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"What!? “Oops! All Berries!” is the sh!t. It’s like speed wrapped in crack and dipped in Red Bull. Once after one bowl, not only did I teach myself Portuguese, I also reset my grandma’s hip and punched a goat. It was the most productive half hour of my life. Yes, it’s like eating diabetes and when it gets stuck in your teeth you look like you went down on a rainbow. So what? A grandeza tem um preço(Greatness has a price)."

Super Bio

Dr. Brendan MacAskill
Dr. Brendan MacAskill

Real Name Dr. Brendan MacAskill

Aliases Paragon, Jean-Rene MacAskill, Arch

Identity Secret

Occupation Forensic Anthropologist

Citizenship Canada

Place of Birth Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Known Relatives James MacAskill (Brother), Laura MacAskill (Wife), Brooklyn MacAskill (Daughter)

Group Affiliation New Age Outlawz, League Of Extraordinary Viners, Phoenix Guard (Founder), Ice Dragons

Education Doctorate in Forensic Anthropology, Degree in engineering, Can speak English, French, and some German.

Height 182 cm (6'0")

Weight 90 Kg (198 lbs.)

Eyes Blue

Hair Brown

Powers Brendan originally had the ability to teleport, though the greater the distance, the more energy it required from him. Today, he has developed a greater control of his abilities, and now has super speed. He also has an accelerated healing factor, which allows for him to heal minor cuts, scrapes, sprains and contusions in a matter of seconds, and larger wounds and breaks in anywhere between an hour and several days, depending on the severity of the injury. The healing factor also helped to augment his strength, reflexes and endurance to peak human abilities. Brendan mastered hand to hand combat and swordsmanship through his photographic memory, and training from Last Arrow. He can avoid danger with his "Radar sense" which allows him to "feel" everything and everyone in a 360 degree radius. Shortly before the War Of Light, he acquired a Green Lantern ring, also giving him those powers.

Paraphernalia Unbreakable "Katana of the Phoenix", Holy Phoenix Armour, Immortals Book of the Light, Green Lantern Ring, Nano-tech sunglasses which can access information (maps, target information, communication), allow for seeing infrared, and look cool.


A more detailed bio can be found in Paragon: Beginnings

Early years

Brendan was on a camping trip with his friends, when an accident changed both his, and his friend, Liz's, lives forever. While exploring the woods, Brendan and Liz discovered a strange meteor that gave them superpowers after they touched it. Liz gained telepathy, telekinesis, and flight, while Brendan gained augmented strength, accelerated healing, and the ability to teleport. The two then formed a hero team, tackling super human threats in the north-west, and soon began travelling the globe, helping those who need it along the way.

Their first adventure brought them to the mystical city of Shambala, in the Himalayas, where they stopped an attack on an ancient temple, known as the Temple of the Phoenix, from a mystical beast. Out of gratitude, they were each presented with a gift from the monks. Liz was given a necklace, made from a piece of the Chintamani stone which gave her a magical healing touch, and Brendan received an ancient, sacred katana, imbued with holy magics, making it unbreakable, and able to cut through almost anything. The magics within the blade also project themselves in a fiery aura, making the blade appear to be on fire. The monks also outfitted the duo with holy armours to protect them on their quests.

The Monk's gift
The Monk's gift

While in Europe, the pair encountered Tobias Leitner, an old vampire who was once a high ranking Nazi soldier who sought to bring back the Third Reicht. Paragon succeeded in foiling the General's plot by pre-maturely setting off a bomb in his mountaintop hideout, however it cost him dearly. Sadly, Liz had been caught in the explosion, and was never found. Brendan returned to Calgary, and vowed to hang up his sword, to spend more time with his girlfriend, Laura, and lead a normal life, however, he was soon pulled back into the superhero business when an old enemy threatened the lives of many of his close friends in an act of revenge. After saving them, he decided that the only way to keep his friends safe was to move west, to Vancouver.

