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Wildstorm in the nDCu

Hello All,

I've been thinking for some time now about how the Wildstorm universe will be integrated into the DC universe and the broad spectrum of characters available. I've been reading as many of the new DC books i can get my hands on (both physically and digitally) and my curiosity grows as I read on. There are a number of topics that come to mind for this discussion:

1. How have the histories changed and in which ways do the histories need to change to fit the DC universe; or has the DC universe changed enough to accommodate the changes that the Wildstorm characters will bring with them?

2. In which DC books will me most likely see Wildstorm characters appear or (in the case of Stormwatch) in which Wildstorm titles will we see DC characters appear?

I hope to start a number of conversation about these various topics so I'll mention a few thoughts I've had while reading the nDCu books.

In the WildC.a.t.s Voodoo had the ability to transform into her daemonite form and had telepathic abilities as well but I don't recall true shape shifting abilities. I wonder if this is a new power or if it is merely a telepathic illusion, she seems to be able to assume any form and I imagine her voice is a match as well.

After reading Grifter, I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed that daemonites are a little different between the two books, Priscilla is a half breed but we are yet to find out if the other half is; human or kherabim. She mentions her mission and it is clearly stated that the proximity to the military base is related to that mission but i think we may find out that voodoo is trying to find daemonite spies rather than being one herself and that she works for organization that emphasizes results no-matter the cost.

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