Elektra Respect Thread (Blog Back-up)

This thread is a back-up and summary of my main Elektra respect thread. Comic Vine has recently screwed up its spoiler blocks, but they work in blogs, so I'm putting the content here where it can be seen in their correct format.

I am posting the main 616 summary thread here, plus the movie and Netflix summaries in the next posts.

This post gathers all the feats for 616-comics Elektra that are in this thread and organizes them by characteristic (strength, speed, etc.). It also includes many other feats for her that are not in this thread. This list will stay here at post 34 from now on.

The original posts may include more context on the feats and go into them in more depth (for instance, in the instance where she stabs Hulk in the eyes, the original post has a supporting scan that shows that same version of the Hulk was able to withstand Johnny Storm's Nova blast with no problem).

This post is where to find the main feats without context, but organized in a comprehensive, easier-to-use fashion.

Images/scenes will often be listed under more than one category, depending on their content. This is not an attempt to pad the list, but an attempt to be exhaustive about categories.

***Almost all of the scans in this post are mine, but I did include some from the Killer Movies respect thread in order to be more comprehensive, so credit for those scans goes to the creator of that thread***



Disappears in front of Stick’s Ghost

Elektra appears and disappears multiple times while killing soldiers in the desert where there is no cover

Stealth on a jeep (disappears and reappears multiple times in plain sight)

Appearing and disappearing in front of Nick Fury and multiple SHIELD agents

Disappears while fighting Skrulls

Sneaks up on Spider-man 2099, who has enhanced senses.

Drugs Spider-man 2099 and Captain America 2099, despite his senses.

Disappears while directly next to Spider-man 2099 (who has enhanced senses) and Captain American 2099.

Fights Iron Man 2099. She disappears in plain sight over a cliff’s edge, and is only picked up by his electronic detection. Note that this isn’t just normal Iron Man level tech, but future Iron Man tech.

Disappears over the edge of a roof in front of Iron Fist, reappears from the other direction, very similar to the Iron Man 2099 feat.

While Daredevil is fighting some Hand, Elektra kills another Hand in the next room, and he never senses that she's there with either enhanced senses or radar sense

While Daredevil is fighting some Hand, his enhanced senses (he is temporarily without radar sense) have a hard time picking up or identifying Elektra (for instance, he hears a Hand's heartbeat behind him, but then it disappears--he never picks up that Elektra killed that Hand)

Elektra catches a radar-less (but not enhanced-senses-less) Daredevil by surprise and smacks him in the head with a thrown sai

Elektra catches a sick Daredevil by surprise and smacks him in the head with a thrown sai

Hunts down rich dude (continuously avoids detection)

Takes a suitcase a guy is guarding, and then returns it, without him or anyone else noticing

Runs across the snow without leaving a trace (Assassin)

She runs on the snow without a mark at the age of 12, confirming Assassin’s similar scene.

She pranks Garrett on multiple occasions, using mind-clouding psi powers and/or stealth. Here she shot his beer can, stole his pistol out of his shoulder holster, and took a gun out of the floor and made it fall apart when he picked it up without him knowing she was there at all. Here she steals his gun again. Here she plants drugs on him and steals his plane ticket—while he is specifically looking for her. (Assassin)

Disappears directly in front of Daredevil and his enhanced senses.

In a dream sequence by Daredevil--where he would presumably not dream this if it were not true, he says "she never makes any sound at all. Not unless she wants to."

She leaves Daredevil: "Then Elektra's gone, silent as she came. Her ninja ways invisible to even his senses."

She throws a sai as a calling card when she arrives; Daredevil notes that "her heartbeat caught my hypersensitive ear a split second before the sai found its mark."

Disappears in front of a guy at a casino.

Kills a bunch of guards without any of them firing a shot.

Disappears out of an alley when she was just ahead of two guys.

Even standard Hand are great at stealth. Here, two ex-Hand members are amazed that a whole troop of Hand appear as if "they're coming out of thin air."

