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Better Than The Last... 0

Cover:   Applicable and pretty neat, I would say.  I really like the design of the antagonistic hybrids.  The Good:   Now this feels like the X-Force I've been reading for a while now.  Sure, it's not Remender, but Williams actually manages to do a great job and the interactions among our cast is much better here than it was in the previous issue (not that it was bad there either).  The art is stunning, as well, and the dark grittiness is still ever present, definitely keeping the tone and vib...

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Great Storytelling. 0

Cover:   Not the strongest aspect of the issue, but maybe it's the logo I'm not a big fan of.  That and the giant #1 there on the side; it just looks like crap.  The Good:   The ambiance and storytelling of this issue is splendid.  It's extremely well done, and I am a very big fan of how they manage to really show us a Frank Castle that is utterly mysterious.  The art was solid and it really sets the mood for great stuff.  I also liked the way that it carried several pages and how the art was ...

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Good Stuff... 0

Cover:   Apart from the obnoxious banner that I speak about every week, it's a pretty cool cover.  I find it kind of funny how they just show this random guy in the background to show that Elektra and Shroud are fighting at the Raft.  The Good:   Fear Itself, sadly, is what this comic needed to actually get somewhere.  I didn't know where else this series would go, but preoccupying the members of the Heroes For Hire team with all of the events happening with Fear Itself has allowed a slight bi...

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Grrrrr.... Rrrraaaah! 0

Cover:   Here is the best thing to come out of this issue.  The cover, sadly, is the only thing that works here.  The Good:   The art is actually ok, and the fights withing are very typical Wolverine.  That really is about it.    The Bad:   Where do I start?  Wolverine's real power is ubiquity.  During the events of Fear Itself (which seem to occur over a couple of days- perhaps a week), he has managed to do stuff with his own team X-Force, the New Avengers in hunt of Ben Grimm, the Avenger i...

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Pretty Weak... 0

Cover:   The colors on this cover are very nice and as you can see the art is very gritty.  I really, really like how they used orange here.    The Good:   The characterizations are still pretty good, especially when it comes to the Avengers (which makes sense since Bendis is the current writer of that series as well).  The art being gritty is a great advantage that sets the tone of this series as something that ought to be taken serious.  Sadly, I can't (see below).  The Bad:   I'm bored.  T...

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Remender Does It Again... 2

Cover:   This has nothing to do with the issue, but that's okay.  It's still a great cover.  The Good:   The storytelling couldn't get any better than this.  This isn't your typical action-packed issue that we become accustomed to so far in this series, but it doesn't mean that this isn't a great issue.  It tackles other matters in Thompson's life.  Frankly, I know not much about Thompson before this series began.  Sure, he was Parker's bully and best friend, but apart from that I hadn't read ...

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Busy Prologue... 3

The Cover:   There are 150 variants of this issue, mostly because there is the whole Spider-Man saves your LCS from mayhem approach.  I like this primary cover, however, and the colors used on the font are fricking awesome.  The Good:   This was one of the truest issues I have read when it came to characterization of everyone involved.  It's pacing and flow was superb, and I actually felt like I was reading those characters; nothing seemed forced.  I have and always will be a big fan of Casell...

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Better Than I Thought... 0

Cover:   Obnoxious banner on the top and very typical stance aside, it's not a bad cover.  It seems a lot of Marvel characters are getting redesigned; first Iron Fist, then Hercules and now War Machine.  The Good:   Spencer manages to write characters that I know absolutely nothing about and make them intriguing enough to where I'd like to go back and read more about them.  I am also very happy with the outcome, just wish I knew where this story is actually going to continue since it's not ver...

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Good Start... 2

Cover:   Pretty cool.  The colors are well used as well... the only thing I'm not a big fan of is the fact that you cannot see his eyes.  Kinda wish his baton wasn't in the way.  The Good:   It has what all #1's should have.  A good introduction to the character without giving us a complete rehash, an actual moving plot to what the rest of the series will contain, and repercussions from previous series (I'm looking at you, Shadowland) are also discussed without dwelling in the past.  As a pers...

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Tron Rider... 1

Cover:   Awesome, but then again, it should always be awesome.  A flaming skull (and a chick at that in future issues) atop a blazing motorcycle will always make epic covers.  The Good:   The setup was well done, though it does make the 0.1 issue sort of obsolete apart from the fact that you may be unaware of a few changes.  By the end of this issue, however, you will be filled in as to what you may have missed so I rest my case.  This is indeed tied to Fear Itself, and though I thought that w...

