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@emperorthanos-: Sorry, Ill just take the sense of smell then. Im assuming I wont be blind right?

"I wouldn't dare challenging you" Eva lied. "Clearly, I wouldn't stand a chance" She flattered the monster. As much as the hate burned flowing through her veins, she would not stand a chance right now if she chose to fight. "Perhaps I could be of some use to you?"

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Quiet and graceful Eva leaped from the carriage, tucking into a fluid roll as she hit the ground, then vaulting to her feet in a dead run. She disappeared around a corner, reappearing shortly along the roof of one of the nearby buildings. She looked around curiously, a solemn frown growing on her painted face. She was almost sad that the town she had ended up in seemed so normal and wholesome. There appeared to be no one here who needed her protection. “Stop it”, she said to herself. It is good that these people are happy. It is good that they live in a world without violence and corruption. This is exactly what you fight for...but still this is no place for you to must move on and save those who are not so lucky to live in a place such as this.

Suddenly she got a strange feeling, something she couldn’t pin down or put to words. Her stomach turned uneasily. Hmmm...things are not always as they seem. Perhaps there was something here to uncover after all. She couldn’t tell what it was, but something was off and she couldn’t leave this simple town without first figuring out what it might be. She could not let a place so peaceful and vibrant suffer from some unseen plague. She set off in hopes of uncovering a clue with her remarkable senses.

Tl;dr - She quietly exited the carriage and looked around town, sensing that something was off.

I should be able to find something......Daredevil can smell gunpowder two blocks away.

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And hear a girl's heartbeat from 3 blocks away.

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Eva scoffed at the notion of joining the guard. She was not about to give up her autonomy and follow orders from some men she had never met before. She worked on her own terms, and she disliked authority. No, there would be no one to tell her where to go or what to do. She would not dance for them. She had given herself up to subservience once before and that was the last time she would make that mistake.

She angrily kicked at one of the bloated bodies littering the bloodstained streets. Unfortunately she had spent the last of her money to make it to Tarrin. In this state of disrepair there was no work to be had in the city, save for that which she could do with the guard...and that was out of the question. So she was stuck between a figurative rock, and a hard place. She had no money to pay the carriage drivers, and she could not stay here. Solemnly she made herself to the outskirts where the carriages awaited. She would need to hitch a ride unbeknownst to the other passengers, a feat not entirely impossible given her hard-earned skill in slipping past detection. Still, she would be cautious and use her senses to detect the best time to slip past. They were rushing about, caught in their own thoughts, unlikely to notice, and thus she slipped into the carriage and hid among the luggage, the horses starting off on their way.

Tl;dr: She snuck into a carriage heading out of town.

Infiltrated the Baxter building without being detected.

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Eva took a deep breath as she emerged thankfully from the squalid hold of the ship. Sadly, the open air of Tarrin smelled no better, perhaps even worse than the cramped quarters of the boat. This place reeks of goblins and horse****, she thought glumly. She eyed the wanted posters as she passed. Perhaps a solid source for leads, she thought, but first, she would need to deal with the monster who had brought her here. A murderer and serial rapist he had fled his country of origin, a rat scurrying to safety. He deserved all the different hells that awaited him when she found him. Seeing a poster for the monster hunter's guild she laughed. I wonder if they hunt the kind of monsters I am interested in?

She inspected the ground, soon sensing the faded scent she was after. He had passed through here, about a day ago she estimated. His time was running short. Soon she had found him at a local tavern, and though he begged for his life she would not comply. She grabbed him by the throat and spoke aloud for all around to hear. "This man is a murderer and a not let his path be your own". Her skeletal facepaint enhanced the fierceness of her gaze. Suddenly there was a brilliant flash of green light and the man screamed before wretching all over the tavern floor. The man continued to scream, clearly in pain, his mouth foaming as he writhed. "Have a good day, and my apologies for the mess." She dragged the man out into the street kicking and screaming, taking him somewhere private to draw out the torture.

