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@jphulk26: You're obviously entitled to your opinion, but Giganta and Silver Swan have a far longer-lasting history as Wonder Woman villains than Alkyone (who only appeared in Gail Simone's run). If by Ares's children you mean Deimos, Phobos, and Eris, then yeah... they have had pretty major roles in the comics (especially in Rebirth for the brothers and the New 52 for Eris), but they just barely missed the list. If you're talking about the Crow Children from Simone's run, then... well, there's no way they would ever make a top 10 list.

@dshipp17: Doctor Psycho is a rapist and a murderer. Catwoman has never done anything as vile as Psycho has in the past. Batman also reciprocates Catwoman's love (at times, anyway). It's not a fair comparison even slightly.