LGBT Superheroes

Superheroes whose sexual orientation make them interesting and deeper in character.

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  • Being gay was a great feature to this character for it helped her gain self confidence, learn about trusting people, and makes her able to bond with people. Without self conflict Karolina wouldn't have been as interesting and the group not as diverse.

  • Probably one of the most pronounce gay characters, if not the first

  • A very badass member of the Batfamily. She's strong, smart, and has a way with the ladies. She is a prime example of a well written gay character (at least from what I've seen ie Elegy) because being gay is a facet to her but doesn't define her.

  • Again, a young gay superhero adding diversity to his team and adding a conflict to himself, and who can deny that him and Teddy are cute together.

  • Arguably the most famous gay superhero, she broke the barrier as the first gay kiss on public television. This Joss Whedon creation truly is one to be admire, because she too also found herself and became even more interesting.

  • Aside from the Brokeback Mountain jokes, this guy is cool he's a cowboy who just happens to be gay and even though they may use some jokes (like a pistol in front of his jeans in an image) he's cool old-school character.

  • The fabled prince of the Skrull Empire and of Kree/Skrull decent, Teddy Altman feels like he has lost everything except the love of his life: Billy Kaplan. Billy/Teddy's relationship is the most prominent gay relationship of Marvel

  • Son of Scarlet Witch and twin brother to Tommy Shepard (Speed) and possible magical messiah, he is one angsty chaos-magic user who is in love with Teddy Altman. Their relationship is one of the most prominent gay relationships in the Marvel universe.

  • Even though he has been depowered he has retained all the knowledge and skills he gained as a prominent member of youth of the X-men. He is also Bisexual.

  • Former member of the Power Pack, Julie became a member of the Loners then Avengers Academy, where she came out as Bisexual.

  • Shapeshifting Skrull who was tasked to bring peace between the Majesdanians and Skrulls by wedding Karolina Dean.

  • Interdimensional kicker of butt who plays for the other team.

  • More of an honorable mention since he's only gay in the ultimate universe, it was inevitable since he's a sensitive, artistically verse, muscular guy; who doesn't have a whole lot of girlfriends (like Wolverine, Cyclops and Iceman do).