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Molecular Immobilization- This allows him the ability to literally stop molecular movement of a person/object causing it to completely stop.

Molecular Acceleration- This allows him the ability to speed up molecules so fast that they literally explode. Ranging from a small firecracker explosion to that of a small bomb.

Telepathy- Kismet has the ability to read/control/destroy minds with his own. The only limit is that he can only fully occupy one mind at a time. However he can destroy multiple ones.

Teleportation- With a thought he can transport from one location to another. A common ploy is for him to blitz his opponents so that they cannot hit him in battle.

Pyrokinesis- His most powerful ability. Kismet can start a raging fire with just a blink. There is no known limit to the heat he can generate.

Force fields - A more fine tuned off-shot ability of his immobilization power is his ability to "stop" the air so that it becomes an almost impenetrable force field.


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The Phoenix Sword - This weapons will slice through even the hardest of substances. It gives the user enhanced senses and precognition. It's unknown how he came into possession of this powerful tool.