SPEED (see also under Agility and Deflection)

Fights Taskmaster, parts 1 and 2, at least in part by out-speeding him

One-shots each of the Four Winds (dodges speedy throwing stars)

Elektra stabs snake in the desert while almost dead

Elektra races around killing soldiers from different angles while almost dead, and with great stealth

Hunts down rich dude (speedily invades compound)

Gets from behind couch, throws ashtray to disarm, stops dart with book, takes two robots down, all before they can react.

Fights Iron Man 2099. Dodges a blast while he comments on her speed.

Described as "fantastically quick, and inherently dishonest, feinting and faking."

An ex-SHIELD agent says, "She's fast."

Ninja notes her speed twice

Wolverine, who has enhanced speed, comments, "Man, she's fast."

She runs a fair distance from an ex-SHIELD agent she beat up then climbs a 4-story building in what is clearly a very short time: one, two

Repeatedly strikes feral Wolverine without being hit in return, or leaps past him without being hit: one, two, three, four

Steals Northstar's body from under the noses of Iceman, Polaris, and Dani Moonstar so fast they barely even register it ("What the hell was that?"): one, two, three

Knocks a guy out via nerve strike, and disarms him, in mid-sentence.

Has a psychic conversation with Gorgon "at the speed of thought," before SHIELD agents are able to react: one, two

Catches knife

Catches knife from Skrull

Catches an arrow at 12, semi-confirming a similar scene in Assassin about catching a bird in flight.

Catches Punisher's thrown knife, says she can do this all day

Outruns Punisher to a tree, even though he started out closer

Runs through a group of guys faster than they can finish a sentence

Says she's faster than Cape Crow

Takes the Punisher's gun from him without his noticing until she points it out, while standing several feet away (MAY be a chi feat)

Various examples of Elektra blitzing through guards at high speeds

Defeats several agents before they get off a shot. (Assassin)

She knocks away a gun that was pointed at her head before he can shoot. (Assassin)

She can catch a bird in flight as a child. (Assassin)

Here she swings a sword faster than a camera can record, and kills four SHIELD agents in 2 seconds. (Assassin)

Here she kills six agents in six seconds. (Assassin)

Here she quickly punches a guy’s nose into his head and then breaks another guy’s arm more quickly than Garrett can see—while underwater. (Assassin)

Storms a militia camp. Blitzes two guards right in front of the child leader without him seeing her, then kills three in one run, looking like a blur without them being able to react. Then starts killing and intentionally scaring off the rest of the pretty huge army, being able to kill handfuls at a time without them reacting. By morning they are all dead or run off.

With a bullet wound to her shoulder, she still manages to climb a wall faster than they can keep track of her with a spotlight.

AGILITY (see also Dodging)


DEFLECTION (also often examples of Weapons Control)


Ignores deadly wound from magical ice sword, says she heals quickly

Elektra kills numerous soldiers in the desert while almost dead from exposure, dehydration, snake venom

Wolverine and Elektra fights vs Shikaru the Mute (fights against creature who KOs Wolverine)

Fighting with Drake (fights for 6 hours)

Is punched a long distance by a giant robot and is fine (and able to dodge attacks right after)

When she finds out Lady Bullseye can become incorporeal, she lets her stab her in the abdomen with a giant longsword, moving her body so all the important organs are out of the way. She seems completely fine after this, and even goes on to easily defeat Jack O'Lantern, Tiger Shark, and Whiplash, and then kill the leaders of the Assassins Guild as if she is completely uninjured. I need to emphasize that no matter how you move your organs out of the way, being stabbed completely through your abdomen should be a lethal injury, the fact that not only did she survive this at all, but acted as if she was totally fine, is an amazing feat of durability, not to mention pain tolerance.

An enhanced Bullseye beats her down, to the degree that she can't move, her skull is broken, she has a brain hemorrhage, and is blind in one one, and eventually needs a steel plate in her head. This is the definition of beaten beyond the ability to fight. And then (full fight including getting hurt) she gets up out of pure willpower and beats the crap out of a bunch of Hand, their magical leader, and Bullseye.

Tanks a hit by the clawed and extremely super-strong Bloody Lips (seems to be unaffected by it later)

Is blasted three times by a Skrull with Cyclops powers and while hurt is still able to kill it.

