"Blackcat has been here. All this time. And nobody noticed."

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Basalisk (Blackcat agent and operative)


Name: Classified. Goes by Alias' only.

Alias(s): The Basalisk, Ben Cooper.

Age: at least 1000-2000 years old, is not allowed to say his actual age.

Multilingual: English, spanish, french, german, russian, portugese, italian and dutch. Also is adept at mongolian and chinese.

Species: "Old basilisk" (According to his report there are many kinds, his is reffered to as "Old" but has blood of "Ancient" basalisk kind)

Armed with some advanced weaponry, mainly designed to take out magical entities or similair things. (In progress)

Artifficial Nth bullets: He has a pistol, small machine rifle, and sniper rifle, all of which are made of and fire artifficial nth bullets which are made to disrupt magic and are extremely durable and sharp.

Artifficial Nth sword and dagger: A sword, which he would strap to his back if he brings it, and a dagger which he always has. Are both made of the same artificial nth.

Artifficial nth shrapnel grenades: You get the picture.

Last resort anti supernatural bomb: As a last resort this bomb is designed to disrupt and destroy all supernatural workings within a four mile radius and it will continue to do so for the next hour. This however is unbelievably painful for Ben as some of his powers come from above natural abilities, it is also ill advised as there may be friendlies in the area.

Human (like) form:

Height: 6'

Eyes: Blue (Yellow if basalisk eyes)

Hair: Brown.

No Caption Provided


Intelligence: Very good intellect, IQ of genius level (150+). He is very attentive and has lots of experience.

Stealth: He can be extremely stealthy to the point of standing behind a deer without it noticing, or vanishing when it should be impossible.

Master martial artist and opponent: He is a master of most martial arts and also knows how to target weaknessess. He is also good at using anything on hand as a weapon. Has proven the skills to snap a mans neck using only his feet, bend steel bars by kicking or punching them, break a fall from several stories high, and using a special trick that stops a mans heart with a mere proper hit to the chest.

Master marksmen and sniper: His eyesight also allows him to deal with targets from a much larger distance.

Extensive training and experience: His long decades of training and work have left him with plenty to show for it. He can fend off telepathic and empathic manipulation very well, deal with extreme levels of pain and fear, and has enough experience to handle himself well with just about every weapon known to man.

Abilities: (Human abilities remain through his other forms)

Hightened reflexes/speed: Much in the way a predator must move fast to catch prey is also how he moves, only on a far superior scale. Ben is capable of dodging extremely high speed attacks via both hightened reflexes/speed and his special senses. He is also capable of "Speed stepping" highly fast movements over short distances that may in fact even pass the speed barrier by "Slithering through it" instead of breaking it.

Heightened strength: Strong enough to force his hand through a bulls sternum and out the spine, works similairly when faced with steel doors, and peoples faces. His grip is almost unbelievable, even capable of bending titanium and making diamonds. Can use his strength and speed for high speed chases on foot behind racecars and even jets, can also use it to preform huge leaps.

Slithering: Can move with incredible fluidity and flexibility. Can also crawl up extremely slippery and flat surfaces even upside down, as well as slip past nearly impossible things or use it for latching around something and never letting go. Can also use it for high speed digging and swimming.

Compressed lungs: Can hold oxygen for extended periods of time. This helps when going beneath water or ground.

Senses: All senses are enhanced. Thermal vision, and tasting everything included in senses.

Precognition: Can sense what's going to happen within a limited timespan. Typically used to help target prey before they move or to prevent attacks.

Eyes: Can change pupils and iris to vertial slits like and like a snakes. These can cause anyone he that sees them to become paralyzed if they only caught a glimpse, and can even make plants wither and die from his mere glare. Long term glaring (Even less than a minute should work) may result in complete loss of life as the body turns to ash without a fire. Usually doesn't because he may accidentally kill someone. The eyes are also capable of locating magic and seeing great distances as well as at highly fast speeds even well above hypersonic. Also allow thermal vision.

