SO... what will happen to the New Mutants!?

Since we all know Cannonball and Sunspot have been "promoted" to the status of Avenger... what does that mean for the rest of our New Mutants!? The series will be cancelled soon because of the Marvel NOW! movement, so where does that leave our characters?

Moonstar, X-Man, Magma, Cypher, and Warlock?

With news of a new a new writer and new direction for the Adjectiveless X-Men title, Chamber will be included as part of the "team," Would it be possible that Moonstar, Magma, etc, would join Jono in this new team or would it be highly unlikely! It seems since Husk left the school, it would only be logical that she be with Chamber (since their history together) but since his admittance to the school, it seems that relationship has been non-existent! What do you guys think... where should these characters go? And on another note, what do you guys think of this Chamber and team book? Should be interesting!