions that some of the animals make during combat for intimidation and teaches students to use their hands and fingers like claws, rather than fists, like that of a apex predator. Their strikes are almost like swats in circular motion much like that of a feline predator. They are taught to be precise, fast and powerful with each strike, and in doing so are known to be able to crush the throat of an opponent with little effort. The White Tiger Strike is considered to be one of the most powerful trikes in Sharing-La and is only taught to students who are of the most elite and show respect to all living things. The White Tiger Strike is able to physically rip a person's throat out with a single strike. One of the downsides of Yinhuan is that there is no actual defensive stance in Yinhuan and is meant to be only an offensive form of fighting, swift, strong, merciless and explosive. An average strike of someone who practices Yinhuan is able to put 2,600 pounds of force into an attack, while The White Tiger can put in over 100,000 pounds of force into an attack.

Because there are only very small muscles in the fingers, students are taught to harden their fingertips by continually striking them against a hardened surface, creating micro fractures. Doing this will cause the micro fractures to heal with calcium build up around the finger tips, making the bones stronger and getting used to striking hard surfaces. This will also help them to build up a tolerance to pain allowing them to put more power into their attacks.

Cardinal Skills*:

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Car'ra has been unknowingly trained in her own grandmother's form of combat known as "Cardinal Skill". These techniques and Strike attacks are key in Cardinal combat. Most of her deadly strikes are targeting the pressure points.

100 Step Faint Attack- she can gently hit each of the 36 chambers of a person's body in 20 seconds; after much move the person can move without ailment for 100 steps before fainting.

Level One Technique- A knife-hand strike that crushes the victim's thorax. Does not even use any of the body's pressure points.

Level Two Point Strike - performs a series of two kicks at the pressure points in the neck, sending a wave of paralysis to the enemy, unable to move

Raging Dragon- A method of breathing that allows the Cardinal practitioner to tap into their body's full potential. A normal human uses but 30% of their body's strength so RD is used to tap into that other 70%. A technique of utmost secrecy, anyone who sees it being performed must be killed to protect one of Cardinals greatest advantages over other styles.

Strength, Speed, Intellect and Endurance are all increased; A healing factor develops aswell as an energy based strike.

Key Stroke - Is a two finger strike, uses to hit the pressure point on the back of the leg; this disables the leg entirely.

*This was taken from the account of Ziccarra Liafador

Body Reading*

Naturally born with an extra strand of DNA like most if not all Knightfalls, So-So is inherently blessed with an ability to memorize, copy, and perfectly duplicate any move she's witnessed no matter how young. The information automatically attaching itself to every muscle fiber within her body ready to instantaneously react without conscious thought. As such, she has experimented meticulously with altered variations of combat training unlocking the secrets of the Photographic Reflex. This explains why So-so is able to adapt and learn fighting styles so quickly and effortlessly.

*Taken from the account of Isadora Knightfall


Her first day at The Academy, So-so displayed powers through creating an energy like covering along her blades that made them more deadly than they already where. However since that moment she had been unable to summon her powers again. She is unsure what her powers are or what triggers them.

Unique Findings

No finger prints: So-so has no finger prints, this is due to the OSC burning them off of her when she was a toddler.

Double Jointed: Is double jointed throughout her body. This helps her move through crowded spaces and even help with her stealth and help with certain attack moves. This seems to come from the Knightfall family.

Blue eyes: Most asian's do not have the trait of blue eyes. This comes from the Liafador side of the family.

Scars: So-So's body is littered with scars. They appear to come from different things as none of the scars look similar to another.

Partly amputated Left ear: While on a mission, a man actually bit off the helix part of So-so's left ear.

Calcification lines on bones: Her skin isnt the only thing that has scars. Throughout her skeletal system, wherever a bone was broken, So-so has callus build up where her bones healed. Some call them bone scars. There are multiple callus findings on a single bone.



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So-so's uniform covers her from head to toe with no skin showing at all. It is created from spider silk with fibers weaved with buckypaper making it not only flexible, ballistic resistant, stab resistant but is also flame retardant and if exposed to electricity will absorb and be discharged to whatever she touches next. The yellow plates along both sides of her chest, ribs and arms are made of Beryllium copper. It combines high strength with non-magnetic and non-sparking qualities. She uses these plates to help her defense against bladed weapons if she has no weapons on her. Her hood and cape are also lined with Zetix, which absorbs and disperses the energy from explosions without breaking which helps protect the young assassin from any harm so long as she has them on. The mask has a built in filter to protect her from any toxins in the air and the lenses that are attached to the eyes protect them from any sudden flashes of light, chemical sprays and has built in micro binoculars allowing her to zoom in her vision twice than normal.

She wears a belt around her waist that contains several pouches that hold several different items for So-so.

The Sword

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The young assassin uses a Han Jian sword high carbon steel etch blade that is overall 86cm (2.82 ft) long. She carries this blade with her at all times and because she is skilled at concealed weapon proficiency, she is able to hide the blade on her body at all times. It sometimes confuses people how a girl so tiny can conceal a blade of that length. The blade is her primary sword and uses it on all missions she goes on. It has no magical qualities and no special features, it's simply a sword.

Throwing Spikes

Each solid metal 6 in. spike offers balanced precision for throwing or other emergency covert operations. She carries six at a time during missions, 3 spikes along each forearm for complete concealing. They are black, so that they do not reflect any light as they pierce through the air and to their targets.

Throwing Knives

She also carries throwing knives in her belt which she can also when her spikes are not fitted for use or if she runs out. These are black-coated stainless steel double-edged blades.

Smoke Pellets

Carries smoke pellets that are activated when enough force is applied.

Flash Pellets

These pellets cause a loud and blinding flash bang when thrown against the ground with enough force.

Gas Pellets

The Gas Pellets are filled with a lachrymatory, anesthesia, nerve, and regurgitate agents that is released upon the breaking of the pellet.


While So-so is a master huntswoman, she carries very small tracers with her that she will attach to something or someone. This is so that if she needs assistant tracking multiple things she can hand the tracking device to whoever is assisting her, or if she knows the individual has an ability that can make tracking more difficult, such as flying, teleportation, etc...

MAG Rope

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So-so has a MAG Rope (Manifold Attachment Gear Rope) attached to each of her wrists. When the MAG Rope is activated, it shoots out a carbon fiber line with a grappling hook. She can use this to help go over walls, climb buildings and such or be able to swing across large gaps that she's unable to jump across or so she can then pierce and grab objects within the city in the course of moving around. If the MAG rope is cut, So-So will be unable to use it appropriately as the hook will be no longer there. She could still use the rope itself to tie around something but it won't have the same effect. This is why she has one on each wrist, so if one is cut, she has the other as backup.