My Quest Ideas

I have a few idea for some new quests.
...And here they are:
Beyond the Bat: (A set of six quests pertaining to Batman Beyond)
1. Villains of Tomorrow- View the pages of ten villains from Batman Beyond. (self-explanatory)
2. Nocturnal Omissions- View the pages of three villains Terry has failed to detain at one time or another. (Mr. Freeze, Inque, Jokerz.)
3. Insane in the Bat Brain- View the pages of Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis, Phantasm, Amanda Waller and Cadmus (Relating to Project Batman Beyond.) 
4. An Ace in the Alley- View the page of Ace The Bat-Hound. (Quest title pertaining to Bruce meeting Ace.)
5. No Good At Card Games- View the pages of the members of the Royal Flush Gang.
6. No 401(K)- View the pages of five classic Batman villains that are known to be deceased in Terry's time.
The Emerald Light: (A set of six quests pertaining to the Green Lantern Corps)
Cybertronian: (A set of six quests pertaining to Transformers)


X-Men Villains That Don't Appear Enough.

What villains do you think don't make nearly enough appearances on the X-Titles?  
My answer: I'm going with Proteus. I think his potential for mass murderer-type mayhem and large scale destruction is underrated. Yeah, there are other villains that do worse on a global scale, and yeah, he was just back on Muir a few issues ago, but I don't care. His return didn't quite quench my Proteus thirsts. I'd like to see him back for a long, epic x-over. And in my book, that crap in the exiles, where the Proteus from  Earth 58163 possessed Morph,  doesn't count as actually using Proteus.
Proteus is my vote. What's yours?
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10 Reasons Why The Next President Should Be A Supervillain

 1. He or she could steal the world’s monuments, tourist attractions, and historical structures, thus increasing our tourism industry tenfold. Mount Rushmore, The Eiffel Tower, The Sphinx, The Leaning Tower, The Sistine Chapel, Musee Du louvre- all now conveniently located in one grand location! Plenty of parking and photo ops! T-shirts and coffee mugs available in the gift shop!


2. He or she would just get it over with and enslave the rest of the world’s population. No more waiting for that dark inevitable day.


3. The people of the world will actually have respect for the super villain, maybe even admiration.


4. Plenty of new job opportunities would become available; Henchmen, evil scientists, storm troopers, biological engineers, etc. Gamma bombs and four-story disintegration lasers don’t build themselves, you know.


5. No more politics, political parties, lying jargon or empty rhetoric… just one gauntlet-clad fist to rule us all.


6. Next year’s new car models will include hover/flight capability and death-bringer missiles. But then again we may not need cars anymore with the teleportation booths conveniently located on all corners.


7. The super villain will flat out tell you he’s the bad guy.


8. All of the armed forces will be merged into one inescapable army, with uniforms and weapons so cool that you’d join just to get issued the black mask and portable surface-to-surface nanite rocket launcher.


9. Experimental gene splicing will finally be legalized! I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of a loyal winged monkey/cat bringing me energy drinks and coffee.


10. Five-story tall killer robots! FINALLY!  

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