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Chris Claremont hands down. And it's pretty obvious why. It starts with the fact it was a 17 year run, but everything you know about the X-Men came from him. And newer writers are STILL recycling his stories. I don't consider anything he did after leaving the book in 1991 a part of this legendary run though, because he's now completely insane.

I'll give Peter David props for his X-Factor runs too though.

The absolute worst was Grant Morrison.

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@HexThis said:
" I thought Storm's dialogue with Scott was the best part of this issue aside from the first few pages. This is a long time coming.   For whatever reason, writers have gotten into the habit of proclaiming Scott the be-all, end-all X-man but he's left plenty of times. First to mourn Jean and chop wood in Alaska then again to form X-Factor and the period- both times turning his back on the X-men. Storm, on the other hand, led the X-men when they were possibly their most successful and iconic, that she's been so hush hush is crime on the part of the editors.   The same woman who kicked Scott's arse powerless and with a belt as her only weapon has been sitting pretty for far too long. She can say whatever she wants at this point and if that means she has to pummel Scott once again to attain leadership-COOL. "
Maddie's influence is what 'kicked Scott's arse'