Origins Of Blood Magic Part 2

Many years has passed since the day the being taught blood magic to the people and during that time as predicted the demons emerged at first they made huge advances on the planet and it look like they wouldn't be stopped but once the legion of demons reached a small village on the outskirts of a very large kingdom they met the mages.

Outnumbered more then 100 to 1 it looked like the small group of blood mages would be crushed beneath the legions might but as the very first demons took a step into the village they stopped and they turned around and that is when everything devolved into pure chaos .

In an instant the demons began to tear into each other an entire legion began killing itself it said this went on for a full day and once the sun rose left in the wake of all the fallen demons was a single survivor the blood mages took this demon to the rips in their realm that the demons had used to enter .

They sent him through one of the rifts with a message any demons that take a step on their planet will be slaughtered of course this did not stop the demons from trying but no matter which rift they used or how many they opened no demon made it past a step on their land before they were either forced to kill themselves or to return through the rifts to kills the demons waiting to hear back from them.

And eventually the demons gave up and that was the end of it well it should have been because even if the demons stopped trying to invade without a common enemy to fight the rival kingdoms turned their gaze towards each other and this would lead to one of the most bloody wars of all time .

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Origins Of Blood Magic (Part 1)

Long ago before earth was even habitable their was a planet teeming with life and from that life sprung kingdoms and from those kingdoms came empires it was at this point in their in history that a wandering nameless being came to their planet. At first he merely observed watching the people's movements studying their habits how they lived and fought for a king who would not fight for them. How they would rob and murder each other all for material gain or petty grudges .

At first he pitied these strange beings but then the more he watched them the more he began to understand them because for all their flaws their were also things that made them amazing . Like their potential for forgiveness was greater then many of the beings he had met who far more powerful then them as was their ability to care .It was these things that made the watcher want to help these creatures from a demise he had foreseen because trying to make their way into this world was the terrifying race known nowadays as demons.

The nameless being had sensed the demons slowly making their way into this world and that once they did the planet would fall to them as it's inhabitants had no way to combat them. So the being sent a message to all of the rulers and elders of the kingdoms and villages through their dreams to send all of their scholars to a certain location otherwise their entire world would be destroyed through the nameless beings own power the leaders believed this message.

And so it was that all the scholars of the world were sent to one location their the being shared with them the secrets to access the power that would give them control over the demons a power that would become known as blood magic. And with that he granted them the ability to use this magic and he taught them the spells they would need to beat the demons back to their world.when asked by one of the scholars why he did not simply beat the demons back himself the being replied "it is not my place to win this war for you I am merely giving you the tools in the end your species survival is up to you ".

And this was accepted as the being had no idea how dire the consequences of his interference would be.

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Chronicles Of The Blood King Part 6

Aaron ran into the alleyway breathing hard he stopped briefly and looked back to see if anyone had followed him after he was satisfied that no one had pursued him he went deeper into the darkness and sat down.

He unzipped his jacket and pulled a paper bag out of it he unfurled it then removed it's contents a small rubber hose which he proceeded to tie tightly around his forearm he then pulled out a needle.

The needle was filled with the drug known as heroin something Aaron got hooked on while trying to escape the memories of what happened to him that night many years ago .He remembered the drug seminar they gave on how drugs were bad but now it did not seem that bad as they were the only things that helped him escape the memories.

Aaron plunged the needle deep into his vein experiencing brief discomfort from the injection ,he then pulled the needle out ,and he began to feel the substance enter his veins he laid out on the alley floor and he felt weightless.

It was this feeling that he craved when he was high he did not feel pain externally or internally ,but this time something was different he began to fall asleep something he was warned not to do at the same time he was unable to fight the drug induced sleep.

As his eyes closed and he went to sleep he stopped breathing as the heroin made his sleeping body forget how to do that this caused Aaron to die and without even noticing he had.

"Wake up young one your journey begins here and in order for that to happen you must wake up".Aaron groaned as he had a massive headache and the area around him was very bright .

He opened his eyes which took a moment to adjust to the area but when he did he noticed a lot of books around him and in front of him was a old man in a purple and black cloak he had grey hair and very kind eyes like his grandpa had.

The older man spoke "Hello Aaron i have waited a very long time for you to come and now here you are"Aaron was speechless so the man continued talking "I imagine you have a lot of questions but i will start with the introductions I am kertal the librarian of knowledge."

"But this my boy is not any old library it is the LIBRARY OF ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE "kertal waved his hand for emphasis "and you have been chosen to be the guardian of it's secrets "as kertal said this he leaned in close to Aaron's face.


Chronicles Of The Blood King Part 4

Aaron sat their trembling as he realized the full weight of his brothers words what he really mean't and the looks on his parent's faces showed they finally got it too his mom spoke her voice shaky "Matthew you can't be saying what i think your saying were your parents we love you".

Matthew walked up to his shivering mother and put his hand on her cheek "oh but i am mother and i love you too which is why i am doing this your a weakness that people might try to exploit so i need to sever this weakness myself goodbye mom and dad ".His mom screamed "please don't do this".

