Top Black Comic Characters

I made this list as a compilation of all the (in my opinion) greatest black comic characters that I could think of. In no particular order....

List items

  • As of right now he is one of the, if not the most powerful (non-deity) character in the Marvel Universe. Defeated King Hyperion as well as beating Anti-Man, someone who defeated the entirety of the Avengers (including Sentry, She-Hulk, and Ares) with ease and also defeating the Avengers themselves which included Sentry (whom he made bleed and knocked unconscious), Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, Ares, and Iron Man. I like his backstory and how his history is rooted in real life events such as racism and how he rose above it, never using his powers to harm his oppressors. Possessing superhuman strength sufficient to break the moon in half with a single blow and lift/press in excess of 100,000 tons, control over an energy that (at its lowest measurement) has the same amount of power as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, invulnerability to the point where he can withstand a hyrogen bomb exploding in his hands unfazed, flight at at least escape velocities, enhanced intellect and comprehension (is labeled a genius in physics), superhuman speed that allows him to keep up with the Sentry, unlimited stamina, superhuman senses, agility, reflexes and healing.

  • An incredible combatant and extremely intelligent and wise man and king. He was even able to defeat Captain America in single combat. Once married to Storm, in another reality he has a child named Azari, and he is the supposed father of Becka Munroe.

  • Possesses complete control over the weather and climate capable of creating snowstorms, tornadoes, lightning, floods, hurricanes, drought, etc. Her powers are of such magnitude that they can affect the Silver Surfer, crush Skrull warships, and destroy the Thor clone. She also possesses extensive magical abilities such that she was considered a canidate for being the Sorceror Supreme.

  • Star if the once hit cartoon, Static Shock. His powers are

  • One of my personally favorite members of the Green Lantern Corps. Brings his knowledge of architecture to his superheroics which really helps when your powers are based in energy constructs.

  • The daughter of Bishop. She is able to make herself invisible

  • A woman that can lay the smackdown. She was even once able to challenge Wonder Woman in combat for an extended period of time and was also able to (essentially single-handedly) defeat Amazo.

  • A ruthless crime boss with lightning-fast reflexes and incredible strength and durability. In their many encounters he has given Spider-Man a very difficult time.

  • Able to absorb and/or duplicate the properties of any matter or energy he comes into contact with, Amasing Man is an shoe-in for this list. Pretty much the Absorbing Man for DC Comics.

  • Though a conceptually a young character he has already made his way to television in the TV show Young Justice (they say its not him but the resemblances are uncanny). I really enjoy his backstory and his powers aren't bad either.