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It's Over... 0

Cover:   The art of these covers have continued to be amazing and it's no exception here.  Very fitting and very cool, though I wish Red Hulk was in the cover somewhere... though with the setting, I can see why he's not.  The Good:   The finale, as other reviewers have pointed out, was very much straight forward and it wasn't altogether bad.  I did feel that it was rushed a little bit, but that's obviously because Tobin has to wrap everything up.  At least that's taken care of and we're not le...

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Say What!!!?? 1

Cover:   Considering I hate Emma Frost, I'm biased... but this cover is absolutely terrible... I think it ruins the feel that the last four issues' covers have had and I feel they should have stuck with a little more of the Evolutionaries in this one.  At least the white is a nice sight.  The Good:   This story is absolutely amazing and the art has been stunning; it has been an extremely crazy ride from the beginning and even though it has a lot of action, it never once sacrifices any of it at...

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Much Better... 0

Cover:   Applicable and extremely neat.  It was very confusing on the solicits because they kept showing this one as #4, but I can see how it would be important for the cover to represent this particular issue.  The Good:   The dialogue and the interactions in this particular issue are astounding.  I still have a lot of reservations about Bendis' depiction of Moon Knight, but in this issue, his state of mind really shines and the way that he reacts to everyone in L.A is nothing short of awesom...

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Not too shabby... 0

Cover:   A cover that spoils the interior content is ruinous and kind of sucks, even if it's as cool as this one is.  The Good:   This issue has terrific storytelling.  Hickman can tell a story like it's nobody's business and it's very evident here why he's one of the best at what he does.  As others have mentioned, the character development has been the strongest suit of this series, and it continues to shine in this issue.  The scenes with Ben Grimm and Alicia are great; it's good to see tha...

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Incredible!! 4

Cover:   Not too impressed.  I don't know what it is about Venom carrying all those guns that just doesn't strike me as cool... also, the flag was a little much and unnecessary since it's not like he's doing anything patriotic within.  The Good:   This comic is beautiful.  The art, the storytelling and it's splendid pacing, the characterizations, the interactions between characters and the tension it brings.  The first two thirds of the issue are crazy packed with some awesome action, and the ...

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Very Nice Wrap Up... 0

Cover:   I really like this cover, in particular the colors and the fact that Brock seems to tower over everyone, as he rightfully should.    The Good:   This issue works in so many different levels.  It  wraps up a great number of different past story lines and continues to develop Eddie Brock as an antihero, giving his intentions more depth and merit, and making him (at least in my eyes) even more likable.  I can't say that anything about the pacing or the way that the resolutions were handl...

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Not As Impactful As It Could've Been... 0

Cover:   Pretty cool actually, but I'm thinking these hammers are a little overpowered.  I'm still not a big fan of the plain text and the monotonous colors of the giant Fear Itself banners, kinda ruins the cover, in my opinion.  The Good:   The art portions of the actual storyline (not the prologue/epilogue) was amazing.  I really like it, even if some of the characters have weird expressions.  The story wasn't all that bad, but it felt a little flat (more on that below).  The art in this iss...

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Awesome Art! 0

Cover:   There's not much happening on this cover, and the art is not representative of the awesome pencils and colors that hide inside. I see this cover as somewhat of a way to undersell splendid art.  The Good:    The art is quite appalling.  It's a very different style than what I'm used to but it's very pleasing to the eyes.  Also, as a first issue, the story here works really well as it serves as a very nice way to introduce the concept, the character and still move the story along to the...

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Well Done! 0

Cover:     These covers have been astounding from day one, and I really like to see a uniform theme throughout them.  It makes collecting them very enticing.  The Good:   The fact that this ongoing is ten issues in and references panels from earlier arcs is something that I very much enjoy.  It's much similar to Uncanny X-Force, and it gives you the feeling that every panel is actually important.  We do get some background about some of these characters, but I think what really shines here is ...

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Typical But Fun. 0

Cover:   Great covers; this series has so far had some pretty epic looking covers and after reading the issue, I finally noticed that his hand is blending with the gun.  Freaking awesome.  The Good:   The art is pretty cool and the fact that many of the concepts of this series are pretty much in your face.  This issues is action packed pretty much cover to covert (leaving you with a pretty shocking ending), and it certainly helps build up the constant sense of urgency.  In other words, this wo...