Bulletproof when so desired: She deflects a bullet with the back of her hand—and moves fast enough to intercept it, for that matter, in a clear bullet-timing example. (Assassin)

She manages to hang on to a helicopter while it’s hit by a rocket. Then it’s hit by another direct hit, crashes, and she’s largely fine (I didn’t show the repercussions, but she basically just gets up). (Assassin)

After Perry breaks her leg and partially breaks her spine, she still ends up defeating him (the fingers through the brain scan above). (Assassin)





Vs Daredevil: hits him hard enough to almost take his head off; kicks him hard enough to kill him if she didn’t pull it

Breaks through 7 concrete blocks

Kicks a van door off

Deforms thick steel door, curving it inward

Breaks Hulkbuster armor with her hands

Kicks down a brick wall

Knocks two multi-ton rock monsters off a ledge with one kick.

Punches through a guy and the wall behind him (possibly my favorite of the various times she has punched through people)

Punches through guy and pulls out his heart

From Elektra Lives! (non-canon, but fun for continuing the theme): punches all the way through a ninja's chest

Stabs through two Hand with a blunt pipe

Casually embeds a sword into brick

Rams a blunt pipe all the way through Paladin

Punches through Arcade's escape sphere

Throws some SUPER-SMALL medical parts at Night Nurse's knee hard enough to knock her down (one, two)

Slices through a grenade

Cuts through metal twice

Stabs through the back of a movie seat (including the hilt bars of the sai): one, two

Stabs into Red She-Hulk

Elektra stabs Hulk in the eyes, clearly piercing his eyes with her sai.

She crushes a guy’s skull, or at least his jaw. (Assassin)

Stabs through a guy’s throat and “her fingers cut the floor” while she is in terrible shape. (Assassin)

In the same context, she crushes a skull, likening it to an eggshell, and also crushes a throat. (Assassin)

In the same context, she “shoved her hand through a guard—punched holes in a surgical team—left a doctor with two scalpels in his eyes.” (Assassin)

Breaks through a door. (Assassin)

While being tasered, she is still strong enough to punch through a guy’s body armor—not just his body—and was reaching for his heart. (Assassin)

Her punch is likened to being hit by a Mack truck. (Assassin)

She pulls out a guy’s heart. (Assassin)

Cuts the head and hand off Perry, a nearly indestructible cyborg. (Assassin)

Worms her hand up through the inside of Perry's nearly indestructible head to destroy his brain. (Assassin)

Knocks out Morbius with double hits to the sides of his head with her sai handles. This era of Morbius has a significant healing factor, for instance being stabbed solidly through the torso by Stone, then being fine a few hours later.

Two different versions of a scene where she slices a guard's torso in half with a sai.

She rips some of the armor on this Hand armored suit ("Skriiiiip"), then pierces it and takes it down in one strategic hit. This armor is bulletproof.


Disarms with a sai

Disarms a Hand with a shuriken

Elektra vs Shang-Chi: cuts head off fly

Pins Spider-God by the neck with sai

Throws sai into shuriken hole

Throws sai into cable from a distance

Throws sai into already-aimed pistol.

Throws a sai into a gun barrel (which she threw so hard the gun and hand then go through the guy's body armor and chest)

Throws a sai into one gun barrel while simultaneously disarming the other with a shuriken

Throws a sai into a gun barrel, which explodes, and then shoots the sai back at her where she catches it

Throws shuriken into camera from a distance while running

Throws sword across room to incapacitate robot.

Uses two ashtrays to disarm two guns from one robot (same fight as above).

Angry that she only hit 3 out of 4 small targets.

Hadn't missed a shot in five years.

Stabs the back end of a bullet with a sai to make it shoot at Bullseye

Chokes Paladin by spitting her tooth down his throat

This is an example of accuracy as well as speed: Deflects NUMEROUS continuous machine-gun-style shots from a giant robot.

