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La Espada beat me.

La Espada is put against Zeon, an alt of Nova, who is a person that I love RPing with.

La Espada is fighting Nova's alt in hyrule, which is from the legend of Zelda, which is one of my favorite video game series.

Specifically, they are fighting in clocktown, which is the setting for majora's mask, which is my favorite Zelda game of all time.


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The anticipation on this round is the worst

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@clutch: thanks a lot. It really means a whole lot that people enjoy RPs I'm involved in.

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@la_espada: win lose or draw, I always try to advance my story.

Speaking of, I'm definitely going to be asking to roleplay in the future.

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@la_espada: Jesus Christ man... How did we even produce this?

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Rage. Fear. Will. Desperation. Peter had only one objective. He would do anything so the Coven wouldn't take him back. His energy blast had met its mark, scorching his opponent's legs. After ripping his would-be shield from the wall, Peter's next move had done more damage than intended. Meant as a block, Peter launched himself toward La Espada with his shield raised, intending to block any incoming spear attacks. Instead, the shield connected with Santi's torso, resulting in an expulsion of blood from his mouth. The blunt impact against the glass behind the Black Viper caused it to crack. This glass was tempered and tested to survive great force to make it nearly impossible to break and destroy the barrier between the safety of this ship and the dangers of the void of space. And the Blood-red Brawler had cracked it on accident.

Peter didn't want to let up. He didn't want to give his opponent the chance to rebound and swing the fight in his favor. If a block had done this much damage to his target, a direct hit would surely finish him. Peter clenched his fist and raised it, energy coursing though his muscles and empowering him. The next blow would be able to flatten most vehicles completely. Peter was counting on what that kind of force would do to the human jawbone. But, he had stopped. From out of nowhere, he decided to not throw his hand forward and decimate his adversary. The battle was his to win. His opponent's life was in his hands, and he was going to hand it back? Why? He felt no remorse for this dog of the Coven. It was almost as if he had no reason to stop the attack other than he just decided to. He was also perplexed at his own decision to lower the metal panel that was his shield. He didn't want to give up, but why did it seem like that's what he was doing?

He looked up from his shield and saw his opponent readying his next attack, a swinging attack with his spear aimed at Peter's upper torso. He may have decided to halt his attack and lower his defense a moment ago, but he still didn't want to die. He reacted as quickly as he could, trying to turn his body to avoid the attack. Untrained muscles coupled with sheer panic was a terrible combination.

"RRAAAAAAAGHHHHHH!!!!" Peter screamed in agony. His opponent meant to cut skin, but as Peter failed to dodge correctly, the attack was more than Santi had hoped for. Turning his body the wrong way, Peter accidentally caused the spearhead to impale him directly through his right shoulder. His arm went limp as his left hand gripped the shaft. His eyes were clenched shut as he held his breath, his body shaking from the pain. After a few seconds of deep breaths, his eyes opened, looking right past Santi. They looked beyond his opponent, past the cracked glass behind him, and into the vastness of outer space. He began breathing heavier... Tears dripping down his cheeks.

"It's... Beautiful... All of that open space... Solar systems, untouched by human hands... It's freedom." He felt short of breath, his panting increased. "That's all I want... I..." He gasped for air a few times before continuing. "I want to be free. I-I can't go back to that cage. Not after everything they made me do..." Peter cried a little harder for a moment, finally regaining his composure with heartache in his eyes. "I-... I've killed people... I've killed so... Many people... Fathers, sons, husbands... Wives, mothers... I... Couldn't stop myself... It was like watching a movie-hngh!!" Another wince of pain. It was at this moment that Santiago Porthos would realize, this man wasn't in this competition for some all powerful wish. He was a pawn for someone else's gain. "... I can't go back to that..." He felt nauseous. His lungs hurt, breathing was difficult. His arms and legs kept shaking and jerking around occasionally. His body was failing. He took another deep breath and looked Santi in the eyes, shaking his head slowly.

"I'm sorry... I wont go back.... I wont." He grit his teeth and looked just over Santi's shoulder at the cracked glass. Peter then let loose a blast of energy from his eyes and completely shattered the glass. Immediately, with all the strength he could muster while his body was shutting down, Peter would roar in pain and rip the spear from his body, removing Santi's anchor to him as explosive decompression began pulling all of the air inside the ship and anything it happened to be carrying out into space.

