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An Introduction to Overground Comics

Hi, all!

My name is Jon Hughes, and I am the founder of Overground Comics. While I have been working on the characters and stories for Overground Comics for most of my life, the company has existed in official capacity for about two years now. We have been creating books and touring the country to meet readers and get feedback. I've created this account here on ComicVine to connect us to the community and make us more accessible to everyone.

Overground Comics is a project with a purpose. While we were inspired by the companies who came before us, we, like many of you, were frustrated by much of what has happened in comics over the last few years. As movies have become more relevant to the comic book industry, the comic books themselves have become a little confusing. Various reboots and relaunches, constant streams of first issues of series that never go anywhere, characters being killed off and brought back, switching races or genders to pander to a demographic; all of these things take away from the spirit of the industry as a whole. Marketing, at it's best, can tend to replace creativity, rather than promote it.

So we had some good stories, and some interesting characters, and we created Overground Comics. We want there to be the company you go to for a good story that will always be there. Everything that happens in our books is locked in to canon forever. Also, our books operate in a semi-real time continuity. As years pass for the reader, they will pass for the characters as well. This means we will have a natural progression of story, and won't have to force change unnaturally with big events that don't make sense. We want to earn the trust of our readers, and we want to honor that trust.

We've recently submitted our books to Diamond Comic Distributors for review, and we hope to be on shelves this coming April. Once we debut, we will release one comic book a week for the remainder of the year. We want to offer a wealth of content, but we don't want to ask more than a few dollars a week for you to stay involved. It's important to us to be accessible, as well as entertaining.

I'll keep anyone who decides to pay attention on here updated as to our progress, and when you can expect to see more from us, but you can also head over to overgroundcomics.com or our facebook page for more.

Thank you for reading, I hope it matters to you.