Cvnu Werewolf Omega

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  • Height: 10'0
  • Weight: 20,000 lbs
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 200,000

200,000 years ago a Lycan became one of the first were wolves that ever lived on Gaia capable of transforming into a human and back into Lycan form at will, this Lycan was responsible for increasing the population of werewolf kind significantly and thus name of this being was predisposed as Omega for he formed the largest,baddest and most powerful pack of were wolves that have ever existed at one point in time.

AgilityDurabilityEnergy ProjectionFighting abilityIntelligenceMental PowerSpeedStaminaStrength


  • Blades Of Bloodlust

The blades of blood lust were created by Omega in the year 476 A.D after the fall of the West Roman Empire.

"These blades possess several arcane enchantments that make them an astonishingly dangerous weapon to nearly any entity"-Omega

  1. The first enchantment that the Blades Of Bloodlust contain is Divine fire, Divine fire is a hybrid coat of mixed Hell-fire and Holy-fire that can manifest around or on the seven foot long edged blades, this hybrid of divine fire typically averages around 2,000 Kelvin but Omega when concentrating can triple its heat out put to 6,000 Kelvin.
  2. The second enchantment that the Blades of Bloodlust contain is a Divine Piercing attribute, this specific enchantment allows the blades to pierce the bodies of figures with class 7 durability utilizing little to no effort in doing so and in return for one to be able to damage the blades even the slightest the person or being in question would have to have at least class 7 strength and no less.
  3. The third enchantment that the Blades of Bloodlust contain is Additional Supernatural damage, all of those from supernatural origin suffer twenty times the amount of damage that a non-supernatural would suffer this in return means that those with supernatural durability will be twenty times less resistant to the Divine Piercing attribute and will suffer twenty times more from their injuries, this will also reduce the efficiency of their regeneration regardless of its type even if its a mythical conceptual healing.
  4. The fourth enchantment that the Blades of Bloodlust contain is Reunification, should the blades ever be destroyed even if to the point there are no remains it is still capable of coming back into existence should its owner request so by simply willing it into existence, the process to reunify or restore the blades is instantaneous.
  5. The fifth enchantment that the Blades of Bloodlust contain is Exposure of Endangerment, When Omega is assaulted or in danger the semi-sentient blades can send its consciousness back in time to before the danger happened and in doing so it exposes the incoming danger with a warning by increasing the luminosity of Divine Fire into a lighter shade of Cyan Blue however the limit to how far back its consciousness can go back in time is with in the time frame of a minute but nevertheless it is capable of performing this action an indefinite amount of times.
  6. The sixth enchantment that the Blades of Bloodlust contain is Reverse-Etherealization, regardless of the incorporeal beings power of origin whether it be Magic,Cosmic,Technological,Meta or even natural for his or her species the Blades of Bloodlust will always be able to reverse the effects of Intangibility when in range of its opponent while the range of the sixth enchantment is short in nature being only three meters it can still effect even those resistant or originally immune to forced tangibility.
  7. The seventh and final enchantment that the Blades of Bloodlust contain is Bloodlust, When Omega strikes his opponent with the Blades of Bloodlust all negative effects that are currently effecting him or that have been effecting him are transferred to the one he struck the following effects are just the few that it is capable of transferring to his target cauterized wounds,poisons,diseases,viruses,internal parasites,embedded projectiles,damaged arteries,conceptual curses,corrosive acid,etcetera. But not only does he transfer negative effects, the process of striking his opponent successfully also completely restores all of his stamina as well as conceptually cuts his opponents durability by half it's base value, for example should he be able to strike some one with class hundred durability it would drop down to class fifty durability and should he strike again it would drop down to class twenty five durability and so on and so forth as the effects stack up indefinitely, if his opponent survives being struck with the Blades of Bloodlust it would require them several days of rest before the conceptual attacks fades away and the opponent in question would then only have their durability slowly restored in the course of several days.
  • Shadow Of The Pack

The Shadow of the Pack was created by Omega in the year 1453 A.D after the Fall of Constantinople

"This is the Shadow of the Ancient Pack, the deities of our race revealed to me the method of creating this cape after I proved myself worthy and this..this shadow is the most important cloth in existence to me"-Omega

  1. The first enchantment that the Shadow of the Pack contains is Imperceptible Concealment, the cloak is capable of concealing Omega from nearly all known methods of detection as he becomes undetectable through any field of spectrum as well as having his presence/aura masked as if he was never there in the first place, there are only three known methods capable of detecting Omega once he uses his cloak, the first method requires an Omega level Telepath however the telepath would only be able to detect his presence not pin point it, the second method are extremely powerful anti cloaking magical artifacts that nullify Omega's invisibility, the third and last known method is to be a member of the Ancient Pack.
  2. The second enchantment that the Shadow of the Pack contains is Ionioi Hetairoi, the shadow of the pack is capable of transporting figures/objects into or out of an infinite dimension known as Ionioi Hetairoi which translates to "The Kings Army" here Omega is virtually invincible in this infinite landscape of forests that can be changed to his hearts desire at a whims notice, Omega is capable but not limited to Increasing his size indefinitely,complete and absolute control of the environment,turning thoughts into reality,summoning infinite minions ranging from weak statistics to strong statistics,ripping out or destroying the souls of his opponents,dropping his opponents onto endless pits,freezing his opponent in times,unleashing infinite energy at once,etcetera.
  3. The third enchantment that the Shadow of the Pack contains is Flawless Indestructibility, nothing short of an Omnipotent being can destroy let alone even damage the cape.
  4. The fourth enchantment that the Shadow of the Pack contains is Flight, with his cape equipped Omega can fly at Mach 90,000
  5. The final enchantment that the Shadow of the Pack contains is Size Shifting, the Cape can expand its shape a hundred times its original size theoretically allowing invulnerability to anything in its range.

