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My Fantastic Four Reboot Cast

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Fantastic Four reboot will be out in 2015,directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle.) The movie will be following the origin of Ultimate Fantastic Four that was created by Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, and Warren Ellis. With that said this origin story will provide audience members with a breath of fresh air from a not so "great" past three movies ( that's right i'm including the dreadful 1994 Fantastic Four movie as well), with a younger yet more interesting team of superheroes, this will catch the attention of many movie goers who are new to the cinematic world of Fox/Marvel, as of all comic movies they won't be 100% true to source material. I will list some actors that are already on the list for the role and I will also include information about each Ultimate character (from marvel website). Please enjoy.

(Ultimate)Reed Richards-Mister Fantastic:

Played by Richard Madden or Kit Harrington
Played by Richard Madden or Kit Harrington

Growing up in Queens, the oldest child of three, Reed Richards was brighter than those around him. Reed's friend, Ben Grimm, protected him from bullying by lesser classmates, but Reed's father couldn't deal with his son's genius and treated his children harshly, leaving Reed and his sisters infelicitous. While still a child, Reed discovered another dimension and built an oscillator which allowed him to view it. Six months later, in fifth grade, at the Midtown Middle School science fair, Reed demonstrated his ability to send items to that dimension. This caught the eye of Lieutenant Lumpkin, a "scout" for the Director of Mainland Technology Development who scoured the world for exceptional children.

Reed was placed under supervision of internationally renowned scientist Dr. William Storm at the Baxter Building, a midtown Manhattan government facility for gifted children. Reed's father was relieved to be rid of him, so Reed rarely saw his family thereafter. His only close contacts were fellow students and his dog Einstein. Missing his family, Reed covertly constructed a "Fantasti-Car," a fuel-free vehicle with the capacity to fly at MACH-7, but never used it. Reed studied the N-Zone, but never completely cracked its problems until fellow genius Victor Van Damme adjusted Reed's calculations; over the next five years Damme would help Reed with his N-Zone teleporter while Reed aided Victor's work in miniaturized robots. When Reed built a life-sized N-Zone teleporter, Van Damme surreptitiously made some last minute alterations in superposition calculations, and the activation of the gate created a phase-state fugue which altered Reed and his friends forever, granting them superhuman abilities.

Unable to convince Van Damme to help him reverse the changes, Reed returned his focus to science, perfecting his transporter and adapting it to both time travel and accessing parallel dimensions. After the team went public battling the alien Nihil in Las Vegas, Reed began craving the public approval of being a super-hero, perhaps compensating for his father's disapproval. He now balances his obsessive love of science against his relationship with Susan Storm and his new celebrity status.

(Ultimate)Susan Storm-Invisible Woman:

Played by Margot Robbie or
Played by Margot Robbie or

Played by Saoirse Ronan
Played by Saoirse Ronan

The eldest child of renowned scientist Franklin Storm, Sue Storm inherited her father's genius at an early age. Since early childhood, she has been one of the prodigies studying and working at the Baxter Building, a midtown Manhattan government research lab. Following her father into physics, at age eight she built a sugar-power rocket and accidentally destroyed her father's car, after which she changed her focus to "inner space" biology. Romancing brilliant Baxter Building classmate Reed Richards, Sue became formidable scientist in her own right, earning four doctorates in bio-chemical sciences. Attending the Nevada desert testing of Reed's N-Zone dimensional teleporter, Sue was transported a mere three miles into the desert by the device's malfunction. She was discovered by former Baxter Building instructor Dr. Arthur Molekevic, who took her to his underground facilities below Manhattan calmed her, and helped her gain control of her new abilities, while he sent a "monster" to the Baxter Building to retrieve the other three who had also been transformed by the N-Zone experiment. In the company of those three, Susan fled Molekevic and used her invisible protective force field to take them back to the surface.

Making the study of herself and her three partners her new life's work, Sue spent months investigating their abilities and charting their powers while improving her own understanding of herself. She has deduced the nature both Reed and Johnny's changes, though her own powers remain unexplained and she is unable to penetrate Ben's skin with any more detail than determining his internal fluid pressure. Sue continues to develop her force fields, though there are physical side effects to extreme usage. When Van Damme attacked the Baxter Building with a squad of flying insects, Susan contained a squad of them with a force field, developing a nosebleed in doing so, and later caught a crashing helicopter in her force field, suffering severe physical stress.

