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Another Top 10 Female X-Men Villains Who Deserve More Spotlight

X-Men's rogues gallery have heavily benefited from the current Krakoa storyline, as many villains now find themselves among mutantkind's heroes. Mystique is part of the Quiet Council, Selene is plotting with Apocalypse, Tempo is brewing the finest liqueurs, and Nanny is slaying the competition in Hellions. Despite this, there are still a number of female baddies in dire need of use. In this companion piece to my last entry, we'll dive into another ten female villains that deserve some spotlight in the various X-Men titles.

#10 - Benazir Kaur

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First up is one of the most obscure female villains to ever face off against the X-Men: Benazir Kaur. Appearing only in one issue, X-Men Annual #3, Benazir served as the White Queen of Shinobi Shaw's Hellfire Club. An intellectual with mysterious mutant abilities to accelerate diseases in her opponents, Benazir participated in a plot to manipulate Storm. Afterwards, she disappeared never to be seen in the pages of X-Men. This fierce (possibly) Pakistani strangely appeared in the SNES video game Wolverine: Adamantium Rage, where she adopted the codename Fugue and donned a very cool, mysterious new look. This woman is destined for a second appearance!

#9 - Cylla Markham

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The 90's gifted us with some of the coolest female X-Men villains, and among them are Cylla Markham. Originally an expert pilot, Cylla was mortally injured during a plane crash caused by the villains Fenris. The cyborg Donald Pierce offered Cylla the gift of life as long as she was willing to serve as a member of his Reavers. Cylla accepted, and briefly took the codename Skullbuster after the original's death. Her stint with the Reavers was originally short-lived, though she sort of bonded with fellow bad girl Lady Deathstrike, as the two were the only survivors of the Sentinel attack on the group. She later hunted down Wolverine with Bloodscream, though the latter betrayed and killed Cylla. Under unknown circumstances, Cylla returned and reunited with the Reavers, and continues to sporadically appear to this day.

#8 - Lifeforce

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One of the second wave of Dark Riders, servants of Apocalypse, Lifeforce was a force to be reckoned with. An energy vampire, Lifeforce took great pleasure in sapping the life from those around her. But her energy-absorbing hands weren't her only trick - she was also a fearsome fighter and possibly possessed superhuman strength, as she was often referred to as an "amazon". Not much is known about Lifeforce other than she had a penchant for whispering all of her words as creepily as she could. After allying with Genesis, Lifeforce was killed during a process to bond adamantium on to Wolverine. Strangely, unlike the rest of her teammates, Lifeforce was not resurrected by Selene during Necrosha and has not been seen since. It's possibly Selene did not want the competition of Lifeforce's abilities.

#7 - Haven

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An old foe of X-Factor, Haven was originally a philanthropist helping the disadvantaged children of Calcutta. Unlike others on this list, Haven is not a straight-up villain, but rather someone who believed she was doing the right thing all along. This adds layers of complexity to an otherwise briefly-used villain, and seeing her reappear in the modern age could open up many possibilities of great storytelling. Unfortunately, she was last seen being killed, but she's definitely eligible for resurrection on Krakoa.

#6 - Mastermind II

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One of the daughters of the original Mastermind, Martinique Jason took the codename after her father died of the Legacy Virus. Although not much is known of her early years, she does have a rocky relationship with her sister, Regan Wyngarde (often going by Lady Mastermind). In fact, Lady Mastermind is often used over her darker, more manipulative sister. They are occasionally seen together, but we don't know the extent of their relationship or their relationships with their father. Now that all three are on Krakoa, wouldn't it be the perfect time for a family reunion?

#5 - Dragoness

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This winged Japanese mutant is an on-again off-again member of the Mutant Liberation Front. Dragoness has appeared quite a lot of the past few decades, though with very little development being dedicated to her. Which is a shame, as beyond her cool look, she's one of the few Asian characters the X-Men has to offer. It's also amusing that her wings are not part of her genetic mutation - she simply enjoys wearing them for flight. Her true mutant ability is projecting energy blasts with her hands. Dragoness is used more often than most of the other MLF members, even appearing as one of the 198 after Decimation. There was also a strange story in recent comics that showed Dragoness had become a vampire, and later she gets killed by Wolverine. How that's the case when we've seen her elsewhere (pre-Krakoa) is an odd one.

#4 - Malice

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The Shadow King is one of the X-Men's deadliest enemies. Malice is very similar, but severely underutilized. One of Mister Sinister's original Marauders, Malice is a psionic mutant with no physical body of her own. Instead, she possesses those around her with powerful abilities, such as Polaris or Omega Sentinel. She's met her "demise" numerous times over the years, but given the right body, she could easily be a major threat to the X-Men.

#3 - Famine

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Apocalypse has had dozens of Horsemen over the years, but his first lineup during the early years of X-Factor are among his best. Each of them were unhappy individuals with devastating powers. Anorexic teen Autumn Rolfson took the role of Famine. Although she had quite a rebellious attitude during her first few outings, her powers proved destructive to America's food supply. She later disappeared for many years until it was revealed that she had Apocalypse's child, Genocide. She was then killed by Archangel. She has years of history yet to be explored, and hopefully we get to see her reappear in the coming years.

#2 - Unuscione

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ust barely missing my first list was Carmella Unuscione, one of Magneto's prominent Acolytes in the 90's. This armored female baddie is supposedly the daughter of Unus the Untouchable, one of the X-Men's earliest enemies. Unfortunately, like Mastermind above, their relationship has not been explored. Despite Unuscione appearing quite frequently over the years, her personality and history has yet to be developed. A villain with such a long-lasting history is a prime candidate for spotlight in the X-Men comics. In fact, all of the Acolytes deserve more love, including Scanner (who was on my first list), the Kleinstocks, Neophyte, and Spoor.

#1 - Lorelei

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The X-Men's first female villain is the Savage Land mutate called Lorelei, and that earns her the top spot on this list. Lorelei has scarcely appeared despite being a member of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants under Magneto. Not a mutant herself, Lorelei was evolved into a hypnotic siren by Magneto in the Savage Land. He treated her like one of his greatest creations ever. Yet, after Magneto's Brotherhood dissolves, he abandons Lorelei (who returns to the Savage Land). Is she resentful over being left and forgotten by the X-Men's greatest enemy? What is a day in the life like for a Savage Land Mutate? Does she get along with Vertigo? Are mutates that different from mutants after all, or should they be invited to live on Krakoa? There are so many questions left unanswered by Lorelei, and she's definitely due for a return.