Future Reading

Stuff I intend to check out eventually or am currently reading.

*Note: Anything on my Pull List is not listed on here.

List items

  • I did not expect to be as interested as I got after I started reading this.

  • Note: I will probs finish a buncha other stuff on this list before I catch up on American Vampire. I'm currently waiting to pick up trade #4, but they are pretty expensive. I'm only getting the hard covers, so I will likely read a few other things on this list before purchasing it.

  • Innocents Lost --> Target X --> One Shot --> X-Force

  • I really enjoy Lovecraft-ian themed anything... and with this series' positive reviews I really have no reason not to read it.

  • As in, I'm gunna read everything up to now since I started following it relatively recently.

  • A friend really wants me to read this. I am totally down after reading 52.

  • Some of the youtube reviewer I watch have recommended this over and over. The art and characters are reason enough for me to give this a look.

  • I purchased the gigantic Planetary Omnibus. I sure as hell better read this after getting that thing. From what I have herd I doubt I will be disappointed.

  • I love cyberpunk anything. Sooooo this is a definite yes.

  • I loved volume 1 of Fallen Angel. I can't wait to get going on this, especially after taking a look at the art. O.o