Cuts a bullet in half that was fired by the highly-accurate Black Widow from point blank range

Able to accurately throw some SUPER-SMALL medical parts at Night Nurse's knee (one, two)

Shoots down a flying capsule with an energy rifle while in a jetpack

Knocks a guy with with a thrown sai that rebounds off a wall

Cuts a guy's arms and legs off so they don't fall off, and he stays in one piece, alive, until he's touched--which would take incredible skill

Cuts the Architect in half without him knowing it

Flips over the running Nina (a ninja) and cuts her handband in half, without cutting her forehead at all--again, incredible weapons control

Kills four Hand hidden in the drapes with one toss of shuriken

Throws a sai into Ben Urich from across the street: one, two

She shoots a guy in the neck with a crossbow from several hundred yards away while she is on a carnival ride rotating one direction and the target is on a ride rotating the other direction. The narrator emphasizes the skill it takes to do this. (Assassin)

While hanging upside down on a moving helicopter, she shoots another helicopter with a rocket launcher. (Assassin)

She shoots an arrow into a gun barrel. (Assassin)

After stealing SHIELD security details, she goes behind the wall where her target is sitting and stabs him through the heart (without any direct physical sensation of where he is). (Assassin)

Throws some shuriken to cut through a guy's flamethrower tubes.

Throws a cloud of shuriken to block a powered ninja's chi.

Throws an ungainly pair of garden shears into a guy's back.


Are booby trapped so they give a paralytic shock to anyone else but her (one, two)

Unlike normal sai, they usually have sharp edges (just a couple examples: they can cut through a grenade or cut a bullet in half [you can see the edge of the blade there], or effortlessly cut this guy's shirt)

Although sometimes, as seen here, they're pointy but do not have sharp edges.




Disarms with a sai

Beats Razorfist

Elektra and Daredevil vs American Samurai, 1 and 2

One-shots each of the Four Winds (including reflecting throwing stars at opponent)

Pulls out guy’s eyeball with little training

Defeats Dictator who has Scorpio Key

Fighting super-powered Hand ninjas

Elektra's fight with Tiger Shark in comparison with Spider-Woman vs Tiger Shark

Kills her sensei

Vs Herc and Zeus

One-shots two superhumans on Raft

Elektra and Shroud vs Purple Man

Elektra fights better than Wolverine vs the Hand (Wolverine favorably describes her fighting skills compared to his)

Both the Wolverine and Elektra fights against Shikaru the Mute (Elektra does better against Shikaru than Wolverine does on his first attempt, where Wolverine is completely beaten)

Vs Lyle possessed by the Beast (quickly defeats Hand’s champion)

Quickly kills 2 mobsters

Takes 6 alert and armed mobsters by surprise, kills them in the dark, then surprises and kills at least 4 more.

Defeats several more armed mobsters.

Vs Avery, a girl with Wolverine-style enhanced speed, strength, durability, and healing factor.

Defeats 3 of Arcade's card-themed super-strong robots.

Kills the "immortal" Greek-god-powered Medea.

Elektra kills some wanna-be assassins with advanced energy weapons with some sticks of bamboo.

Repeatedly strikes feral Wolverine without being hit in return, or leaps past him without being hit: one, two, three, four

Kills 24 supervillains in 24 hours

Stabs Wolverine in such a way that she knows it will take longer for him to heal and make it hard for him to fight back (as seen by the fact that he stays on the ground and she is up and about on the next page): one, two

Defeats at least 15 Hand while, as they point out, almost naked and unarmed.

Elektra beats up Paladin, despite starting out locked up, and being in terrible shape due to continuous torture by the Skrulls and HAMMER

Beats up a squad of HAMMER agents, with some aim dodging, despite being in terrible shape due to continuous torture by the Skrulls and HAMMER (as pointed out), and in the process then being shot twice and having her ankle broken. She also starts off with only a knife.

Beats up two ex-SHIELD agents, despite all the injuries listed immediately above, and again having only her basic hand weapons against machine guns and a rifle.

Has a psychic conversation while beating up some mobsters.

Has a psychic conversation while beating up some Hand.

Fights with a pipe in one hand and a sword in the other--two very differently-weighted weapons, with very different styles

Defeats a giant robot of Arcade's, starting out unarmed and eventually getting amped by Murderworld gear.

Defeats all the guards of SHIELD's best prison, just with paintball guns.

Beats a bunch of yakuza with Punisher.

Effortlessly beats Punisher in sparring while holding back.

