"Blackcat has been here. All this time. And nobody noticed."

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Kar (Blackcat spy)

Kar is a blackcat covert ops master. He has the ability to shapeshift not only his external features but inside to a perfect copy of what he wants. Because of this he has no one look. Although he is often seen as an african american male.


Shapeshifting: He can copy nearly anything he can think of. Even magic. And make himself it in any way he likes. He can size shift as well which creates another dangerous ability. His shapeshifting comes with the ability to get past nearly any sickness and such enhanced healing capabilities he could get shot, remove the bullet, and have healed in just a minute WITHOUT using his ability to close the wound. This ability goes beyond nearly any way of discovery. He can basically become identical to his choice of form, magical, mutant, alien, whatever. He has near complete control of his ENTIRE form. Which also means complete intangibility, invisibility, shifting and melding into something already existing, even becoming things such as primordial fire.

Intelligence: Quite knowledgable on lying, hiding, and tricks. Because he is such a master at it he can almost always detect when someone uses it. His mastery of something like drunken fist is interesting as his body is perfect for it. However, he is actually capable of super intelligence allowing him to practically think up an eternity of ideas in a mere second, and to have as many thoughts as he chooses at one time. This comes from his ability to make his own brain more effecient by shapeshifting it.

Enhanced senses: His ability to shapeshift also allows him to sense at any level he likes as long as he can copy someones or think it up himself. This grants many forms of vision, hearing, taste and smell.

Speed: While only lightspeed inside himself he is able to preform it outside if he has certain forms. However it is common for him to use something close to sonic speed but not break the sound barrier. He senses things at such a rate that he can detect and predict someone moving at lightspeeds movements so as to counter them. Or in his case probably grab them and drop to the ground throwing them over himself.

Teleportation: Somewhat arelated to his shapeshifting this allows him to get in and out of somewhere undetected. No portals. No magic. His particles just dissipate and reconstruct somewhere else. This also allows phasing.

Telepathy/empathy: He can sense a persons emotions simply by being near them allowing him another way to know if someone ia there. When he makes physical contact with someone/something he can telepathically/empathically sense and alter their thoughtstream and emotions to what he wants.

Bio: (deleted) Kar's species is unkown. Whether he's a mutant, an ancient species, or an alien has all been erased. He works for blackcat and has trust in it. He's one of the best assassins and spy soldiers in history.

Operation Orginized Guardians:

Progress report #1

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