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Favorite Non-Marvel Runs

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  • Found this series in a $1 bin... Gave it a read... and OMG I was not disappointed. This series not only became one of my favorite comics of all time, but also one of my favorite story's in entertainment.

  • Revival

    I fell in love with this right off the bat. It has had a permanent spot on my pull list since reading the first trade.

  • O.o jesus...

    sorry... i can't... i just can't... please read this comic

  • Yeah yeah... I know, not an American comic. But hey! This is what got me into Manga all those years ago. I can only assume that it contributed to my comic love today.


  • I know its still ongoing... but so is Revival and Saga, SO whatever! I like this series in a slimier way to Revival. But it has a slightly more personal tone to it due to the smaller cast of characters.

  • I put off reading this one for a while. But once I started I pretty much read it in one sitting. I absolutely loved it. Now if only we can get a Nanaja solo series. :P

  • I actually had to read this for a class. BEST-TEXTBOOK-EVER!

  • This is a good, solid, action manga through and through. It knows what it is and it does it perfectly.