When it bleeds it leads- the saga of Ian Brady

Never has the old journalistic maxim that "if it bleeds , it leads" more aptly summed the continuing media fascination with "Moors' Murderer" Ian Brady, even after his partner in crime Myra Hindley has passed on. After all, never mind the fact that they were jailed nearly half a century ago seems not to have diminished tabloid fascination with this murderous duo.

To my mind, the wisest course of events was NOT(as Leo McKinstry suggests in today's Daily Express) to have them hanged( McKinstry ignores the fact that not only would the UK have to withdraw from the EU in order to reinstate capital punishment- abolished in 1965- but it would have to withdraw from several international treaties or amend them. Given several high profile miscarraiges of justices in the 1970s and 1980s- "The Birmingham Six" "The Tottenham Three", the "Maguire Seven" and that the "Death Club" of executing states now includes Belarus, Saudi Arabia, China and Cuba, this strikes me as a bad idea anyway), but to ignore them from the moment of their conviction until the day their death( through old age or suicide) is announced, never to mention their names again-not even to curse or denounce them, but of course "when it bleeds it leads!"

Anybody else think as I do