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@pikahyper: Oh, now I got it, makes total sense.

I would like to thank you for clarifying all the stuff.


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@pikahyper Yeah, I made no submission before that, no problem.

I didn't think that would be the final edition for the page, since the forms are so vague and we still need approval. This is why I didn't cared about casing and about image quality. If you look at my profile you will notice I have a much larger quality sample which I've uploaded as soon as I submitted the edit. I had in mind I would be able to put it on the page once it was accepted.

So, again, I thought about the form as being a placeholder to inform moderation about the core aspect of the request, not being the final edit.

@pikahyper said:

"but these are all things that someone would know if they spent any time in the wiki"

I don't, I was just organizing my comics and there are a couple editions which are not recognized by the ComiVine Scrapper. These are well known editions with new content, and since the people who spent time in the wiki didn't added it, even after years have passed since release, I thought I could help the community instead of editing on my end only.

Thanks for answering.

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I tried to add a volume for the new edition of Superman: Panic In The Sky and got it denied with a message saying "Ton of problems."

Is that it? Ton of problems? I can't understand, filled the fields, added an image, how can it be Ton of problems in a simple form like that? And how does this message helps for me to improve for next try?