Peter didn't wait to see if La Espada would latch onto something or be cast out into the void. He knew he wouldn't have time for that. He turned his body and let loose a large, continuous blast of energy from his feet and hands, flying back into the ship. It was difficult, flying against an air current that strong, but Peter kept going. The large metal obstacles began hurtling toward the opening in the hull. His muscles tightened involuntarily and he yelped in pain, breaking his flight for a moment. He flew to the side, then back again, trying to dodge the massive projectiles on their way to space. Another was headed right for him, he knew he wouldn't be able to dodge it. A large blast of energy from his eyes was enough to break it into smaller pieces. Pieces that became shrapnel. Shrapnel that dug into his flesh repeatedly. More roars of pain and a muscle spasm, Peter curled into the fetal position and began floating back towards space.

He couldn't die here. His body was dying and he was being sucked out into space. He heard alarms, safety protocols being voiced over an intercom. A ship of this size had safety measures in case something like this happened. He was able to see large metal panels sliding out of the walls around the windows, containment for a hull breach. That's all he needed, to stay in the ship. He was running on pure willpower now, the absolute strength from his fear of going back to the Coven. It would give him strength he didn't know he had. He screamed again in pain as he released even more energy, trying to push his body to the inside of the breach before it closed. His energy was being used quickly, he'd never released this much energy at one time before. It was a necessary evil, as the alternative was floating into space.

With a loud slam, the doors locked tightly behind him, the rush of air ceased and all of that propulsion now had no resistance. His body soared across the room, hitting one of the large metal cubes that managed to survive. An impact which slowed his speed enough to make hitting the wall behind it unpleasant instead of deadly. Still, he cried out in pain. The neurotoxin was still doing it's work in his body. He didn't have much time left. And yet, he may have had even less time.

Where did the spear guy go?

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@la_espada Posted again. I wont thank you yet. ^_^b

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His powerful right hand did better than knock La Espada's cover across the room, it shattered it completely. Either Peter hit it harder than he wanted to, or it was a lot more frail than Peter had thought. Santi was hit by various shrapnel and sent toward the wall. Overkill's next attack was not as successful as he threw the second large metal cube at the Black Viper. He was agitated that his spear wielding foe was able to destroy the incoming attack with a powerful spear thrust.

Overkill's systems began compiling data to suggest his next attack. He thought that a short range attack would be the better option as this long range battle just made him more of a target for Santi's blood-bending. Overkill began an advance toward his opponent. Not speeding out of control, but he was closing the distance quickly. He thought about engaging his enemy, deflecting a spear thrust with his left gauntlet and connecting a right hook to Santi's jaw. He thought about the bones cracking, his flesh warping around his black-metal fist, his head snapping back in recoil before his body floated lifelessly across the zero gravity environment and into the wall. And then... He thought nothing.

Peter's body went limp, his glowing eye slits fading to black. The black suit of armor slowed and drifted into some debris. The Black Viper was successful. Project Overkill's mind had vanished. The body slowly floated right past Santiago Porthos and made no movements. Santi looked upon the brain dead body of Peter Matthews with surprise. He had done it. He had wiped clear the mind of his foe leaving a human body that only used the involuntary muscle contractions that it did not need it's mind for. Breathing, heartbeat, blinking, everything that your body does without you thinking about it. That was the only sign of life inside the armored shell...


The familiar scene that was the only one that the real Peter knew. A large dark room, cables all over the floor leading to a large, black, egg-shaped cell made of infraglium. A small computer to the left side of it. The only person in the room looked like Peter, but it was far from it. This was the personality that the Coven wished to be in control of Peter's body. The mind that was implanted into him for their gain. He stood at attention, guarding the cell behind him which was where Peter Matthew's really was.

Suddenly, Peter grabbed his head and grunted in pain, then all at once, froze in place. Slowly, the body that was the mental representation of this form of Peter, began to dissolve. Clothing, hair, skin, muscle, organs, and finally bone. All disappearing piece by piece until... Nothing.

