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Introducing the Teen Titans 0

Judging by the title of this movie, you get all kinds of ideas about what is going to happen, since it sounds like the League and the Teen Titans going head to head. Flipping the box you get slightly different impressions when you find out the League is being influenced by Trigon, to me all of this sounds promising.What you get however is not quite that... or not the level or type I was really hoping for.Plot, Characters & Setting:First thing to remember about this is that it is a DC Animate...

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Titans Assemble! 0

It's the beginning of a new team, new faces with mix with old ones and face threats they, hopefully, have not faced before.Story:With the fall of the Source Wall at the end of Metal and the near-immediate return of the Omega Titans in No Justice, the world is in more chaos than ever. Nightwing has decided to assemble a team to counter the emerging threat of dozens if not hundreds of people and animals gaining superpowers thanks to being bombarded with energies from beyond of the Source Wall. Thi...

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In the middle. 1

Initial impressions:No, Donna doesn't get chained up and escape the League...Story:This book is kinda a story of suspension of disbelief. (Or that the writer knows this book is getting relaunched and doesn't really care.)First of all, no Donna does nothing of the sort, she just kinda leaves the Watchtower when no one was looking and she smacks Cheshire across the face with her shield even if she has a sword to save Roy. Whom at this point I have to seriously question why he is even here? I mean...

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Black Swan it is not. 1

Whats in it:The origins of the new Silver Swan.Whats the feeling:Bleh... The story is cut up in two that only meet at the very end. On one end we have Diana coming home and finds that Jason the Potato found some random people in town and had them over to drink their heads off and trash the place. Scolding ensures, Jason says sorry for being a potato-headed clot and Diana has to be off again.On the other end of the scale is a girl Diana saved once, Julia, who looses the use of her legs in an inc...

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Its a spanking 11

What happens in it:Story skips between Roy in the present day during a drug bust while on the phone with Donna, and 3 days earlier where the Justice League showed up at the New York Titans Tower after news reached them about the Troia incident, they are not happy.Whats the feeling?:Ugh... is the feeling. I am generally not happy whenever the League decides to 'grace' the Titans or Teen Titans with a visit in their pages because it nearly always ends one way. And this time is no different. The Le...

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Watered down Johns 1

There is really no other way of saying this, so;Throne of Atlantis was a terrible story in comics and riddled with Johns' usual fan-logic that puts his current favorite character on the same level of gods and Kryptonians. And the movie just plays as a watered down version of the already flimsy story... only now we have to put up with Arthur's cliche origins of being an outsider finding out he's the king of a land he's never heard of and overcoming his reluctance to lead this place... and hook up...

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A night in the lives of... 1

Reviewers background:So I have been keeping pretty quiet on the review fronts since sometime in the early days of the previous creative team, since I just couldn't bring myself to throw any more bile at it. So you can imagine I was pretty chuffed to hear of a new creative team relaunching the book. I had some concerns when I found out who it was though; a writer thats pretty loathed by other Wonder Woman fans for his (in my oppinion) kick-ass work on Amazons Attack and an artist I'd rather avoid...

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The End. 3

So it is here, the issue that closes out this volume of Titans history. Some a thrilled, some are sad, but we all know the Titans will return sooner than we expected.So, what do we have in this final issue?; We have art by Kenneth Rocafort and a Teen Titan story by Scott Lobdell. And it's about what you can expect from the duo, but with a twist.Possible spoilers ahoy!The Story:The story continues from the last of the regular issues' where the Titans got back to the present, only to find Bunker a...

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Setting sun 0

So we come to it at last, after 3 months and 16 issues spread across 4 books, Forever Evil: Blight draws to a close.And what do we have as a conclusion? Sadly, not really what I think is a worthy conclusion to something that's had this many chapters.Let me explain: The first half to three-quarters of the Blight books have revolved around John Constantine and his emergency Justice League Dark's pursuit of mainly Zatanna, the rest of the JLD and at the same time deal with the entity known as Bligh...

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