There he patrolled the city, keeping it safe, until Tobias Leitner returned to take his revenge on the hero. Leitner kidnapped Laura, an blackmailed the hero into stealing objects of power to help him take over the world. Little to Leitner's knowledge, Paragon was using the objects to give his friends temporary powers, and assemble a team to rescue Laura. Once again Leitner was defeated but in a final act, he threw Laura to the ocean (See Tempest). Heartbroken, Paragon gave up on the heroic lifestyle, and turned his focus to becoming a forensic anthropologist, in hopes that solving other deaths could help lead him to solving the mysteries of the deaths of his friends.

New Age Outlawz, Phoenix Guard, and LEV

Years later, after getting his doctorate, and reaching the top of his field, Brendan was called back into the hero business while working on a case for the American FBI. While investigating a meta-human death, he was approached by Final Arrow to join the New Age Outlawz, a hero team dedicated to being peace to the world, against the forces of the Vine Villains, and the nefarious Hellfire Club. The two trained together for many years, as Arrow trained him swordsmanship and hand to hand fighting. During this time, while working on a case in Hawaii, he was reunited with Laura, who he thought to be dead. The two continued their relationship where it left off, and became engaged shortly after. However tragedy befell the Outlawz as they were betrayed as Final Arrow turned on them during a mission, and severed all ties with the group, and his apprentice.

The Phoenix Guard
The Phoenix Guard

Without a team, Paragon did some solo work for a bit, while trying to balance his time as a forensic anthropologist for both the RCMP and FBI, until he was approached by Last Arrow, who was attempting to revive the NAO, to rebuild their good name, and stand against Final Arrow. Shortly after joining the team, Laura, or Tempest, as she was calling herself now, gave birth to their first child, Brooklyn Elizabeth, who's middle name was in honour of their friend Liz. This team was also turned on by Last Arrow, as he too turned to the dark side. Feeling betrayed once again, Paragon took his family into seclusion at the North Pole to get away from the treachery of his teams.

At the North Pole, he was visited by a vision of the White Phoenix. He was inspired and founded the Phoenix Guard to help restore peace to the Vine. With the re-emergence of Mighty Magneto, and the Hell's Hand, lead by Final Arrow, he united heroes under another banner. Shortly, he was approached by a reformed Last Arrow to join his new initiative called the League of Extraordinary Viners. There he met Kiara Sullivan, and the two quickly became friends. They bonded over drinks and in battle. Young Brooke was also beginning to show powers much like that of her father's at this time, as well as signs of a speedster.

Time passed, and once again, Arrow had left the team, and Kiara in charge. The team tried to stand on it's own, but soon Kiara gave into her heritage and the team fell apart.

Realizing that his daughter was growing up, and trying to divide his time between his job, his family and being a hero, Paragon hung up the sword once again, and focused his time to build his career and his family as Dr. Brendan MacAskill, instead of Paragon.

Birth of a Dragon: The ICE Dragons

Dr. MacAskill contiuned his work for many years, and became the leading anthropologist on meta-human cases. The Superhuman Civil War, brought upon by the SHRA once again brought Paragon back into the hero business, as he investigated the deaths of many powered individuals. He joined Andferne's ICE Dragons, working around the Act with false documents and inside associates at the FBI. He lived at the mansion with other heroes such as the god, LstPaladin, the winged hero, Hawk, Nighthunter, another apprentice of Arrow, and the unpredictable Darkchild, whom he had both fought against and beside in the past.

Paragon, using his knowledge of engineering and Nighthunter worked together to improve the mansion's defence systems, which came in handy during an attack by Renegade Lantern, while Andferne and other members of the team tried to free Darkchild's mind from the parasitic Genesis. The psychic battle left the team leader in a coma, and was tended to by Paragon (Though he was more used to working with just the bones...), Tempest and various other members of the team.