Aaron's dad ran at Matthew in an attempt to subdue him but all of the sudden Dad was sent flying and slammed against the wall hard"tsk tsk dad you really should not be running with your injury that cannot be good for you ".And with that Matthew sent his mother flying at the same wall as they were pinned to the wall they started to float along the wall .

"See isn't this fascinating i am redirecting the gravity that would normally hold you down and using it to push you instead "Matthew was clearly amazed with himself Aaron finally got himself together and jumped off his chair in an attempt to hit his brother .Matthew took one look at him and sent him hurling in the other direction his bones exploded in pain as he his the floor tiles although Matthew did not give him the same attention he was giving his parents.

"Calm down little brother this is not yet your time you still have a place on this earth "Matthew threw his pleading parents to the ground they landed right next to Aaron he could see the tears run down their faces as their limbs struggled against the increasing gravity ."good bye"And as Matt said that the gravity on his parents increased exponentially you could hear their bones crack although Aaron was safe apparently from the pressure.

Finally the pressure was to much and his parents body's exploded in blood coating Aaron in their blood and bone matter he looked in horror and confusion almost not full comprehending what was happening anymore .Matthew turned away for a moment almost as if the scene was too gruesome for him but when he turned back towards them Aaron was gone .

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Chronicles Of The Blood King Part 3

Aaron looked in confusion at his brother who in every way looked the same but was somehow different as he stood in front of him his instincts were saying that he should run as fast as he could until it became impossible for him to keep running.Although his brother looked at him "hey how's it going little bro how was school today did you get into any awesome fights or maybe get a really cute girls number ".

Aaron looked at his brothers face he had a grin that went from ear to ear on it "what was i worried about this is Matt after all he is toO stupid and caring a guy for anyone to be scared of him especially me 'Aaron thought to himself although his feeling still did not go away .

Once dinner was ready the collier's gathered together at the dinner table for a family meal and to discuss what went on in everyone's day as they did every night his dad told stories of his time in the war since nothing really happened in his day while he was injured and unable to work.

His mom talked about running errands and all the interesting people she met at the store who were eager to spout their philosophy's and about her hairdressers son who was hit by a car although he would live little Timmy Wilkerson he lived in the neighborhood .Aaron had seen him around a couple times before although he had not heard he had been hit by a car maybe after school he would run by the hospital and go visit him to cheer him up sure they were not that great of friends.But it was something he hoped someone would do for him if ever got hit by a car .

Then it was his brothers turn and as Matthew got up and began talking Aaron got a seriously bad feeling maybe that should of been a warning that something bad was about to happen but Aaron took the feeling and pushed it deep inside his gut deciding to ignore it .Matthew began talking "Everyone i have something to show you all of you now it's better that you guys not freak out so no matter what you guys may see stay calm".

And with that Matt looked at a nearby empty chair His parent's looked at each other only to look back and see the most amazing thing that they had ever seen the chair was floating his parents gasped in shock jumping out of their seats Aaron could only stare in wonder as the chair bobbed up and down."I am doing this don't you see i can control gravity i am a being of true power ".

Matthew turned away from the chair and it dropped he turned towards his parents "look at what i can do you giving birth to me has given the world something it truly needs a savior now you guys can depart with the knowledge that you have left this world something great".And suddenly the feeling in Aaron's stomach came back even stronger as Aaron suddenly grasped the meaning behind Matthews words.

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Chronicles Of The Blood King Part 2

Aaron sat in the living room with his father watching the television his mother was in the kitchen making dinner Aaron's dad was a foreman at the local steel mill although because of a recent injury. He is on workers comp until he is back in working condition is mom was a stay at home mother which she seemed to enjoy .

Aaron looked at the front door from the couch his brother was not home despite it starting to get dark although his parents were not worried because in the morning he said .He would be late since he was hanging out with some friends after school his parents were just happy he made friends he always had trouble doing so and they were worried he would turn out anti social.

Not being able to help himself he asked "dad when do you think Matthew is going to get home it will be dark soon "his dad turned his head over to Aaron ."Now son this might be hard to understand at your age but when you get older and you make a lot of friends you'll find that time fly's by when your hanging with your buds i am sure Matthew is out their having the time of his life and simply lost track of time nothing to be worried about."

Aaron was relived his dad seemed to know what he was talking about as his dad turned back towards the television the door opened "see you were worried for nothing ".His dad said in response to the door opening Aaron ran to the front door to meet his brother who stood in the doorway like a towering figure as Aaron approached Matthew .He stopped himself almost as if his instincts were telling him to run he looked up at his brother and he realized that something was different his brother was different.

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Chronicles Of The Blood King Part 1

Aaron sat in his desk gazing off into the distance as his teacher Mrs. Greene went over the lesson she always scolded him when he was not paying attention but it did not matter he would always lose himself in thoughts the next day or rather .He lost himself in his imagination he was day dreaming about being a ships captain and as he stood on the deck of the ship his shirt undone as to show off his muscled chest his crew would pass by him on their way to do important work on his ship but as a formality they would say .