Upon exacting her own personal justice upon the criminal she took his body to the local guard's office and began to question the officers there. "I found this rat scurrying about the garbage. He is a murderer and a rapist. I have done your city a favor." She produced a bounty poster from a worn leather satchel. "He is wanted back in his home country, but frankly it is a long journey and I have much to attend to here. Would you pay a small bounty for cleaning this trash from your streets? I would accept half of the price proposed by the poster. Furthermore, are there any similar individuals that you are aware of I could deal with while I am here?" She waited patiently for the guard's response.

Tl;dr - She killed the dude she was hunting then asked the guard's office if they would pay her for taking a criminal off the streets and whether there were more criminals she could deal with.

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@emperorthanos-: My apologies, I just got on.

Sorry, Sparklepire is slang. I mean the eyes of a vampire from Twilight.

Here are some descriptions:

"Everything was so clear.

Sharp. Defined.

The brilliant light overhead was still blinding-bright, and yet I could plainly see the glowing strands of the filaments inside the bulb. I could see each color of the rainbow in the white light, and, at the very edge of the spectrum, an eighth color I had no name for.

Behind the light, I could distinguish the individual grains in the dark wood ceiling above. In front of it, I could see the dust motes in the air, the sides the light touched, and the dark sides, distinct and separate. They spun like little planets, moving around each other in a celestial dance."


I could finally understand why Edward never hit the trees when he ran – a question that had always been a mystery to me. It was a peculiar sensation, the balance between the speed and the clarity. For, while I rocketed over, under, and through the thick jade maze at a rate that should have reduced everything around me to a streaky green blur, I could plainly see each tiny leaf on all the small branches of every insignificant shrub that I passed.

As for Carmilla Black, her ability is to absorb toxins from the environment and channel them into her left arm she calls her stinger. With it her touch can range from uncomfortable to lethal given how much she lets loose. If it's too much I'll just not use the lethal level feats, or I'll take Jasper Hale's emotional manipulation (can calm people down or make them angry, etc)

"Jasper is very interesting. He was quite charismatic in his first life, able to influence those around him to see things his way. Now he is able to manipulate the emotions of those around him―calm down a room of angry people, for example, or excite a lethargic crowd, conversely. It's a very subtle gift."

or Wolverine's healing factor.

Like this.

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@emperorthanos-: Still open?

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Name: Eva Cazadora

Race: Other (Vampire) - Sparklepire Vision

Class: Mutant

Body: Daredevil

Skillset - Wolverine

Gear - A katana style sword

Power - Carmilla Black

Backstory: Eva was an exalted huntress, renowned and feared in the jungles of Tugaris, where parents would tell tales of her to frighten their children into obedience. Never wander away at night they would say, or El Esqueleto would steal you away and make you her own, a replacement for the child she lost when she displeased the gods. In reality her work was quite the opposite. She would stalk the wilds saving poor women and children who needed her aid, and hunting the monsters who fed on the weak. Tracking a fleeing child murderer she now closes in on Tarrin to confront her prey. When hunting she dons the paint of her ancestors, a fearful mask to please the gods.

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Isabelle is unable to communicate with Max, so unfortunately she’s going to have to do her own thing here.

Isabelle’s strategy:

  1. She is attempting to flank Nyra. I have already provided evidence of the Punisher’s stealth capabilities and my ability to generate fields of silence. Currently my field is very small, only enveloping a small area around my body to make me soundless as I move.

  2. Max should likely keep her attention, making my job easier. For all she knows, the blast got Isabelle.

  3. Using cover (tables, chairs, desks, robots, exhibits, etc) Isabelle will try to go around and then attack from behind, where Nyra would not naturally expect an attack from. Since she cannot see Isabelle (she doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head) and she cannot hear Isabelle, it is going to be a tall order for her to detect Isabelle’s attack, particularly when Mileena has no remarkable sensory feats and Jury Rigg is lacking in any detection feats. While Isabelle is sneaking she will also be collecting throwable objects that are small, light, but easy to throw.

  4. Once Isabelle has creeped close enough she will wait for an opportune moment to strike. Once that moment arrives she will charge up the objects she has collected, and throw them at Nyra. Nyra should have no way of detecting the incoming objects as they are out of her line of sight and soundless. Isabelle’s charging ability is powerful enough that tossing a few objects simultaneously should be enough to knock Nyra out, or at least seriously wound her.

