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The Super Joke 0

I think this issue’s fantastic. I love the premise. Just picture the scene: Superman –a bit pale, but otherwise the face Metropolis has learned to love and depend on – strolls down the street and into the diamond exchange. “Trouble of some kind,” the manager asks, but Superman doesn’t say anything. And then he smiles that famous smile. Except it’s not Superman’s smile, and then the Joker’s signature gas fills the room.     Seems like the Joker’s decided to pay Metropolis a visit. Superman ...

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Return of the mummy 0

Important: This contains unhidden spoilers for Superman #5 – The Mummy Strikes. This is the second half of a story that began in the previous Superman issue, in which Kent went to investigates advanced ruins that predate human society. Excavations reveal a giant robot which manages to subdue the man of steel. Clark wakes up to see Lois looking over the Superman costume he’d been carrying. And yet she doesn’t seem surprised. It’s definitely Lois’ body, but she’s behaving incredibly strange, as if...

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The McGuffin Strikes 3

Even the greatest Superhero has erotic dreams; about Wonder Woman no less!  A cold shower later, and Clark Kent’s back in the hustle of the Daily Planet. Lois has sent a video message from her current assignment: she’s been sent to South America, where she’s following up on the research of Dr. Estevez. Estevez has been conducting an archeological excavation of a structure underneath native ruins. The site contains artifacts that date to humanity’s pre-history, and yet are incredibly advanced! P...

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