Deadly breath/venom: Can release venom into the air that is so dangerous it can make rocks split apart, nobody seems to understand how it works but a mere breath on a person could kill them. This comes from the venom spittle that ends up in the air. The venom is not just a poison of sorts but can also cause anything to burn, like a chemichal fire. Like his eyes he avoid using this ability because it can kill an unintended target.

Immortality: Age doesn't effect him since he was 35. He can no longer age. He can also have extreme trouble dying, if it is even possible. Even if given what should be a mortal wound he can heal. He also cannot catch deadly diseases and is immune to effects that cause sleep or impairment of senses, mind, or movement. He can heal from just about anything and has thusfar been impossible to kill. That is why he is such a useful ally for Blackcat.

Telepathic ressistance: When telepathically attacked he and his attacker enter a mental location where Ben is almost always more dangerous as he will be seen everywhere with his deadly basalisk eyes sending assailant into either complete loss of brain power or death

Stage one Basalisk:

Notable changes:

No Caption Provided

Well for one thing he looks like a dragon/human hybrid

Height: 10'

Dermal armor allows for extreme durability against most forms of weaponry and threats including bullet proof, can handle obsidian level sharp blades, extreme levels of heat or cold, extreme pressures and vacuums, highly resistant to blows (Can take on huge wrecking balls without injury)

Much faster regenerative abilities.

Wings allow for high speed flight (Even reaching jet speeds and above) and can be used for combat purposes.

Claws, sharp enough to cut steel easily.

Powerful jaws: Can break right through titanium.

Much stronger: Capable of punching holes in titanium walls and throwing entire cranes.

Extreme pain tolerance.

Can form weaponry out of thin air for combat.

Full transformation:

Notable changes

No Caption Provided

A really really big snake.

Cannot turn off basalisk eyes.

Teeth can cut adamantium, is also strong enough to break adamantium by squeezing it.

Highly durable: Cannot by cut or hurt by advanced weaponry including air to ground missiles or bombs. It takes high level power to cause injury (E.g. High levels of magic, adamantium or vibranium level blades) is extremely durable to brute force or concussive attacks.

Can dig to the center of the earth uninjured.

He doesn't like this form because it cannot turn off the eyes or even venom, always dripping it and burning everything as it passes by. It's also big enough to swallow a great white so destruction is an issue.

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Agent E (Highly Classified)

Agents involved in capture: Sub Director Eran Hoff & Agent Kar.


CodeName: Subject E

Species: Unkown. Studies reveal it to be of possible shapeshifter descent, may have greek and roman "god" or mythical ancestry.

Subject is capable of generating an evolving material that can mimic other materials. This material is ever increasing in power and constantly loses weaknesses. Originally being close to steel it has become nigh indestructible and capable of generating solar level energy blasts and entering the ethereal realm.

Subject E has extreme tempermental issues which can cause nuclear radiation due to capabilities. Appears impervious to mental and magical attacks. Has proven nigh unkillable, being almost indestructable and also capable of regeneration and teleportation at near instantanious levels.

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Eran Hoff blog: The future

Eran had called for Barach to help him with a matter. He had taken him to some deep cave. It was a prediction. They sat down, listening to the water move in the walls around them. Feeling the planet itself. And he began to think.

'I've searched for a long time, but I still can't find a single thing on the director. A long time ago blackcat was formed, however I can't learn anything useful about the actual director. Except he must be an immortal of some sort.

I can feel it now, I sense a disturbing future. The Laughing one will come, he will come with such terror people will tremble at his name worse than they had before.

Could it be? The director is the laughing one? Surely he would not have created this as a challenge only? Yes. It must be him. But I can't let him know I am aware of it. If it would even matter to him. I must hurry my progress. Get the resources prepared. A war is closing in.'

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Master Quitar (Vi user and blackcat operative) bio

Name: Quitar

Position: Future seer, spy, counciler, operative.

Alias(s): Nightblade, The Guardian of the Force.

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Build: Slender

Eyes: Hazel

Attitude/personality: Cold. Often nearly indifferent. Has claimed he is possibly a psycopath of some sort, but has been unwilling to formerly test that.