Overlooking the world from Asgard
Overlooking the world from Asgard

When LstPaladin was called home to his dimension, Paragon, along with the rest of the team followed Paladin to restore the Gods of Asgard to their throne. Brooklyn stowed away on the trip and stayed with the team, helping them in the great battle against the Andferne of that reality, who had turned evil after a deal with the devil gave him unimaginable power through the Infinity Gems. Evil Andfere had recruited the Paragon of that dimension as one of his generals who helped lead the attack against the defenceless Asgard. Brendan did battle with his evil alternate self, until the two exhausted each other's power. The two Paragon's stood at a stalemate until the appearance of Brooke caught the evil Paragon off guard, seeing the life he could have had, and fell to his death. The father-daughter team returned the their world (and an angry mother) along with the rest of the team, as the Gods were restored. Things went well for a while, as Andferne had sent his enemy, Tobias Leitner, back into hiding after destroying the vampire's castle, but things would soon change.

ICE soon went under investigation by the American government for housing unregistered heroes, and was put on hiatus. During this time, Paragon was kidnapped by the evil intergalactic warlord known as Darksin. He was brought to the planet of Armageddon, along with the villainous Lady Winter. Darksin revealed that they both shared a power source, which he had been searching for for many years, and by killing them, he would recover the powers he thought to be rightfully his. He also re-opened Lady Winter's locked memories, revealing that she was Paragon's original partner, Liz! The reunited duo was then rescued by his friends from ICE, who had traveled across the galaxy to find him. As a parting gift, ICE left Darksin's tower in ruins, with no sign of the Dark King. Upon his return to earth, Paragon was assigned to ICE international, and relocated to London. There he worked for Scotland Yard, continuing his work in forensics. However, the move was short lived once Andy felt ICE was stronger together, as a single team, than appart.

While working on a double homicide in DC, Paragon was being hunted by the hero, Honour Guard, who was looking to bring Paragon in for questioning. The two did battle in the woods, only to have Paragon escape to the North Pole, eluding the agent, but stumbling on to something so much more. It seemed the government was tracking registered heroes, and monitoring them with massive Sentinel robots. The monstrosity attacked him, leading to a lengthy battle, which was suddenly ended by the fallen hero Renegade Lantern. "Brendan MacAskill, welcome to the Green Lantern Corps."

The Green Lantern Corps/Light War

In Brightest Day...
In Brightest Day...

Paragon spent weeks in space, learning the ways of the corps, and protecting his sector. He became quite skilled with his ring, and soon headed back to earth. He returned to the old Phoenix Guard HQ, setting it as a base of operations, and recruited the heroes Nighthunter and Ferro Vida to the Corps to assist in the investigations of the strange happenings on the planet. Different coloured rings were being given out across the universe, resulting in a cataclysmic war erupting over the Green Lantern Planets of Oa and Mogo. To make matters more personal, the Yellow Lanterns had kidnapped Tempest. Once the war started, Paragon seeked out the leader of the Yellow Lanterns, a new Darkchild. The villian toyed with Paragon, continually threatening to kill Laura, who was in a weakened state, while Paragon tried to peacefully negotiate. In an attempt to break the hero, the demon laid a killing blow upon Laura, driving Paragon over the edge. Risking his own life, he struck out at Darkchild, and it nearly cost him his life, had it not been for the timely intervention of the heroes, Simon Williams and Slight. The three fought back the demon's yellow reign of terror throughout the universe, and forced him to retreat, but not without leaving a destructive black hole, which threatened to destroy Oa. In order to save the planet, Simon sacrificed himself, while Paragon led the Green Lantern Corps in creating a shield around the rift.

Paragon returned to earth, set to spend more time with Brooklyn, and less time with the ring, but the Guardians had different plans. Being one of the senior lanterns left after the War of Light, Paragon was assigned to train the newest Lantern in his sector, Emerald Lantern. Reluctant to pick up his ring again, Paragon looked at it as a final favour to the Guardians, before he would give up his ring. The mission was going to be a simple one, but things never seem to be just so for Paragon. After the mission, Paragon chose not to give up his ring after all, but instead chose to use it sparingly as a backup plan, or a replacement for any Lanterns that may become incapacitated across the neighbouring sectors.

Mystery of the Gems

Coming soon...

Alternate Accounts

Comicvine Universe

Tempest (Deceased)

Vengeance II (MIA)

Brooklyn Macaskill

Robyn Snow

Lady Winter

Tobias Leitner


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Earth-11 Paragon

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Miro Danver (Star Wars RPs)

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