Beats Punisher in fight and various challenges

Kills Kirigi, an immortal champion of the Hand (some background on him, and some more background)

Fights the Silencer (he has teleportation and intangibility powers and enhanced strength) and then she and Spider-man beat him in the rematch using strategy

Elektra kills numerous soldiers in the desert

Defeats two SHIELD Hulkbuster robots

A Chaste says "already, she is a mighty warrior" after only a year of training.

Quickly beats Boomerang and Bushwhacker at once

Blind fighting: Elektra and Shroud vs Purple Man (fights while in Darkforce as well as Shroud)

She precisely describes that an opponent has three possible kicks he can use, but he uses what she knows is the wrong one, showing her extreme level of skill/tactics. (Assassin)

Disarms Chastity after surviving a crashed helicopter. (Assassin)

Chastity confirms that Elektra has an “inhuman combat ability,” “an excellent sense of strategy,” and “paranormal powers.” (Assassin)

Here she quickly punches a guy’s nose into his head and then breaks another guy’s arm more quickly than Garrett can see—while underwater. (Assassin)

The Beast tries to kill her with its magic, but she resists and stabs it with a spear, temporarily defeating it. (Assassin)

Kills four heavily-armed mercenaries in 37 seconds, and uses poisoned shuriken.

At twelve years old, after only two years of martial arts training, she beats her sensei.

She gets out of the invulnerable Stone's grip by using a painful head butt and throw.

Beats 11 skilled martial artists she is training (off panel)

Quickly beats off attacks from the Chaste masters Flame, Star, and Claw.

A college-era Elektra brutally takes out five thugs, including throwing one guy at least 15' using only one arm, and potentially using one of her patented "punching through the body" techniques, given how the guy is bent over and bleeding from the stomach after she punches him in the belly, although that detail isn't clear.


First fight with Daredevil. She wins via prep, then throws sai into Ben Urich

Vs Daredevil in 2016 1, 2 (See above for context; he says he "survived that...barely") [I had the wrong link on here for ages, and just fixed it--SORRY!]

Fights Taskmaster, parts 1 and 2, now with more context

Elektra vs Shang-Chi

Fighting with Drake

Sparring with Drake

Elektra, Daredevil, Shang Chi, and Ghost Maker parts 1, 2, 3

Fights Wolverine in Redeemer: Main fight. Short interrupted fight later.

Spars Wolverine as she teaches him to raise himself from feral to samurai mind-set. She knows he is trying to trick her with his strategy; overall the fight is even.

Fights Wolverine in Enemy of the State. The fight starts with both of them knowing the other is there; there is no surprise. She incaps him with a nerve strike which he only gets out of due to an explosion, then strikes him again in such a way that it takes him a while to heal so that he is on the ground and she is up and about, and he comments on her speed and thinks that "another two seconds and I'm...", clearly implying "dead." Knowing he's going to lose, he runs off and decides to try to drown her, saying that's his "only way."

Elektra and Wolverine kill hundreds if not thousands of Hand. This is one of the most impressive fights against "fodder" that I've ever seen. Except they're not fodder, because these same Hand just defeated a Sentinel robot with just swords. Elektra clearly fights as well as Wolverine here, and in fact he would not have started the fight because he thought there were too many. (See post 23 above for estimates on their numbers).

In two parts (one, two) she brutally beats a bunch of Hand on jetpacks, plus two Hand that call themselves the "Sons of Death" and have magic powers. Then she steals their dragon.

In a montage, beats Blizzard, Crossbones, Whiplash, Shocker, Boomerang, Jack O'Lantern, Blackout, Whirlwind, and Tiger Shark in groups of ones and twos--all Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Namor, and Captain America villains.

Beats Lady Bullseye in their first match.

She beats Lady Bullseye, who has been enhanced so she can become incorporeal. again.

She fights enhanced versions of Whiplash, Tiger Shark, and Jack O'Lantern all at once, and pretty much one-shots each of them. These are Iron Man, Namor, and Spider-man villains, and they've had their powers enhanced by the Assassins Guild. Also, this is pretty much right after she was stabbed in the torso by Lady Bullseye. How badly did she beat them? The League of Assassins said she "dropped them like prom dresses" and that their "new abilities didn't matter a lick."

