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Comics acquired during 2012!

I have been meaning to do one of these lists for a while. Often times money gets in the way of purchasing comics and graphic novels when they are fresh off the diamond comics truck but that does not mean they lose their luster. Here are all the comics I can recall in all mediums that I read and acquired during 2012!

List items

  • A great find that really found me. Craig Thompson's Blankets should be a staple in classrooms everywhere discussing teenage life.

  • Hot damn. Nothing great enough can be said about this book. Art, dialog, and concept should really drive this book to every one of our shelves.

  • Interesting art and a short enjoyable read. A close Batman and Nightwing is more than I can ask for in any short comic.

  • I am not new to the Sixth Gun by any means but I read its volume "Winter Wolves" this year and it was just great. Reading on to the end.

  • This was really refreshing. Kaine Parker in a new city, new name. Scarlet Spider is truly a worthy Marvel title

  • This was a throwback buy. It is all condensed into this one volume with a really distorted future of cyborgs and bounty hunters.

  • Jeff Smith's Bone is legend for a reason. I have learned that reason this year.

  • Nabbed this at the NYCC and it was great. It almost made me want to travel to Antarctica.

  • Four Eyes is a comic about dragons during New York's great depression. You can take the rest of my money now. Art and story were just too captivating.

  • An Akira Toriyama one shot about a pudgy vampire and his adventures.

  • I tried. I tried so hard, but in the end, it did not matter because this was inevitably going to consume so much of my year. No regrets.

  • Love elseworlds. Love'em so much. This one was typical but cool. I really don't mind it taking of shelf space.

  • This was a gift and it was really enjoyable. It's a fun science fiction concept with out needing to know that much about the current Marvel universe.

  • Everything about this book was fun. And the best part? Anthony Bourdain's voice narrated the whole thing in my head along with his engaging writing style. Everyone should Get Jiro.

  • Some confusing subplots regarding a twin and clone sister but the colors in this "New 52" version were fantastic. It's a shame this title did not last because we need to continue a good trend of diverse and interesting superheroes so that they may one day take the mantles of the old veterans.

  • Oh this was good. It was so good that I haven't gotten it back from the people I lent it to yet. I think I need to check up on that. Really deep in identity and Asian American culture.

  • I was reluctant to read this because I originally thought it lacked proper motivation for it's own title but it was pretty good.

  • Oni Press. You are to me what I imagine supernatural romance novels are to tweens. This was one of my favorite reads of the year and I cannot wait for more of this story.

  • Another Oni Press. Stylistically speaking I was so into this. I'd buy a color copy immediately if there was one. Lots of action and great one-liners in this guy right here. Sharknife kicks all those butts.

  • A really informative and enjoyable follow-up to the series. Looking forward to the next installment.

  • What a fun adventure series for young aspiring comic creators. We can all do them if we try hard enough!

  • Each issue is just more nail-biting than the last. I will literally bow to Brian Wood's skills if they had physical form.

  • A great online comic that I have the pleasure of purchasing from my pull-box. Plume has old-west themes and lots of glowing things. Sold.