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My Ideal Justice League Line-up

With Justice League #1 popping up in stores only 4  days from now, and Cyborg replacing Martian Manhunter, I decided to make a list of what my ideal Justice League line-up would be. A team that I think would be iconic, powerful and diverse. This is a team that I believe alone can even handle galaxy-wide threats (i.e. Darkseid, etc.).  My list consists of seven core members and a dozen reserves. Let's do this! =D

List items

  • The core team starts here:

    The one who started it all, Superman is the quintessential superhero. He is a symbol of greatness extending far beyond the DC Universe into our hearts and our homes. He has one of the greatest mythologies and amazing storytelling spanning over 70 years. The Man of Steel belongs in his place as leader of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes. Superman's plethora of powers makes him a powerhouse asset in every field.

  • The Dark Knight may not have any real superpowers, but he doesn't need any to be one of the most respected and feared heroes of the DC Universe. The World's Greatest Detective with no doubt deserves his spot on the Justice League. Batman utilizes every ounce of potential the human mind and body offers to save the world time after time.

  • Shazam! Although at the moment he is painfully underused, he was once the most popular superheroes, more popular than both Batman and Superman. He deserves his comeback (the announcement of the New 52 didn't help, but fingers crossed we'll see him in DC Universe Presents!). Captain Marvel has got one of the most interesting and truly magical mythologies in all of DC. He provides the team another powerhouse, as well as a magical aspect.

  • The female icon for superheroes and Queen Bitch of the DC Universe! She really is under represented in my opinion and it's a shame more people aren't picking up her books. Nevertheless, she's still one of the best fighters out there and will kick anyone's ass to prove it. She is a must for any long lasting Justice League line-up.

  • This is assuming he gets his ring back eventually, unless maybe Sinestro manages to join in his place :O . Hal has been with the League from the beginning and will stick with them until the end. Even though fairly recently he ran off to form his own team of justice-seekers he still is and always will be a part of the family.

  • Without disrespect, I just don't see why him and Barry can't both operate under the mantle and receive the same amount of attention. The fact that Wally, a fan-favorite, yet has no mention of being in the DCnU is blasphemy. But I'm sure hell be back. I like Barry too but Wally's the one who discovered the true power and potential of the Speed Force and really proved himself under the mantle of the Flash. Anyway, I love Wally and he will forever remain a part of my ideal Justice League line-up.

  • You know, even though he's been replaced by Cyborg (which really doesn't bother me that much, I like a little change here and there) the Justice League still needs it's heart and soul. The Justice League is where J'onn found his new home and his respect for humankind and I just can't take that away from him (at least he's in Stormwatch which should be awesome). With a Swiss Army Knife of superpowers, the Martian Manhunter can play in even more fields than Supes or any other member of the team can.

  • The reserves start here:

    I always thought that a King of the Ocean should be spending more time underwater with his people than on land or in space. I know now he's renounced the throne but doesn't he still need to live underwater? I just always thought that Aquaman should be the League's first reserve as opposed to a full time member.

  • Ray's a great character whose been through a hell of a lot. There's no doubt that his powers and his intelligence can assist the Justice League greatly.

  • Maybe Dinah is the real Queen Bitch of the DC Universe. Or maybe it's Starfire, I don't know. Either way, Dinah rules. I originally wanted to put her in the core team but then I realized that her true place was with the Birds of Prey.

  • When I first read Final Crisis, it made me realize what kind of person Jeff really is. He is the ideal good man with incredible power. A true hero down to his core, the Justice League is lucky to be able to call on him whenever they need.

  • Half-man, half-machine - all-hero! Cyborg is actually a member of the current Justice League (whose line-up I actually really liked before everyone quit) and it looks like after the reboot he will stay that way. One of the biggest BAMFs out there, Cyborg can hold his own in any fight and also provides great tech support when needed.

  • This kid's got power, and it looks like after the reboot he will be more powerful than ever. Firestorm can not only transmute energy and matter (organic and inorganic), but he is also Earth's Fire Elemental. The League could use another member with godlike power levels in the reserves.

  • He's part of the family. He could be used as a sniper and is a remarkable ranged combatant.

  • If Blackest Night taught us one thing, it's that the Queen of the Seas can really kick some ass. She's even in the new Justice League!

  • When the Trinity were choosing heroes for the new Justice League line-up Dick was the only person they all immediately agreed on. Dick has been playing with the big leagues for years now but he's ready to be a part of something even bigger.

  • Reddy is everyone's favorite android-who-technically-is-almost-human-because-he's-the-only-machine-that-can-see-Mr.-Terrific. He's also Earth's Wind Elemental, or was before Brightest Day, I'm not sure. My point is, Reddy's powerful, but he'll want to spend time with his wife and adopted daughter, so he chooses to be a reserve.

  • Dick and Kory were always one of my favorite superhero couples. I wish they'd get back together but it doesn't look like that's happening. There's no denying that this girl can be a beast when she wants to be. Starfire is a welcome addition to the team of reserves.

  • Even though she'll be hanging with the Justice League Dark from now on, Zatanna's been through a lot with the League and will always be the first person to call whenever there's a magical threat the core team can't handle on their own.