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"This is Doctor Fisher, team lead on Project Overkill. Originally a power source from the Utopia Project, the subject was a limitless supply of energy that the Coven has used in various ways including a substitute for electricity and several new weapons. Early records will show events of the subject destroying parts of our facility and hospitalizing dozens of followers. He is able to manipulate... Well... 'Release' this energy at will from his body in various ways. The energy being composed of super heated gravitons provides the blasts effects like burning through walls that it doesn't destroy first with it's sheer concussive force. Another side effect of being host to this energy. When the subject has energy infused in his muscular system, his strength is increased by a tremendous amount.

The only way we've been able to restrain the subject is with a modified version of the metal infraglium. The metal is one of two substances that can actually store this energy, the other being the subject's own body. Anything else that tries to absorb or contain it explodes and/or spontaniously combusts. The beta version of infraglium is modified to forcibly draw the energy from the host. This makes it an effective method of containing the subject, as draining the energy weakens him drastially and prevents most energy blasts. Special note: Draining the subject completely is to be avoided as the energy is now his life force. Depleting his energy supply completely will cause the subject to die. It has been ordered by Lord Coven that if anyone even thinks for a moment of draining the subject completely, they will be executed. After that order was given, 5 of my fellow scientists have gone missing without a trace... Moving on.

Ok, that was the background from the Utopia Proect file. So now we have... Ah, here. The Overkill Project. Since the energy has already been weaponized successfully and the subject has already stockpiled decades worth of energy, 100% of time spent no longer needs to be used on production, so, Lord Coven has ordered the weaponization of the subject, Peter Matthews, himself. Our Lord has already used her... Techniques to make him more docile to the point of brainwashing. Being an average human, his mind was overpowered with ease. Though, the subject's will is strong. He resisted for a minute or two. Sometimes it looks as if he's still in there somewhere.

Regardless, our preliminary tests showed that his strength level was at a maximum range of 50 tons, however, when the subject was allowed to recharge completely, we were unable to calculate the limits of his strength, lifting 200 tons with ease. I proposed the idea of buying or making more advanced equipment to try and see what his limits actually are, But Lord Coven smiled and said that it wouldn't be necessary as she has seen enough. The subjects control and aim are improving with his energy blasts, though I don't think it's that important because... Next page...

Yes, the armor. The subject is to now wear a suit of armor, made of infraglium, and covering his body from head to toe at all times. Although physically powerful, the subject is as frail as a normal man. His body will fail long before his strength does. This armor will protect him from harm and allow him to utilize the upper levels of his strength without causing harm to his own body. Further more, the armor will have a flight system installed, powered by the subject of course; and on board weapons, also powered by himself; and various combat and life support related systems, again, powered by himself. One machine gun mounted on each forearm, a minigun mounted on his right shoulder, and a rocket launcher mounted on his left.

While the bullets in the machine guns and minugun will be replaced by small enegy blasts, the rocket launcher will have to be reloaed occaionally. Rockets made out of cracked infraglium that has been charged will shatter upon contact relasing enough energy to level a city block. As requested, the armor is linked directly with Lord Coven, as the subject will follow orders only from the Lord herself.

The armor is ready and the subject equipped. Once activated, Project Overkill will be ready for action. Just have to type in the activation codes..."



Name: Peter Matthews

Alias: Overkill

Other Aliases: The Black Knight, the Titan of Power, The Shield of the Coven

Age: 23

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 200 pounds

Eye Color: Brown (Red while using powers)

Hair Color: Brown

Background: Peter Matthews was a runaway teen when he was abducted by a secret organization known as the Coven, a religious cult led by force sensitive individuals. This group had an idea for a perfect world titled "The Utopia Project." It allowed world wide peace, clean energy, and several other plans to ensure a perfect society on Earth.

The Utopia Project needed an effective energy source to power these radical changes. An experimental form of energy was discovered, but it was not easily produced or contained. It could only be kept in the new metal known as infraglium. Further research discovered that if a human host was physically altered, they could produce and contain the energy easily. This was the experiment that Peter was used for.