When this version of Peter had fully disappeared, all of the technology in the room seemed to slowly lose power. The glow of computer monitors faded, various instruments and gauges slowly fell to zero. The light hum of motors and generators got quieter until there was a numbing silence in the room. As time passed, one sound was slowly getting louder and louder. A low, rhythmic thumping. Originating from inside the cell. Two abrupt bangs broke the silence. The thunderous sound of restraints being broken for the first time. A massive explosion as one side of the black metal egg was blown out. Metal clashed and slid across the floor, sparks flying all around. A small amount of smoke came from inside the cell and floated upward into darkness. And from inside the cell came a new quiet sound. Deep breathing.



Eyes suddenly lit up once more, followed by a large gasp of air. "F***!!!" Abruptly springing back to life, Peter cried out in pain and grabbed his head. Where the Coven had controlled his mind to ignore most pain, Peter was now feeling the after effects of having his cerebrospinal fluid drained and then almost boiled. And he hated it.

Santi was successful in his attack, he removed the mind from Peter's body. It just wasn't the only mind in Peter's head. Santi may have done Peter a favor... If he lets Peter live.

"Where am I?! What is-?! Get this crap off of me!" He began tearing at his helmet, eventually breaking the restraints and ripping it off, tossing it to the side. His face was panicked and sweaty. Peter spent over a year in that cell before being trapped in the same cell in his own mind. This resulted in a dramatic case of claustrophobia. Wearing a fully encased helmet and suit was not something he enjoyed at the moment. He tore the entire suit of armor off, casting its pieces about the room. Now completely naked, he began to calm down. Sadly, it wasn't until now that he was composed enough to realize that he was floating at least fifteen feet above the ground.

"What the...? Am I...?" He looked up, seeing the window and space beyond it. Stars and space ships scattered in the picture. "I'm in space??" He turned and saw an unknown man. He was some kind of latino decent, Peter guessed, and holding a long spear. A spear... With a distinctly black metal head.

"What the hell is that?! Is that this sh**?!" He pointed to the infraglium helmet, a metal that (in certain forms) could forcibly drain his energy from him. The same metal that was his prison for so long. The young man became infuriated. "You work for them!! I'm not going back! I WONT!!!"

Peter's mind remembered his past escape attempts. Every time he broke free, there was always Coven security forces equipped with infraglium weapons that were used to control him. Usually they were chains to contain him, or blunt weapons to try and knock him out. A spear was unique. Now he thought about the moments during the fight with Flash Fire and how he also had a unique weapon. Was that also made of infraglium? Peter was playing tricks on his own memory, creating things that weren't there. Like how Santiago Porthos was definitely working for the Coven.

"I'LL F***ING KILL YOU!!!" Peter raised his hands in the direction of his attacker. The one thing that he remembered from his escape attempts was that he could release the energy like opening a valve. Not control, but point and shoot. He opened the 'valves' on his palms and red energy shot outward at the Black Viper. The force from the blast sent Peter backward into the wall behind him. He grunted, then looked back at it. He was no tactical genius, but he knew that in a zero gravity environment, he would need to push off of solid objects in whatever direction he needed to go. He grabbed one of the hand holds on the wall and planted his feet as well. He pulled upward hard, removing the entire panel from the wall. The force also sent him towards Santi, quicker than he wanted maybe.

Peter knew a little about history and weapons. This guy's spear had a snake skin hanging off of it that Peter mistook for a piece of fabric. He knew that martial artists would use this trick when their weapon moved too fast for them to track with their eyes. The fabric would create a sound as it moved through the air that the user would track. This man would be quick and agile in his attacks. Peter would use the panel as a shield, lifting it up to his shoulder and covering his head and torso. He held it at an angle. If he held it directly toward La Espada, he might be able to pierce right through it with enough force. Angling his shield would cause the force to deflect off of the metal rather than connect head on.

Once the attack was deflected, Peter would come out from behind his shield and quickly throwing a right hook toward Santi's head. He would have to attack quickly as his momentum would carry him away from his target. As he floated away, he would try to spin and place the shield between himself and the Black Viper to defend any counter attacks.