"Blackcat has been here. All this time. And nobody noticed."

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Berach (Blackcat associate)

Name: Berach.

Species: Wulver.

Eyes: Brown.

Fur: Brown/black

Height: 7'

Build: Somewhat slim (deceptional to strength)

Age: Centuries (At least)

Jaw strength: Can break solid steel structures like brittle plastic.

Intelligence: Incredible master of traps and filled with knowledge from magic, to ancient beings, to the process of cybernetic implantation. His intensive amounts of knowledge make him one of the ultimate opponents. However he stays to himself somehow remaining in touch with the world. Once, Kar attempted to acess his mind. However Berach had known and Kar heard his calm voice, "I know your trying. But not even supposed gods could get inside my head."

Claws and teeth: His teeth and claws are sharp enough to cut the highest grade armor or even tank materials.

Strength: Can lift 200 tons. His strength also allows him to crush things simply with his hand. However he can actuallt be quite tender.

Speed: Slip sonic. He can run at mach 2 and swim at mach 1. His reaction speeds are incredible. This may however be due to the other senses he posses not limited to light.

Agility: He is incredibly agile and flexible. Not only on land but in water. His ability to outmaneuver nearly anyone creates a problem for even the most weaponized forces.

Trap master: He has been doing them for hundreds of years from catching dinosaur clones on rampage to killing vampire geniuses. But his specialty is water. He has an odd connection with water that has stupified even the most powerful at aquakinetics and scientists. He says he sees it as a friend not an element to be controlled or a formidable opponent.

Waters friend: He has on various occasions proven H2O will actually disobey someone with aquakineses in order to protect him or do his will. He has been known to protect it in a peculiar way. His connection to it has sometime been used to make traps that can't be escaped. Something he says is, "Magic is everywhere. But water. Water is the basis of all magic. Even fire magic is subservient to it"

Senses: Every sense a human or wolf would have is amplified more than a hundred times. But it also has an odd ability to know who and what is around even without its senses. This has frightened scientists and even more so magic folk.

Solitude: He prefers to be on his own. Being alone so much has made him little in the way of social knowledge but he's become wiser and also more dangerous. He has learned methods that would otherwise seem impossible to learn without being taught. However he was one of the ones who found them out in the first place.

Eye empath: He has the ability to project emotions by making eye contact, not necessarily directly even. The most often he does this is when he creates such terror the person simply freezes.

Fighting skill: Having been around for centuries he learned many techniques in every form of combat, that includes magic. However his most often fighting way is simple. Shred the heck out of it but do it in style.

Hidden abilities: Even with Blackcats impressive resources Barach remains a mystery. Someone who seems to always know what is going on but hardly ever makes contact with any people. Some say it is his connection to water. That it tells him things. Others say he's a devil worshipper. But the sub director often grins and says, "Nope. He's just that smart." The sheer mysteriousness of him can be frightening as he doesn't seem to be as limited as he shows.

Bio: Berach is not an agent of Blackcat. He does however assist them on occasion. However he most often stays near lakes or large bodies of water simply fishing, although how he does it and what for has always varied. He was the only one to find Blackcat and also the only one who has known every sub director. His solitude and wisdom made him a mysterious figure among Blackcat agents. Some of which doubted him. Lady Blackcat spoke up for him however and everyone paid attention to her. He is still, however, a mysterious figure to them. Almost as much as the true director of Blackcat. His experience in traps of every kind often turned out to be his most useful trait as he would on various occasions show up unannounced before they made a grave mistake and fell into a trap, even in cybernetics.

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