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One Eyes' Top Twenty Favorite Comic Book Characters

Just as the title states. Looking to have written descriptions for everyone soon enough.

List items

  • Scott Summers is a man where the majority of his life has known both tragedy and sacrifice. Cyclops was thrust into the role of leadership while barely a teenager, leading the Original First Class and aiding Professor Charles Xaviers' in bridging the gap between both human and mutant-kind alike. Even with his race now facing extinction he continues to lead his team and protect a world that both hates and fears them,

  • Soldier, warrior, protector, father, an X-Man, and arguably a god even. Nathan Summers as been many things and above all else he's a hero. Even with his powers hampered by the techno-organic virus which ever threatens to overtake him, just like his father, Scott Summers, Cable has persevered through trial after trial proving himself a savior of past,present, and future.