Denizens of Hell - Favored Demons of DC



1. Trigon the Terrible, certainly the demon whos accomplished most of all, resulting in Earth and everyone on it being turned to stone. Alas, like Doomsday and Bane, he's only had one major arc to really show what he is capable of.  


2. Raven. Trigons infernal daughter with Arella who stubbornly refuses to serve him, instead dedicating herself to fight crime and her father at the side of the Teen Titans. One of DC unappreciated powerhouses. 
3: Etrigan the Demon; supernatural powerhouse bound to Jason Blood. Virtually uncontrollerble and out for blood whenever Jason is not around. However his most impressive feat might have been tricking the Prince of Lies; Neron himself during the aftermath of the Day of Judgement. Also he seems to have the hots for Wonder Woman. 
4. Lucifer Morningstar; the original sinner, abdicated ruler of Hell. Now appearing as sohpisticated and charming owner of a piano bar before he left Jehova's creation in favor of his own creation.  
5. The Lady Blaze, Domina or First Seated of Hell as the ruler is denoted is the wizard Shazam's daughter and as mean as they come, her brother found this out the hard way. 
6. Lord Satanus, former ruler of Hell, son of Shazam. Fought a war to gain dominion over Hell by inciting Purgatory to fight with hope, only for them to damn themselves. His sucess was shortlived when his sister usurped him with the help of Black Alice. 
7. Myrrdin or Merlin as he was known in Arthurian legends, once the fabled magician serving the legendary king and the brother of Etrigan, now returned to Hell and done with helping kings and petty knights, last seen supporting the opposition of Freedy Freemans candidature to be Captain Marvel. 
8. Sabbac. Captain Marvel's infernal opposite  
9. Azmodus, first mortal bonded to the Spectre, his mind twisted and bent when he discovered how his wife and son had been reborn and so became the Spectre's most enduring enemy.  
10. Atrocitus, the Red Lantern. Once one of the demons of the Empire of Tears, a vast empire spanning three galaxies before being decimated by the Guardians of Oa, now the only one who remains after the massacre instigated by the Manhunters.


11. Nekron. Demon of death and darkness, claiming he will save the universe from the sickness he calls life, his plans came close to fulfillment during the Blackest Night.  
12. Eclipso, formerly Spirit of Revenge. Before the Spectre, there was Eclipso, till God saw Eclipso's decent into evil, the spirit was responsible for many of man's woe's, including the biblical flood. Now determined to regain the powers it feels the Usurper, as it calls the Specter, stole from it. 
Honorable Mention; The Spectre, The Angle of Death. Aztar the angle once rebelled along with Lucifer against God, thus damning itself to Hell, unlike most of the Fallen however, it saw the error of its ways and pleaded for redemtion, thus becomming the embodiment of God's Wrath, replacing the fallen spirit Eclipso. 
Dunce; Neron, the Prince of Lies.  Despite being the ruler of Hell at one time and having untold levels of power, Nerons list of accomplishments on the moral plane usually involves him being duped by mortals, due to the nature of his powers, meaning he has to make and keep deals. The original Trickster managed to do it twice, as the last thing he did in life the Elogated Man also managed to trick him and finally the most embarassing for Neron would have been the time he was tricked by Etrigan resulting him being demoted to a rhymer demon.

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