Being a living battery, Peter has gained several different abilities.

Energy absorption: Overkill can absorb most types of energy (light, heat, electricity, and more). When he absorbs the energy, it changes form to his own energy for him to use. Certain types of energies, like those with magical effects, have an adverse effect on Peter. This could result in both physical and mental changes, and positive and negative effects, all depending on where the energy comes from.

Energy Projection: Peter can release blasts of energy from his body. The energy is best defined as super=heated gravitons. This makes his energy blasts both a strong kinetic force, and apply heat based damage on the target when struck. He cannot manipulate the energy, like bend it or hold onto it. The energy is released is straight lines or waves.

Superhuman Strength: When Peter infuses the energy into his muscular system, it grants him great strength. The upper limits of his strength have not been seen, but the Coven tested him at over 200 tons. A punch at these levels without protection would break his own bones, but his mech suit protects him from that.

Flight: While wearing his suit, a flight system installed in the suit grants him flight. However, without the suit, Peter can achieve flight by slowly releasing energy from his hands and feet in a controlled manner, creating a propulsion that can lift him from the ground.

"Supercharged Mode":

While under normal circumstances Overkill stores up to his normal capacity (100%) It is possible for him to exceed this capacity to a maximum of 250%. From a stored capacity of 100-150%, Peter's powers would increase in strength with no major changes. As he obtains more energy beyond 150%, his normal body tissues and cells will start to overflow and in essence be tranformed into the energy. Between 150-200% he will involuntarilly have a bright aura around his body and from 200-250% his body becomes a human shaped physical entity of energy. In this form, he is nigh-invulnerable to physical attacks, his body becomes malleable and able to stretch or grow to much greater sizes, and his attacks become as powerful as possible at that time. However, Overkill is trapped in this form until he burns off the excess energy which is difficult because in that state he is constantly absorbing ambient energy around him. Once he successfully burns off the excess energy, he will become very weak and may not be able to fight again for a few days.


With the Coven giving him support and training, Peter has become efficient at hand to hand combat, marksmenship, and battle tactics. He also received schooling in physics and different types of energy for the purpose of making him more effective.

Paraphernalia: Infraglium Armor: His armor is a head to toe mech suit made of infraglium, a metal that becomes nigh-indestructible when infused with his energy. Peter powers the suit and supplies energy to make it strong while he wears it. The suit has a number of different functions including infrared vision, targeting systems, flight systems, communication with the Coven and all of their systems, facial recognition. This helps Overkill identify his targets and what their capabilities are. (Note: The limits of the information are on anything that the Coven would be able to know.)

The suit has several weapons on it including two wrist mounted machine guns, a shoulder mounted gatling gun, and a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. The ammunition on these weapons are not standard. They are programmed to fire small blasts of Peter's energy at the rate of fire of these weapons, so they don't have to be reloaded. The rocket launcher is loaded with four shells of charged, cracked infraglium. This makes the shells explode on impact and release their stored energy, devastating the area. The suit also has small ports on the palms of the hand, soles of the feet, and in the center of the chest. These are to allow larger blasts of energy.


Mortal: Despite all of his power, Peter is still a human. He's just as frail as a normal man and can die from severe enough trauma.

Mental weaknesses: From having his mind controlled by the Coven, he has a sensitivity to mental attacks. The Overkill that is in control is the Overkill that the Coven wants in control. Tampering with his mind could have an unexpected result.

Energy Limits: The energy is now Peter's life force. Overuse or drainage would effectively kill him.

"Beta Infraglium": Infraglium is the only other substance that can contain Peter's energy without exploding. However, a beta form of it exists that will forcibly drain the energy from Peter. This could be extremely dangerous for him.

Infraglium Suit: While it seems like an impervious shell, it is not without flaws like weak points that could be exploited.