  5. From there Isabelle will move in closer. If Nyra still isn’t put down she can always toss a wide spray of the microprocessors she picked up earlier, making it very difficult for Nyra to dodge. Once Nyra is roughed up Isabelle will move in for the close-quarters takedown. As we know Frank is a very skilled H2H fighter, much more skilled than Juryrigg, having held his own against some of Marvel’s best including Daredevil, Bucky Barnes, Black Widow, Wolverine, Deadpool, Bullseye, etc. Physically X-23 is the same or better than Mileena in every way. During this entire time the silence field will be engaged, which will be completely disorienting for Nyra, but natural for Isabelle to fight in, not to mention the element of surprise and being rocked by explosions.

  6. Isabelle will try to resolve the situation without killing Nyra, but if she’s forced to she will.

  7. Once Nyra is taken care of Max and Isabelle can double-team the robot. We don’t know anything about it except that it is supposedly bigger and stronger than the original T-800s. It's possible taking out Nyra will stop the robot in its tracks, but assuming it doesn’t we should still be able to take it down without too much difficulty. It’s body is inorganic and T-800s are significantly slower than Isabelle. All she really has to do is charge a small segment of the robot, just a nut or bolt would be sufficient, and the machine would explode.


Nyra is ill-equipped to counter Isabelle’s abilities and tactics. Her lack of detection feats/senses means that she will not detect Isabelle, who is a master of stealth with the ability to be completely soundless. This gives Isabelle a huge advantage with the element of surprise and what is effectively a free shot on Nyra. That free shot will not be wasted. Rex Splode’s implants along with Punisher’s throwing skill means that improvised weapons are everywhere and they can silently dish out a lot of damage. Under normal circumstances, we would be pretty well-matched physically, but Nyra is going to take substantial damage before this comes down to close-quarters, meaning the advantage will be to Isabelle. This fact, coupled with the element of surprise, silence disorienting Nyra, Izzy’s vastly superior senses, and a substantial H2H skill advantage firmly puts the fight in Isabelle’s favor. Karnak’s ability to sense weaknesses is neat, but not particularly effective in this fight where she is so greatly outclassed in just about every other way. The ability to see the weaknesses doesn’t give her the ability to exploit them against a superior opponent who is much more skilled in close-quarters combat. From there superior numbers, speed, and a power that hits hard at the opponent’s weakness will allow us to stop the robot if necessary.

Note: Very little has been said about the robot companion and last we were told its focus was on Max, not Isabelle. Any assertion that it would be looking for Isabelle would be working on OOC knowledge that contradicts the stated course of action prior to the fight. In fact, Nyra herself never really focuses on Isabelle specifically. Of all her posts Isabelle is only referred to in the last one and only as a rat scurrying away from her. This lack of focus and the clear arrogance of Nyra’s character suggests that she certainly underestimates Isabelle and doesn’t regard her as a serious threat. This is greatly to Isabelle’s advantage, making it even more likely her plan of action will be successful.


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@seagod: OOC - Nvm, Figured it out.

Great, this is what he was running from. Isabelle could hear the wackadoo laughing as she opened fire behind them. Without consciously thinking about it she dove behind a bit of nearby cover. Still, it could be worse, she thought. She would let the boy draw their attention and sneak around behind them. She engaged her field of silence, using her experience and stealth skill to flank her opponent.

Fast enough to dodge Sinister's Energy Blasts

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Stealth kills guards

No Caption Provided

Broke into the Baxter Building and stole blueprints for the Negative Zone prison without being caught.

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Can become completely silent.

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Isabelle could hear his heart beating, and smell his perspiration. She was familiar with such sensations, and they left an easy trail she could have followed even in the black of a starless night. Quietly she followed behind the young man, curious to see where he was running to or was it what he was running from? Either way it seemed like trouble, a lot of it. She was pretty used to trouble at this point, and despite the feeling in her gut telling her to leave, her curiosity got the best of her. The PA announcement only further confirmed her intuition, trouble. It couldn’t be any worse than Kalos IV she reassured herself.

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Isabelle followed quietly, struck by curiosity. What the heck was this boy babbling about? He was afraid of something...She trailed behind cautiously aware anything could happen. As she passed by an abandoned table she silently pocketed a handful of microprocessors.