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True Transition... 0

Cover:   Meh.  I did like the previous colors and I'm saddened to say that although that one had too much color, this one has too little.  Perhaps it's the dull background that cause me to feel this way about this cover.  The Good:   And as usually stated, don't judge a book by it's cover because in this case, you'd be missing an awesome story.  As a scientist, this is one of the coolest and most original stories that I have read so far coming from X-Men (which is based on biological concepts ...

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Much Better! 0

Cover:   I actually have no idea who that is, but it's cleverly portrayed here as well.  There's something about these covers.  If only the interior art resembled this.    The Good:   The story is really picking up now.  There are still a lot of loose ends, but the introductory page really explained a lot of the confusing material in previous issues.  I still don't know why all that has happened, but I think I just need to be patient.  With that in mind, I really enjoyed the continuous realism...

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Moose! 0

Cover:   Once again, pretty true to the interior content and pretty clever.  The Good:     The colors are pretty freaking awesome with the limited art that there is.  What I do like is the continuous grittiness and realism of the tale; it doesn't hold back at all.  If this was a movie, it would definitely be rated R.  At least I would hope so seeing as the content within is very adult oriented.  In this case, however, the bluntness of the material really help what would otherwise be a lacklust...

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Dun Dun! 0

Cover:   I think the cover is extremely clever considering the internal contents of this issue.  It's certainly extremely fitting and well done, and the colors are awesome!  The Good:   The pacing is what's done best, giving you what you need to know when you need to know.  I do like the realism of this issue, and that it doesn't sugarcoat anything or beat around the bush with what isn't important.  I think there was a very interesting choice in the colors for some of these panels.  Story is v...

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What Happened? 0

Cover:   Not too bad, but not the greatest.  Maybe it's the lack of colors that's not doing it for me.  The Good:   At least the story is progressing, even if it's at a tiny little trickle.  The art is gritty and that definitely fits the mood of the story that is being portrayed, but that was about all I liked.  I get that MK has multiple personalities, I was just not very happy with a few things (see below).  The Bad:   My main bother is the fact that he was actually wearing the Spider-Man c...

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Best Thing To Happen To The X-Men In Years.... 0

Cover:   While I think the Revolutionaries are cool, their simplistic design hinders the epicness of this cover.  I do, however, like the parallels, though I find them a  little too colorful.  Good cover, overall, though.  The Good:   The story is actually original and compelling. It's really cool to see the story told both in present and in the past, and it is certainly cool to see how it doesn't actually retcon anything.  The way that the X-Men strategized their actions was impressive and re...

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First Publication. 1

Cover:   This is a much, much better cover than last one, even if it shows Anti-Venom a little spiny.  It looks like it was drawn by Caselli, though it could've been Camuncoli.  Regardless, it looks great.  The Good:   It's really cool to continue to see Parker in great situations for once.  The point is driven home that he is pretty much beyond busy in this period of time in his life, with a successful job, a girlfriend, and his adventures as Spidey in both teams of Avengers and the FF.  A li...

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Nuns With Guns!! 0

Cover: Awesome... what can I say?  It's hard to say whether that is Nun of the Above or Nun the Less...  Priceless cover.  Only thing is I wish the pink background was a different color.  I have no issue with pink, just seems like a gray or purple would've worked better.The Good: This comics is fun, plain and simple.  It's got great storytelling, fantastic dialogue and even better action.  Granted, it's not utterly action packed, but there are still lots of things happening every page.  I real...

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Superb!! 1

Cover: While I am not digging this cover (too cartoony for my taste, sadly), it is illustrating what lies within.  Maybe it's the way that Psycho-Man is depicted that really rubs me the wrong way.The Good: The characterizations of these individuals is amazing (no pun intended).  Gage writes these characters well in Avengers Academy obviously, but he was wanting to showcase their personalities here and it's extremely well done without sacrificing the main story and Spidey himself.  Gage even wr...

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Relevant? 3

Cover: Meh... I really don't care much for the banners at the top with the same look for Fear Itself.  It makes it all uniform, but I just really don't care about them; plus, they hide half the art, which is what should be on a cover.The Good: We're back to an actual story about War Machine.  The writings is better than it was in previous issues, though it was a little hard to follow.  The tie-in aspect of it is pretty cool, actually.  As Fraction mentioned, you don't have to pick up this issu...