Susan has proven capable of standing her own, and after the team went public, she assumed the codename "Invisible Woman." Her force fields have been the Four's ace in the hole, saving their lives when Nihil dumped Reed and Ben into the near-vacuum of the N-Zone and single-handedly stopping the time-traveling Chrono-Bandits. She co-created the chrono-tunnel with Reed, and has conducted biological studies of the Kree alien Mahr Vehl and extra-dimensional life in the N-Zone.Though her new found fame has brought her unsought attention from the likes of billionaire playboy Tony Stark and the Atlantean criminal Namor, she remains romantically attached to Reed despite her concerns about his over devotion to science.

(Ultimate) Benjamin Grimm-The Thing:

Played by Alan Ritchson
Played by Alan Ritchson

Benjamin Grimm grew up in the neighborhood of Queens, in New York City. At a young age, he attended Midtown Middle School where he became the star linebacker for the school football team, earning himself the nickname The Grimm Reaper. During this time, he befriended a child prodigy named Reed Richards.

Possessing an unique intellect, Reed was often the target of school bullies and Ben took it upon himself to protect Reed from those who would seek to persecute him. As reward for this valuable service, Reed agreed to help Ben with his homework, which was with trigonometry. Ben and Reed parted ways when Reed was only ten-years-old. A government sponsored think-tank recruited Reed into working for them at the Baxter Building. Ben continued with his education and eventually entered into college.

Years later on spring break, Grimm was backpacking across the desert of Nevada when he learned that his old school pal was in the area. He visited the testing sight of a teleportation project, which sought to pierce the dimensional barrier into an antimatter realm called the N-Zone. Ben knew that Reed had always experimented with quantum physics, and wanted to see how his old friend was getting along. During the visit, Reed introduced him to his colleagues, Victor van Damme, Sue Storm and her younger brother, Johnny. He invited him to witness the first field test of the N-Zone Initiator.

The experiment proved to be a tragic disaster. Moments before the initial testing phase was to commence, Victor Van Damme adjusted the coordinates on the machine causing it to malfunction. It tore open a dimensional breach, releasing a blinding wave of energy, which shunted all five witnesses to different geological locations. Ben awakened in a small village in Mexico. As he rose to his feet, he discovered that he was no longer entirely human. The N-Zone effect increased his body mass, transforming him into a gargantuan thing with flesh composed of living rock.

(Ultimate)Johnny Storm-Human Torch:

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Johnny Storm, the youngest child of scientist Franklin Storm, failed to inherit the genius shared by his father and older sister, Sue. Educated through public schooling, Johnny attended high school at P.S. 440. He spent his formative years at the Baxter Building labs; but despite his access to its high-tech resources, he rebelliously resisted taking advantage of this opportunity to learn.

Johnny attended the test of Reed Richards' Nevada desert N-Zone teleportation device and was transported by its malfunction to France. Waking in a hospital bed there, he briefly burst into flame with no harm to himself.After being taken to the Baxter Building, he continually inadvertently burst into flame, slowly learning to control his combustion by reciting "Flame On" and "Flame Off." When the Baxter Building was attacked by Arthur Molekevic's genetically constructed monster, Johnny accidentally burned through a window and fell from the skyscraper, discovering he could fly while aflame.

Alone among the foursome, Johnny dreamed about using his powers to be a super-hero like the Ultimates; however, his father insisted Johnny finish high school, which he was coerced into attending. He registered at a school in Queens, and made friends quickly, meeting Liz Allen, Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker, among others. When Johnny accidentally caught fire at a beach bonfire, he fled, returning only to ask Liz to meet with him so he could explain. Though Allen didn't show, Spider-Man did, and the two talked before cooperating to save people trapped in a burning building. Johnny's spirit was renewed by Spider-Man's contention that the drawbacks of super-powers are outweighed by the good they could do, and he shared with Spider-Man the name he would use when the team went public: the Human Torch. The Fantastic Four were forced to go public while battling the alien Nihil on the Las Vegas Sunset Strip; Johnny has since reveled in fame and the Fantastic Four's adventures. Still, Johnny is a fun-loving,charming,ladies man,that genuinely wants the best for his teammates.