Things Done to Commemorate Spider-Man's 50th Birthday

So, Spider-Man is 50 years old next year. To commemorate, I came up with a list of things to do were I in charge of his party: 

  • Alan Moore writes Spider-Man for the first time. Priority list.
  • A movie marathon (released in theater) of the two Raimi-directed Spider-Man movies - excluding SM3, naturally.
  • Various TV specials, including a marathon of every Spider-Man animated series since 1967.
  • Another TV special, sort of a lookback, with celebrities wishing Spider-Man their birthday wishes, and the various Spidey writers (including Stan Lee himself, of course) looking back at the glorious stories of the legend himself, while talking about the symbolism of Spider-Man. Make it three hours long (Please?).
  • A Macy Parade focused on Spider-Man floats. Yes.
  • A full-length annual with the best story ever - of course. I don't know. Maybe something like "The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man," but longer. Again, Alan Moore should write this.
  • One-shots are alright, but they need to be good. I haven't gotten to the '90s One-Shot Era yet, so I can't really judge this, but the writing, like the said annual, needs to be excellent. Perhaps like the previous posters wrote, that various Spider-Man writers do a one-shot each.
  • DON'T do a recap. Never, ever do a recap just to satisfy the 'new readers.' It's lame, and it's stupid. We came here for something special, not a freaking recap.
  • Oh, and last but not least, get rid of OMD. Everything.

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