Vi : Quitar is connected to a strange thing he calls "Vi" He says it connects all things. It grants him abilities that range from telikinesis to precognition to time manipulation and mind control. He is so powerful and skilled with it he is able to manipulate energy to become invisible, increase himself physically to incredible points, create massive forcefields, and even draw peoples memories out of them and gove them to another.

(Basically the Force from star wars, this does not belong to me and I take no credit for it. I wanted a character like this., this character is however far more skilled than basically any normal force user in star wars...any version.)

Intelligence: Extremely intelligent and imaginative. He is able to map battles on major scales, figure out almost any opponents weaknessess just by looking at them, and is so creative he has invented and used several different abilities very uncommon for normal telikinesis users.

Battle armor: He uses battle armor made from a material very similar to adamantium, though not quite as heavy and slightly less durable. This armor covers his entire body leaving no room for trick shots. (Looks like mandalorian armor)

Adamantium swords: Two adamantium swords which can connect at the bottoms to make a double bladed sword. This increases his various fighting abilities as he uses varieties often mid combat.

Senses: His senses are finely attuned, far above human and most creatures on Earth.


A traveller from another demension Quitar is one of Blackcats most dangerous assets. He has a very serious and fact of the matter personality and has no emotional ties, if he does not even Eran Hoff can find them. Because of his incredible abilities he is one of Blackcats top men, despite having no previous experience in battles except that done inside his head.

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Eran Hoff. Blog two: The Hawk Lords

The Hawk Lords have multiplied. It's no longer just those few. I must find out what this Amun Ra is working on. But I'll need another resource for that. If Kar tried it would be to suspicious, if Ciro did it would be even worse, and my others are in no position to try at all.

I defenitely shouldn't try it. Although...there may be someone who can help. There are others not part of blackcat who might be able to get a talk with him. But it's so risky. I need to release another of my agents. But that is also to risky. Someone will start noticing that people have been showing up out of seemingly nowhere.

It is fortunate they do not know about the true winged one yet. Or ever did. He would cause more disaster than could be easily hidden. Quite the powerful one he is. Grown so much.

Now as for the Hawk Lords, if I am to get to know about Amun Ra I need to know about the others. Solar Hawk and Luna Hawk could be a good start. But I know already a lot about them. A personal meeting wouldn't increase that much.

I need someone like them. I have a few who could pass of as similar but it still may not work. Oh wait, ahh. I know who could work. Only time will tell though if he is actually the proper one.

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Progress report #1 (Kar. Operation Orginized guardians)

The mission is going as planned. My return as codename: Agent E has been fully believable. I am becoming more and more aware of the Orginized Gaurdians emotional setting and mindset as well as capabilities. If this continues properly I shall be able to capture the trust of the director of the orginized guardians and enact the next phase of the plan.

Keeping up disguise as mentally injured soldier when spoken to.

Suggest another plan for possibility of rejection. In case of rejection do not engage any of the Orginized Guardians. Keep distance. Use friendship to influence their decisions.

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Eran Hoff: Blog 1. STRIKE and its involvement

Eran sat on his simple wooden chair in a clear room. It was outside in the open allowing him to see what he wished. Only none could see in. On call he closed that and holograms appeared of many of STRIKEs involvements.

Tyrus is definitely an interesting one. Assuredly not human, not completely anyway. Unless she is like me. Unlikely. Then there's the Hawk Lords, they seem to have been very unfluential as well in buisness with STRIKE.

Most peculiar is this secrecy they want. They think they can keep things hidden from everyone. That they can hide their true intentions or information about people or things. I suppose they're right. Not everyone can keep up with people like us.

Then we have our members and associates. Aleron to be consistent in assisting them often. Very active.

And this Lichter fellow, part of the CIA, he keeps doing things about STRIKE. How peculiar. A mastermind it seems, how much of one is a different story. Such a pity I can't find a use for that brain of his on my own.

And a Knightfall, participating in something without wanting to kill someone. Wondefull indeed! Perhaps she could be an ally in the future.

