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On a Friday

I usually get all of my comics on a Friday at the end of the month from They do a fantastic job of packaging and the minimum discount is 38% (30% for IDW). Some have up to 50% or 75%. I do not work for them, but found them when my comic shop went under. It is a pain to wait till the end of the month, but it is cheaper.

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Green Lantern-Hal Jordan

First it would be him over the others because Kyle is kind of weak and too nice, John Stewart is too intense, Guy is a jerk and would get annoying. Hal has gone crazy and then come back. He knows how to balance his personal life with work life (learned the hard way after the Coast City tragedy). He has crazy social skills and would teach me and beat the crap out of me when I needed it. He is kind of like Kilowog except not as intimidating.

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X-force would be pretty cool. Really dark though, but if they did the violence like on the new Batman movies that might be interesting to see.

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Only after a beat down!

The only time a hero should change his/her costume is after they beat down their boss, like Mark Grayson did to his boss Cecil. Of course he has a tailor though that finally thinks after 50 issues an invincible superhero does not need knee pads. So if a superhero has an aggressive or beats the hell out of his boss, then he/she can change their costume. That is the only time.