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Top 5 stories to break into DC comic Universe

In all comic book beginners there is a dire need and feeling that you have to stick with one kind of superhero universe, but that is most certainly not the case as both Marvel and DC comics have a lot to offer. This is a list of comics that an interested reader may look to while wanting to break into the bright spandex wearing DC universe.

List items

  • Story of murder, family, and broad character development. Identity crisis is written by novelist Brad Meltzer and is a solid first choice on this list.

  • Drawn in a 50's style, this book gives a great history of golden age superheroes mixed with a Cold War science fiction feel. While not directly connected with DCU continuity, this read is a great and enjoyable way to make connections with classic recurring characters.

  • Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee collaborate on Hush, a fresh and informative entrance into Batman and a complicated list of character foils.

  • A re-imagining of a classic villain combined with stunning artwork by Gary Frank. This is a Superman book that is both down to earth and extraterrestrial in nature and feel.

  • All of the back story you need is provided in this smash hit. Geoff Johns recharges the silver age science fiction hero with all new charisma and Ethan Van Sciver's jaw dropping artwork.