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Classified! 3

     Overall:    As I state in the video, there's so many great things that I could say about this issue.  Remender continues to amaze me with great storytelling.  I highly recommend this issue to anyone interested in something new, different with a nostalgic feel since it's Venom, after all.  5/5...

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"The Look I've Been Dying To See" 0

     Overall:    Really cool to finally see some Hawkeye action by himself.  I don't mind Mockingbird, but Clint in action is always great.  I'm not a big fan of the change of art styles throughout the issue, but apart from that, the story is good enough to where you're still invested in Clint and really interested in how his new dilemma is going to pan out for him in the end.  4/5...

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Worst Class Ever 0

Cover:    I actually found this cover (finally relatable, though minorly, to the inside material) pretty funny.  I like the word bubble on it, gives it a nostalgic feeling.  Also, I like how Dr. Strange is rocking out.  The Good:  The pace, the realistic dialogue and characterizations; we can somewhat relate to a lot of these characters.  There's something about failed instructors (well, they're great teachers, just have done so many wrong things in their time) and teenagers full of angst that h...

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Only Thing I Have That's Real 0

     Overall:   TL:DW.  Good issue but slows down the pace of the series.  The story here is relevant and fitting, but the lack of action greatly slows down the pace of the series, which I wasn't a fan of.  I did enjoy the background info on Misty Knight.  4/5...

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Breaking Quarantine! 0

Cover:      I really like the colors and the angles at which everyone is fighting.  My main pet peeve is the fact that it once again has characters that are not really in that fight.  Granted, they are in the comic, just not in that particular fight.  I know I shouldn't be too picky, since the art being unrelated to the interior is a very common occurrence.   Good cover, though.The Good:   Personally, I really like Emma Frost's characterization, especially seeing how she can easily switch bet...

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Back On Track! 0

         Overall:   And it seems we are back on track!  TL:DW... I am getting used to the art and the varying interactions among the characters are pretty impacting.  The beginning had a very awkward portion which thankfully redeems itself somewhat towards the end.  For once, it's story driven and that is very nice.  There's still action, don't get me wrong, but the story pushes the comic forward, not the art.  5/5...

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To Serve & Protect 0

       Overall:     TL:DW- I really enjoyed the issue and the art, while it took me a little to get used to, is something I'm liking the more I see it.  Story was good, pacing was decent, but Spider-Man was written very weird, to me. At least in comparison to the current ASM run with Dan Slott. 4/5...

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Deathlok Nation 0

      Overall:   Sorry the video is a bit long, but this is my first video review.  I should also say that these are unscripted and unedited.  I feel that's the best way to do videos, as what you're thinking is what comes out (even if you make a butt of yourself)   It's so much easier to review comics that way!!  Anyways, TL:DW (yeah, that's Too Long Didn't Watch...).  Liked the art, though I miss the old artist, but Rick Rememder continues to deliver. 4/5...

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The Apocalypse Finale 5

Cover:  First off, I should say that I have been loving these covers so far.  I am a big fan of the constantly changing colors on the covers and the terrific art displayed on them. Absolutely amazing.  The Good:  Honestly, this was one of the best comics I have read so far this year.  The action is great, the pace is terrific, the story and dialogue move at a believable pace, the art by Jerome Opena is extremely well drawn.  What Deadpool feeds Angel made me laugh, and Fantomex's abilities con...

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Hawkeye's Been Compromised! 2

Cover:   As with the same issue, the cover here by Jae Lee is amazing.  I am actually an extremely big fan of his art, but mainly his covers.  The last Wolverine issue with Colossus and Logan in a fighting stance was stupendous.  The Story:   This issue picks up right where the last one left off.  A monologue by Black Widow carries us through most of the battle.  As the battle goes on in the Red Room training facility in Russia, we're taken to another location depicting a very important ambassad...

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Rampage! 2

Cover:  I still find the previous cover a bit better, but I really like the colors of this one.  I think Frank looks a little weird, but that is simply artist interpretation.  Good cover!  The Story:  The issue begins right where we left off last issue, with Henry arriving at home and finding Jigsaw and Stuart Clarke in his living room.  A relatively long discussion takes place between the three where they explain the motives of their plans, etc.  Then we are greeted by various panels of Frank d...

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Araña's Big Time! 3

Cover:   I actually really dig the cover art.  I think they could've done away with the big WARNING! box there at the bottom as I kinda like to see, at least in covers, more art than words!  The Story:   The issue begins with Spider-Girl on an intense speed chase after Screwball.  After finally catching her, we are taken to the next set of scenes occurring at her school, then her home.  Afterwards, a pleasant visit from Sue Storm and they're walking around town discussing a little bit about thei...

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