Easily beats and almost solos the Serpent Squad (she gets a little help from Matchmaker): Black Mamba, Sidewinder, Death Adder, and Anaconda, the last two of which are physically very formidable, and Black Mamba has tough psychic powers.

Beats Cape Crow

Fights Bloody Lips the first time (interrupted by psychic attack on them both)

Beats Bloody Lips

Fights multiple Skrulls with super-powers. She kills three: one with martial arts skills with Ghost Rider powers; one with Wolverine powers; and one with Daredevil, Nightcrawler, and Cyclops powers. She is finally beaten by one with Invisible Woman, Colossus, and Thing powers.

Beats Silver Samurai

Fights Iron Fist to a draw until he unleashes a major chi explosion.


Elektra has fought against Bullseye four times in canon. I will include all of them here for comparison's sake. She was killed by him the first time, and has roundly defeated him each time since then. In the most recent battle, he admitted that "you were always better than me, Elektra." And "Me in my prime, you in yours? You'd beat me, every day of the week and twice on Sunday. So there is no question that she is currently far superior to him.

(Any other fights between them are not canon, and are either alternate universe fights like Elektra Lives!, or they are actually the Skrull Pagon, such as the fight in the Murdock Papers arc in Daredevil vol. 2. The following four fights are the only canon fights.)

Fight One: She has the advantage over him (7 landed attacks against 4) until he throws a card at her throat, disabling her, and then kills her. So it's kind of a cheap-shot win. Here is Daredevil's fight against Bullseye right after for comparison (5 hits by Daredevil vs 2 by Bullseye, not counting any of the bullrushes since it's less clear who gets the advantage from them, before they get on the wire and Daredevil drops him. So about the same hit ratio).

Fight Two: He trains for months specifically to defeat her, aided by a group that gives him holograms of her to spar against and an extensive database on everything about her. He knows everything about how she moves and fights. In short he is as ready as he will ever be to fight her. He wins for a while, then she trounces him.

Fight Three: She has just escaped from a HAMMER Helicarrier. Immediately previous to this, she had been tortured by the Skrulls, and then HAMMER, for months each, with many narrative notes about how she is in terrible shape. She just woke up at Night Nurse's place, got shot at, and then fights Bullseye. He tricks her into getting poisoned, which he notes is so lethal a poison that he can't believe she can stand. Then she falls off a four-story building (height shown in another scene). Then, when he thinks he's got her, she gets the hell up and acrobatically flips over Bullseye and stabs him in the back, in a mirror of how he killed her, completely defeating him. He's almost dead and only rescued by an ambulance.

Fight Four: Bullseye has been magically enhanced by the Hand to become faster and stronger. He admits (see links above) that he could normally never beat her. But, with his enhancements, he does beat her to the ground, severely, so she's half blind and has brain and skull injuries. Then she get gets the hell up and shakes it off (like in the previous fight) and proceeds to beat a bunch of Hand, the magic-powered white and black Hand leaders, and Bullseye (using the magic black ninja's skull to remove Bullseye's Hand enhancements and super-age him) for a complete victory.


Elektra escapes strait jacket while drugged and brainwashed

Can slip out of a strait jacket even when in her Beast-mind-controlled semi-conscious state. (Assassin)

Successfully infiltrates SHIELD's best prison, just with paintball guns.



Elektra kills numerous soldiers in the desert (races around killing soldiers from different angles while almost dead, and with great stealth)

Hunts down rich dude (strategically takes him down over a long period)

Elektra vs Silencer 1 and 2 (figures out how to beat Silencer with magnets at same time as Spider-Man)

She has no doubt that she could kill 30 guards with automatic weapons if she did it alone, by stealth.

Elektra jumps out of a high-rise building’s window with a parachute.

5 minutes of prep is called “an eternity” for Elektra.