"Good day captain " and he would say " good day sailor " in return. It was then he snapped out of his fantasy as he noticed that the class was snickering he then looked in front of him to see a pair of legs that could only belong to his teacher he looked up at her and she did not look pleased.

"Daydreaming in the middle of studies again are we Aaron "yes mam i am sorry "Aaron said as he looked down as he got ready for a scolding maybe even a paddling but instead Mrs .Greene just sighed "so what were you thinking about that was so important that it could not wait until recess."Aaron perked up as she asked him " i was thinking about a life at see mam as a valiant ship captain who would battle fierce pirates and the mighty kraken and in the process i would rescue a beautiful princess who would decide to forsake your title in order to live a life with me aboard my ship" .

Upon hearing this statement the rest of the class lost their composure although they were barley holding onto it at the time they were all laughing hard not at what he said so much but just at the way he said it almost as if he believed he would one day be a ship's captain .Mrs. Greene on the other hand was not laughing "well while in this classroom i expect you to pay attention ships captain or not because i can be much scarier than any kraken " she said as she walked back towards the board Aaron nodded in agreement .


Chronicles Of The Blood King Part 5

Matt looked around unable to see where Aaron went he then suddenly turned around and their Aaron, was standing expressionless ,in the next moment Matt fell through the floor in what seemed like a portal.

Matt was falling from 50 feet in the air he had no idea how he got their but somehow his brother had put him in that spot all of the sudden he saw a large object falling down towards him,Matt looked up and for a second he swore he saw his house.

The house plummeted down nearly crushing Matt who managed to lighten the gravity around himself to the point he could land on the ground without any damage and dodge the house moments before it landed in pieces.

Matt took a breath and turned around face to face with Aaron again who opened a portal in front of his chest in the next instant only this one did not pull him in it instead pushed gravity out like a cannon.The blow sent Matt flying as he crashed into the house .

He could barley breath the blast had broken one of his ribs in defense he unleashed a powerful gravity field over where Aaron was standing earlier thinking he could hold his brother down.But as the dust cleared Aaron was nowhere to be seen Matt did not even need to turn around he could feel the rage emanating from his brother.

As Matt prepared for his death nothing happened he forced himself to turn around despite the pain and that is when he saw his brother laying face first on the ground .A figure's shadow could be seen near him and the figure spoke"you were moments from death but luckily i thought something like this might happen.

Matt seemed to know the figure "my brother you told me he had powers like me but you did not tell me he would be so powerful",the figure responded"your brother was powerful in that instant but that is as strong as he can get with his powers you will get far stronger ".

Matt talked again "so what happens now ",The mysterious man said"i will take you to be healed after that you will be trained your brother should be killed now but i will honor our deal that does not mean i will take him with us his fate is up to him".

Matt looked over at the unconscious Aaron "I understand he will hate me for all his life and he will never be strong enough to kill me ,his future will be a tortured one, but he is no longer my responsibly ,so let's make haste before the police come".

The figure left with Matt leaving his brother in the rubble not knowing what fate had in store for Aaron although Matt was right about one thing his future would be a torturous one .


yes or no metamorpho

i decided to make a blog where i take each comic book character individually and explain why i think he or she is a good comic book character or why i think their bad

i decided to start with metamorpho

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metamorpho originally rex mason was transformed by a radioactive meteorite made of the orb of ra by Simon stagg. stagg was angry because rex had been sticking it to his daughter among other things i know sounds a bit like meet the parents except Ben stiller didn't gain the ability to transform into any element in that movie yes that his power and its a pretty damn good one unfortunately it left him looking like a combo of vanilla ice cream grape jelly and frozen orange juice never being able to return to his human form Rex saw this as a curse and searched for a cure even turning down an offer from the jla and they are not an easy organization to get into the only one more exclusive is the cabbage patch kids he didnt want to be a hero. unfortunately hes in the dc universe and he has powers so he had no choice in the matter so skip through some acceptance of his fate and to his days as an outsider and the character only seems to get better with the backup of katana black lightning and even batman .he later dies saving 3 heroes from the hyper clans attack. he comes back with help from his former lover sapphire stag but unfortunately something bad happens to her right after .skipping that he rejoins the outsiders and as it turns out a piece of him had been helping the outsiders all along it came to be known as shift but as it turns out shift had the nasty habit of killing people so they both agreed re assimilation was the best thing for everyone and he rejoined the outsiders [yay] but then they died [aww] or did they (gasp)

anyways when it comes metamorpho i give him a yes because hes a one of those rare characters with a unique origin story and powers and he makes it work very well even though he arguably has one of the strongest powers of a dc hero for those of you who disagree i point you to justice leauge the animated series where he pretty much solos the jla including superman anyways even with that he never gives off the feeling that hes overpowered so if you dont know who metamorpho is i suggest checking him out

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