Favorite Leaders from various teams....

A list of my favorite leaders from various super teams!!

List items

  • Her tenure as leader of the X-Men was awesome!!!

  • Excalibur.... awesome team, short, sweet, and straight to the point!!

  • I liked when she was leading her team of Avengers.

  • Silence is golden!!

  • A great leader never stops in obtaining her ultimate goal!! Lilandra never stopped!

  • When leading a group of mutant investigators in the world... there's no one better for the job!

  • Do I have to explain about his time as leader for X-Force?? I thought not!!

  • She was the best leader for the New Mutants hands down!!

  • He was a great leader for the New Mutants too!!

  • I know he appears in like evey comic book (even the DC ones.. HAHA) but he was the best leader for Cyclops' little death squad of mutants, X-Force!!

  • Despite being a total psycho... he's a pretty damn determined leader!!

  • I loved her leadership when she was asked to lead her own team of X-Men!!!

  • The Starjammer's were probably one of the coolest teams in the universe!! And also lead by a cool leader!!

  • A real leader learns to counter-attack any failures... Surge is the perfect example of that leadership!!

  • Who are the Avengers without Iron Man's leadership!?!?