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My Pull List

Looking to add a few more from other publishers but so far I only know Marvel and DC.

List items

  • Has been meh, but started to shape up with Trinity War. Plus it is the Justice League.

  • Pak's issue 25 was the single greatest Superman issue I have read in the New 52, hope he keeps that level.

  • Issue 4 really sold me, I am interested in all the plots and we will soon get some awesomesauce trinity action.Really dig how Snyder actually shows Supes limits.

  • The main Batman title has been,awesome no more need be stated.

  • I really like this book, even the arcs that nobody else liked. Second favorite Batman book and the one I hope they introduce the new Robin is. Hopefully Carrie Kelly.

  • I need to catch up on this one, but what I've read I've liked. I have some small problems with the characterization of Wondy and her supporting cast,but it is still good.

  • This book made me love the character of Barry Allen, sad to see the team go. Will reevaluate when the new team steps up. Until then i'll enjoy Buccelato's last arc.

  • Favorite team up of all time. The last issue was a bit troubling with the characterizations, but all in all it has been my favorite series, and I hope it runs long. Finally a Justice League level Batman.

  • Really enticing first issues. This book is a great team-up (despite my BM/WW preference) and promises some big villains and big action. Really exited.

  • Haven't caught up, but I've heard great things about this series and I love Lemire's work with Animal Man.

  • Big universe, big stories, Tom Taylor. Nuff said.

  • Really like what Jeff Lemire is doing here.

  • Favorite marvel series. Love some good Spider-man action, and thought I love Peter Ock is involved in the thick off it and Slott keeps me interested at every turn.