Hmmm. So many associates. Makes sense. Of course what will happen now that they're going secretive again?

Heh! Look, that James Merrarn fellow had gone to the ship recently. Probably wants an interview, what a pity I couldn't go myself. Or can I?

Lady Liberty too.

And let's not forget Gale Xanders! Xae I mean. It matters not. She is both.

They seem to have made allies with the Shogunate as well. That is before the betrayals and Tyrus cutting the ties.

Now, how to get to her? Emotion? Not likely without enough time. I need someone she already trusts. Someone already inside her head. But who to pick?! And harder who will do it.

Time is running out. STRIKE may be influential to this worlds safety in upcoming decades. I want it to stay that way.

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Under construction

Time turner is a more recent member of Blackcat. He has a very interesting and useful ability relating to time and energy as well.

Name: Nathaniel Johnson

Alias: Timeturner.

Height: 6'

Build: Average.


Timeturning: Nathaniel Johnson is able to manipulate time and energy around him within a varying area. However according to what has been seen about it he is in fact creating bursts that consume energy and intensly slow times effect on people and things. This ability also allows him an enhanced vision and senses relating to time, speed, and energy. However he doesn't appear to be largely enhanced in that matter. This time turning can actually reverse and not just slow or stop the effects energy and time. He has on several occasions stopped a bullet fired from behind him, turned to face it, moved it lower, then seemed to reverse the effect as the bullet went backwards and into the persons abdomen.


Appearing to be a speedster without any real ill effects on user or targets.

Fake durability: Slowing the kinetic energy also slows and lessens its effect making him appear to be extremely durable.

Effects everyone: Anything within his chosen radius becomes effected. The only ones who have been able to escape this is teleporters who managed to teleport away just before its enactment. Even shapeshifters, speedsters, and cosmic beings have been effected. Speedsters have managed to keep an extremely slow pace as well as see what was going on however still with very fuzzy vision. The speed lightspeed changes to is the same speed as a .0013 m/s. It has worked even on magic.

Gravity defiance: When he wants he is also able to effect himself with this thereby defying gravity. So when he leaps out of a plane he can literally hover by stopping his kinetic energy. He is also able to allow himself to drop as fast as normal but stop his kinetic energy just as he reaches ground. This also means he can literally walk on water.

G-force defiance: This is actually a seperate ability. He is not effected by sudden speeds or stops from those speeds as well as being not being ill effected by intense speeds at all.

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Shadow raptor: Blackcat assassin/bodyguard/special ops

Note: There is no known connection between the primordial shadow lord, Ventril, or the shadow raptor. I will mostly use Shadow Raptor.

Name: Mort

Identity: Extremely secret.

Alias: Shadow Raptor, Night hunter, Ventril, primordial shadow lord. Maximilian Berg

Description (normal humanoid)

Maximilian Berg

Height: 6'2"

Build: Normal athlete

Hair: Jet black

Eyes: Black

Darker skin

Fakes normal human physicals.

Shapeshifting: Unkown extent. Has particular shape he prefers. Has been known to manipulate human form.

As Shadow Raptor: Preferred fighting state. Appears as an eight foot tall black feathered/scaled raptor much like a velociraptor. Can have variations. Unkown limits. Goes under shadow raptor and night hunter. Known to have a humanoid form.

Strength: Whatever currently fits best.

Speed: Normally has a speed of up to 25 miles per second.

Durability: Varies. Always extremely enhanced healing and telepathic/empathic/telikinetic resistance

Intelligence: Hyper advanced Fighting intelligence.

Agility: Extremely agile and flexible.

Claws and teeth which can easily cut through things such as adamantium, vibranium, and Nth metal.

No assistance needed: He can't seem to run out of energy, air, or any other thing.

Can run on air

True Species: Primordial Elf. Although this is an immense secret he uses his abilities on occasion. The normal Primordial Elf has limited connection to some or all of the primordial elements. True teleportation (including going to any demension), density manipulation, vanishing from all forms of detction, primordial elementel manipulation/creation, limited/unlimited shapeshifting, enhanced everything. Various others. Probable immortality. Can manipulate how much of them is known and what it is.