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Great Ending! 0

Cover: The white and yellowish green are sweet on the eyes, and it is almost like a breath of fresh air after the previous covers.  This is one of my favorites!The Good: The writing is superb, and the art, while it is indeed cartoony as others have pointed out, is doing a good job for me here.  This series began stupendously, but after two somewhat mediocre issues in between, has come out quite strong with a pretty interesting (though typical) ending to the rebirth of the Man Without Fear.  I ...

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Academia 0

Cover: I really like this cover.  I don't know what it is about the sinister six that I like so much, maybe it's the amount of power that they could honestly attain if they were all as smart as Otto, but this cover makes them look very empowering.  Awesome!The Good: For some odd reason, I really like the Sinister Six.  If written right, as they are here by the great Gage, they can be a force not be trifled with.  The team aspect of these villains has always been awesome, I just wish they were ...

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Sweetness!! 0

Cover: I really like two page covers, so it's pretty cool here.  I also like the variants with the X-Man one being my favorite.The Good: There was a lot of great things about this issue, most of it lying on the realism of the portrayal of the characters as well as the depiction of each of the individual team members.  I had started reading this series when Age of X started so there's a lot I need to catch up on prior to this, since this is pretty much the first time I'm introduced to a lot of ...

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Fill 'Em Up. 0

Cover:  It is pretty misleading and makes it look as though there are going to be some crazy confrontations and repercussions as a results of the outcome of Curse of the Mutants.   The Good: The story itself is not altogether bad; it's not an action packed issue, but the pacing isn't sluggish, nonetheless.  Xavier telling Jubilee his tale gives perspective, which is pretty much what Xavier has always provided.  The mysterious entity throughout the issue also makes it just a tad appealing, a...

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Sinister Six! 0

Cover: Really cool to see Caselli's art on the cover.  The color scheme is also pretty cool and very fitting. The Good: The humor in this book is quite substantial, at least to me.  It wasn't an outright hilarious issue, but it had me cracking up at a large number of panels, especially those with Spider-Man and the team.  The fact that slot mentioned Spidey's training was very cool too since that was something I had feared would get ignored.  The reinforcing attitude of the FF was also ni...

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Is Absolutely Free Better Than Free?? 0

Cover: Very reminiscent of the cover by Ramos for ASM #648, which was the beginning of the Big Time storyline.  As that started a new direction for Spider-Man, I find it very applicable albeit a bit simple.The Good: For a free comic, and one about Spider-Man, this is top notch.  It's definitely meant for new readers, but it gives current readers of ASM some terrific moments as well.  It should be obvious by now if you've been reading ASM (and if you haven't, it's mentioned herein pretty quickl...

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Really Good! 0

Cover: Awesome cover.  It is somewhat representative of what lies inside.  I kinda wish there was a bit more in relation to Pandora's Box, however.The Good: This finally feels like a true Hulk comic.  The chemistry between Cho and Banner/Hulk is not new, but it is extremely well done here.  Hell, the chemistry between the two characters gracing the cover is almost perfect.  The humor is not overwhelming; the dialogue feels real.  The incorporation of more Greek mythology into the Marvel univer...

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No Love For Deadpool! 0

Cover: I have no idea what's going on here, but it's at least pretty fitting.  This series requires funny covers, so that has been accomplished.The Good: After three (or four) issues of useless space adventures, we get Wilson back on Earth, and this is at least a very nice transition.  His "friends" are deserving of what they get, and for as much saturation as we get from this character, it was well done here.  Of course, this is still not as good as Deadpool in UXF, but in this issue, at leas...

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Not Sure How I Feel About This One... 3

Cover: This is honestly the worst cover I have seen in a very long time.  They both look constipated and extremely ugly, and it is just not very appealing. The Good: The story itself is full of mystery.  This isn't Daken's comic, but because both characters are written by the same writer, you obviously get the proper characterization of both that you would get in their own comic, and it's a definite bonus here. As for X-23, this issue- hell, this crossover, has breathed new life to a series ...

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Hunted! 0

Cover: Frankly, I don't really care for the cover.  I can get behind the idea they are depicting and it's a pretty cool concept, but maybe the angles are what really bother me.  I know the symbiote is capable of doing all sorts of awesome things, but it still bothers me here.The Good: The art and the colors are mesmerizing.  The characterizations and the way that the fight was carried out was extremely well done, as was the few ending panels, giving you an obvious look at the direction of the ...

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