Leads an army of resurrected supervillains to successfully crash a helicarrier that was protected by Nick Fury and Wolverine: one, two, three

Reads Ulysses (one of the most complex works of Modernist literature) while simultaneously being involved in a SHIELD briefing

Fights strategically by disarming a Hand with a shuriken

Comes up with "three perfect ideas" for capturing Wolverine while in the middle of a fight

Teaches feral Logan back into a "samurai" level of mind again, preparing him to use strategy again after previously only being mindless; she knows that he is trying to trick her with the final "sword-sheathing" gambit.

When she fights Lady Bullseye, who has been enhanced so she can become incorporeal, she tricks her into becoming physical and intentionally lets her stab her in the abdomen in order to beat her!

Beats Cape Crow through prep (her sai are booby trapped)

Beats Bloody Lips by tricking him into absorbing her traumatic psyche

She and Spider-man beat the Silencer by noticing his weakness to magnetism

Beats Daredevil with a trap

Chastity confirms that Elektra has an “inhuman combat ability,” “an excellent sense of strategy,” and “paranormal powers.” (Assassin)

In an impressive example of psychological warfare, she kills a bunch of soldiers, making the rest of the very large militia to all run off during the night.

Using strategy, she pretends to be dead, then cuts through a major ninja’s throat using a bow string.

After stealing SHIELD security details, she goes behind the wall where her target is sitting and stabs him through the heart (without any direct physical sensation of where he is). (Assassin)



Makes a SHIELD agent think he killed her

Stealth on a jeep (disappears and reappears multiple times in plain sight)

Appearing and disappearing in front of Nick Fury and multiple SHIELD agents

Speaks to the dead on their plane

Resists Shatterhead's psychic powers.

Shields herself from Jean Grey's psi-probe (in circumstances where Jean's powers are a bit fuzzy from the environment)

Heals herself through meditation

Her SHIELD/HAMMER file says she has powers of "mind transference" and "possession" (in a reference to Elektra: Assassin)

Initiates a psychic conversation with Wolverine

Is able to quickly shake off the Hand's mind-control from her (second) resurrection. This mind control worked effectively for a very long time on Wolverine, getting him to carry out effective strikes on the Fantastic Four and X-Men, and was only able to be removed via intensive and lengthy official de-conditioning, despite his psychic defenses and healing factor. It also worked on hundreds of supervillains. One, two.

Has a psychic conversation with Gorgon "at the speed of thought," before SHIELD agents are able to react: one, two

Has a psychic conversation while beating up some mobsters.

Has a psychic conversation while beating up some Hand.

Resists Black Mamba's formidable powers, saying "no one can infiltrate my mind--when I'm prepared."

Chastity confirms that Elektra has an “inhuman combat ability,” “an excellent sense of strategy,” and “paranormal powers.” (Assassin)

She psychically visits Daredevil’s Beast-controlled mind and communicates with his true self.

Hears her parents’ conversation while in the womb.

Mind-controls several Hand very soon after joining the Hand.

Using her chi, she makes several stalactites fall off a cave roof.

Telepathically communicates with the Chaste, including Stick against his will. (Assassin)

She reads Stick’s mind without his permission at 12. This is again confirmed later in the series. Confirms Assassin’s similar scene.

Telepathically communicates with Garrett, a SHIELD agent she mind-controls. (Assassin)

When she has a vision of the Beast’s plans, she is able to send the vision “like a movie” to Garrett. (Assassin)

Switched places with Sandy, a girl in a coma. This meant BOTH inhabiting Sandy’s body with Elektra’s mind, AND making Elektra’s body look like Sandy. Eventually the Beast, the Hand’s super-powerful demon lord, helped Sandy, and Elektra was almost trapped in Sandy’s body. (This is just a selection of pages from a very long episode.) (Assassin)

Psychically kills Sandy, despite the Beast’s powers, and escapes.