As primordial Shado Lord:

Height: 6'5" or up.

Build: Average or sturdy.

Eyes: Black, dark, can glow. Can become entirely black or dark. Can create images and has telepathic/empathic strength more powerful than any have resisted.

Shadow pure black hair.

Wears black armor and cape as well as crown, primordial darkness construct.

Black sword, primordial darkness construct.

Uses all forms of the primordial darkness including but not limited to:

Construct: Impossible to break or penetrate, or pass, constructs with varying properties. However it is always absolute cold, which freezes anything to the point of it completely shattering until nothing is left. Can penetrate and shatter any material it has ever faced, including constructs of a similar sort. Is completely at the will of Ventril.

Shadow mist: This is not really a mist so much as an untouchable wall. It is absolute cold, impossible to attack as it is primordial darkness, it sucks energy, light, magic, and even matter or antimatter and completely destroys it. It is completely under the will of Ventril. A special thing it does that prevents attacks is it's ability to destroy the mind.

The shadow psionic: When used it is pretty much anything he can think of similar to psionics. Telepathic or empathic destruction of an opponent, no matter their strength. Voids that suck as much of anything that Ventril wants. None have ever even managed to find him.

All primordial elven abilities. He has the ability to create and control every primordial element. However his true favorite is shadow/darkness.

Primordial elf: He is a decendent and heir of the original primordial shadow lord, Ventril. He has all the power and physicals of a primordial elf which include: limited shapeshifting (unkown for him, vanishment (complete loss of being able to be detected), true teleportation (even through demensions), limited energy/magic/matter manipulation and creation, enhanced speed, strength, mine, durability, senses, and the uncanny ability to heal from possible complete destruction.

Bio: He is so ancient he was one of the few to already be busy outside of Blackcat. He continues under the his alias(s) as a hero. However he keeps many secrets as to his true power.

Under construction

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Star master: Blackcat special operative/military force/one man army

Real Name: Removed from history.

Alias(s): Star master/Sun lord/Plasma prince/Ciro

Height: 6' (Can change it)

Build: Normal (Can change it)

Species: Classified.

Age: Classified: He has been with blackcat for a hundred years and hasn't aged. Appears forty years old.


Primordial plasma: He can create and control the Primordial Plasma. Not only this his extreme precision with it is incredible. He is able to form it within a person and litterally incinerate them. It completely destroys most anything he wants it too through its extreme heat. He can form it any way he wants. It also allows him to create and control existing plasma and electricity to an intense degree. This ability is powerful enough to destroy not only planets but entire galaxies of combined matter. Even the strongest magic stands little to no chance against this power.

Senses: His senses are highly increased. He is also able to sense energy or lack thereof as well as magic and power.

Speed: While in his humanoid form he can move at mach 400,000. However he can shift into energy and move through things almost instantaniously, much like teleportation.

Strength: He can lift 200 trillion megatons. However he often does this defying gravity's hold on what he is lifting.

Personal energy control: He has the ability to control the energy around him allowing him the ability to fly, be extremely durable, heat up, cool down, and some others.

Intelligence: His experience has granted him a plenty of knowledge on almost every subject, including magic and alien. He is intelligent but not especially genius.

The Cloaking: A device specifically designed to hide his advanced control of plasma and energy. This thing is charged by him.

Advanced mind: He has an advanced control of his mind as well as being able to do things to those he, or something he made or touched, makes contact with. He can control, although mostly just communicates or reads, the minds and bodies of those makes contact with under his command. He is able to do this without them being aware of it making it all the more dangerous.

Shifting: He has enhanced control of his body. He can shift size and build as well as weight. He can also change his density.

Bio: Like many of the more powerful members of Blackcat much of his history is lost. What is known to most in Blackcat is that he is a dangerous associate who follows commands from very few, mainly the sub director and lady panther. He is apparently not supposed to make much use of his powers while in public. As that he is rarely seen, no one seems to know where he goes.


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