  • Hide Of The Lycan

The Hide of the Lycan was created by Omega during the Qin's wars of unification in China some time between the years of 230 B.C to 221 B.C

"The Hide of the Lycan is the greatest armor I ever created, few attacks have ever damaged it and those that have are worth the mention"-Omega

  1. The first enchantment that the Hide of the Lycan contains is Edged Invulnerability, this enchantment gives the benefit of a perfect conceptual defense against swords it offers complete and utter invulnerability against any weapon that can be classified as a sword some examples but not limited to would be Long-sword's,Katana's,Cutlasses,Rapiers,Broadswords,Scimitar's, etcetera regardless of the users power or the weapons power and as such the ONLY way this enchantment can be by passed is if it's facing an edged blade with a conceptual ability on par with Edged Invulnerability which means in order to pierce this armor with a sword the weapon in question must be able to pierce any armor that has ever existed or will exist.
  2. The second enchantment that the Hide of the Lycan contains is Warpers Bane, this enchantment grants Omega protection again reality warping beneath the scale of a Universal being.
  3. The third enchantment that the Hide of the Lycan contains is Mighty Defense, this enchantment grants the armor powerful durability to the point that the armor can only be damaged by strikes that can destroy planets and nothing below no matter how many times it is struck.
  4. The fourth enchantment that the Hide of the Lycan contains is Exclusion of Force, this enchantment gives Omega massive amounts of resistance to kinetic energy attacks to the point only strikes capable of leveling multiple cities could make Omega flinch should they come into contact with the armor
  5. The fifth enchantment that the Hide of the Lycan contains is Life Protection, this enchantment gives Omega complete and utter immunity to attacks that effect the life force such as Death Inducement or Life Force Absorption/Manipulation
  6. The sixth and final enchantment that the Hide of the Lycan contains is Internal Defense, this enchantment protects Omega from attacks that typically by pass physical defenses such as the physical manifestation of objects from with in or manipulating his body from with in through direct or indirect means.

  • Claws of Nocturnal

The Claws of Nocturnal were created by Omega some undetermined period after the Qin's wars of Unification was over

"Mighty gauntlets that complement the rest of my arsenal"-Omega

  1. The first enchantment that the Claws of Nocturnal contain is Seizing the Ethereal, to compliment the Blades of Bloodlust the Claws of Nocturnal are capable of grasping ethereal beings AND objects but the difference between the two is that the gauntlets can grasp their targets with out forcing them to become tangible
  2. The second enchantment that the Claws of Nocturnal contain is Divine Sight, with the gauntlets equipped Omega gains the conceptual ability to see nearly all lines of reality for an example Omega is capable of observing Telepathic Waves,Precognitive Waves and such from Mutant/Supernatural/Cosmic beings as well as many other "Lines" such as those that are connected to a power sources which would ordinarily be impossible to detect.
  3. The third enchantment that the Claws of Nocturnal contain is Line Interaction, to add benefit to the enchantment Divine Sight Omega is capable of interacting and even destroying lines to a certain extent, for example should some one attempt to use telepathy Omega would be able to rip the incoming lines with his gauntlets he is also capable of damaging or alright destroying ones Precognitive abilities by slashing the future links that attempted to go forward in time, shredding off temporal mishaps that attempt to harm his past self, destroying curses that have been placed upon himself or beings, removing probability manipulation and so on and so on.
  4. The fourth and final enchantment that the Claws of Nocturnal contain is Power Manipulation, should Omega be able to close the distance the Lycan will be able to on physical contact siphon all the powers as well as abilities his opponent possess in the time frame of mere moments to minutes or even hours, the more powerful the opponent is the longer it takes to Siphon his or her power however this enchantment can not function if the person or being in question is immune to the conceptual ability of having their capabilities siphoned away and added to Omega's own power, should the person in question break contact before all their power is gone it will naturally be restored but only after an extended duration of time has passed by.
  • Runes Of The Neither World

These strange blue gems you see embedded within the Hide of the Lycan bestows Omega a massive pool of mana which allow him to cast spells and other magic based abilities on par with a Sorcerer Supreme, the first noticeable feature of these gems is that they are virtually indestructible and immune to being manipulated by outside forces.

The runes of the Neither World were gems created by an Unknown Sorcerer Supreme, he created these runes out of the same substance the very universe itself is made out of. There are a total of nine runes with each individual one capable of having enough raw magical power to destroy or power an entire galaxy.

(More to come)

Human Form

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In a human form Omega still has an array of skills and abilities to utilize,


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Omega is an extremely powerful and skilled user of the Mystical Arts being compared by most other wielders of the Mystic Arts on par with a Sorcerer Supreme only lacking in the sheer power that those Sorcerers posses but when statement was stated it was made before he acquired the Runes of the Neither World that now puts him in the range of competing "power wise" against other Sorcerer Supremes.

  • Teleportation

With a simple thought the Lycan is capable of an instant transmission through vast ranges with his furthest being from the Earth to the Sun.

Conceptual Abilities bestowed by the Lycan Deities Silaluk and Chogan

  • Precognition
  • Fabled Warrior

Being blessed by two beings far above Cosmic Cube levels, he was gifted with an extremely powerful and unique gift in his first years as a Lycan. It was the endowment of Age Empowerment with this gift combined with his Lycan Immortality it increased his power each passing year by a factor of one, currently Omega is 200,000 times faster,stronger,durable as well as has 200,000 times the healing factor and stamina

to sum it up he's 200,000 physically superior to a generic Lycan at peak physical stats.

  • Almighty Howl
  • Inner Beast *Locked Ability*

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