Switches bodies/creates illusions around SHIELD agent Chastity McBryde. She made Chastity look like Elektra, so Garrett shot Chastity. Then they took “Elektra” into custody, did a bunch of tests, and only after a long time did they realize that it was actually Chastity, which shows the power of her illusions. (Assassin)

Confirmation of what happened while possessing/switching places with Chastity. (Assassin)

Creates a long-lasting mind control over Garrett (this is a non-sequential series of examples). (Assassin)

Confirmation that she can do mind control and hallucinations (Assassin)

Silent shout--a physical blast that can knock someone backwards and out. (Assassin)

She is captured by SHIELD and they try to read her mind with a machine. Instead she simultaneously mind-controls Garrett and probes their security details through the computer, learning everything she needs to know about SHIELD. (Assassin)

When she gets out, she kills the SHIELD agent using the machine through psychic feedback. (Assassin)

At the end of Assassin, she seems to switch the minds of Garrett and presidential candidate Ken Wind. Garrett then becomes president in Wind’s body. However, in Daredevil’s Fall from Grace arc, it turns out that she actually just created a permanent delusion in Garrett’s mind that he was president, and also imparted part of her own tainted soul into his body. (Assassin)

After stealing SHIELD security details, she goes behind the wall where her target is sitting and stabs him through the heart (without any direct physical sensation of where he is). (Assassin)

She pranks Garrett on multiple occasions, using mind-clouding psi powers and/or stealth. Here she shot his beer can, stole his pistol out of his shoulder holster, and took a gun out of the floor and made it fall apart when he picked it up without him knowing she was there at all. Here she steals his gun again. Here she plants drugs on him and steals his plane ticket—while he is specifically looking for her. (Assassin)

She telekinetically moves a roulette ball.

For context on what kinds of chi abilities the Hand have, here are some examples of the abilities of Hand ninjas Thought (a telepath), Pain (a little unclear, but it seems like his strikes cause added pain), and Shadow (stealth, doesn't reflect in mirrors).



Scares Killer Shrike just by her presence

Gets Sidewinder to beg for mercy.

After killing more than 20 guards, the remaining few are surrender monkeys, giving up as she points her sai at them.

It costs $2 million per kill to hire her

Batroc says the price to pay a villain to fight Elektra is 1.5 times what it costs to fight Captain America

Made $400,000 a day when working for SHIELD

Respected by Wolverine 1, 2

She respects Wolverine and he respects her. He brings her to Silver Fox's grave, and she brings him to her home in Greece.

At the end of her fight with Wolverine in Enemy of the State, Wolverine clearly believed she was going to defeat him, saying, "Another two seconds and I'm--."

Wolverine thinks the only way he's going to beat her is to drown her. In other words he doesn't think he can win by fighting. If that doesn't work he has to hope he can run away: "Have to drown her. It's the only way. Hope it slows her down and gives me a head start at least." She clearly thinks she could beat him too: "You think a locked door is going to save you?"

Wolverine thinks she is the "world's greatest ninja" and also strongly implies that if she couldn't beat Gorgon, then he can't either ("what chance do you have").

Gorgon, who is a genius, and Elsbeth von Strucker, who is a genius, as well as Wolverine, want a new partner, and explicitly choose Elektra over Daredevil. (This is not due to her willingness to kill, as their mind control would make anyone willing to kill or fight their friends, as it did with Northstar and Wolverine.) So all these people think Elektra would be the most effective person in creating havoc in the world and attacking the world's super-teams and security forces. When they end up losing Wolverine but gaining Elektra, Gorgon and Elsbeth clearly consider it a net win, meaning they think she is better than Wolverine, despite the fact that he has been carrying out successful strikes against the Fantastic Four and X-men, and has had "half the the world's security forces on red alert."

Elektra and Wolverine vs Gorgon. While Elektra and Wolverine are thoroughly beaten, it is worthwhile to point out that Wolverine and SHIELD chose her to be his partner in this attempt out of all the other heroes in the world.

Even the Vatican will hire Elektra.

Punisher compliments her fighting style in many ways, saying he is outclassed.

Bloody Lips considers Elektra's blood (which he can use to copy her abilities) of greater worth than Lady Bullseye's (and seemingly anyone else's)

The Hand’s name for her is “Perfect Death"

Comic tagline is “World’s Most Dangerous Assassin” and "Most Dangerous Assassin in the World"

Nick Fury says Shang Chi is “at least her equal”

Is called an "Omega-level threat" to a helicarrier even while she is in terrible shape from extended torture from the Skrulls and HAMMER

Tony Stark, Director of SHIELD, calls her the "most dangerous assassin on the planet."