O'Neil and Debra Whitman

Oh boy. This whole Peter and Debra Whitman relationship during Danny O'Neil's run in ASM is bugging me to a whole new level. I'm reading ASM Annual 1980/#14 right now, and once again, Peter had to leave Debra to play Spidey, Peter made up some excuse and said that he'd call her later, and then Debra said the same line she used everytime Peter deserted her. "You don't have to bother."


A funny thought came to my head, though, out of the annoyance. A scenario, played out in my mind:
Pete: "Sorry, Debra, I have to go."
Deb: "You always have to go in the middle of our dates!"
Pete: "Well you're a real pain, you know that!?"
Deb: "Oh I knew it! I've always been a bother in your life, hadn't I?" *runs off crying*
Pete: "No, wait! Debra! Swell, Parker. Real nice."

(one panel later)

Pete: "Ah well." *swings off as if nothing happened*

Exaggerated? Perhaps. But you know something along this line is likely to happen with O'Neil's writing.
I actually have a more detailed rant on the beginning of O'Neil's run in this review, if it means anything.