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Poseidon Adventure 0

Kicking off right after the explosive end to issue one, issue two runs with a disaster movie vibe very much in the style of the Poseidon adventure. The characters spend rather a lot of time disagreeing and trying to establish a plan to deal with their current predicament, and there’s a few to many ‘Oh no!’ moments which all become rather repetitive as the book goes on. The first one had a good flow that left me wanting to know more, where as this one does feel like a filler iss...

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A Lasting Legacy 0

This is the final issue of Star Wars Legacy Volume 2, a run that continued to expand upon the rich world established way back in 2006 by John Ostrander and co.Events orchestrated by the nefarious Darth Wredd have been building towards a climactic battle between the Sith, Ania Solo and her motley crew that takes place in this issue. Due to the nature of the real world seismic shift in cannon, events have been brought forward at lightspeed to bring this series to a conclusion, and that is very ap...

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Journeys End 0

The GoodThe final issue from the current team headed by Kieron Gillen has come, and it’s a great send off. The inner turmoil of the young Loki comes to a head and is wonderfully played out, a touching scene with Thor is one of the stand out moments. The story harks back to the very beginning of the series and showcases the most important and interesting aspects of this entire saga; the tricks, deals and double crosses have consequences, never has this been more prevalent than here. The art is be...

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The Ashes of War 0

The GoodThe final act has begun and Surtur himself enters the Fray, everything has been building to this issue and it certainly delivers. Loki and Leah play their final hands, and they are well executed, It’s nice to see some familiar faces appear for the onslaught in Muspelheim as all the pieces fall into place, a fascinating revelation regarding Loki will keep you intrigued to see what the future has in store for the young trickster. The writing and art have once again not faltered, solid stuf...

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Embers of Treachery 0

The GoodAs the war ravages Asgardia, many of the heroes are caught in the throws of despair as the gravity of the situation is starting to show upon those who are left to carry the burden. Loki’s actions continue to do just as much damage as they do aid, as things hurtle towards the eleventh hour. The plot thickens once again here and at such a late point in the series it’s going to be fascinating to see the pay off’s for all the deals and double crosses that have been richly threaded throughout...

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Red Heat 0

The GoodThe heroes of Asgardia are standing firm in the face of the inferno that engulfs the world tree, but only just. My previous complaints about the size and scale of the war and it’s lack of appearance thus far have been well and truly silenced in this issue, with an impressive display of the disastrous situation across the nine realms. The story is well conveyed; the emphasis upon schemes and manipulation continues to build up layer upon layer that will (Hopefully) explode in magnificent f...

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The Blaze Within 0

The GoodFollowing the revelations of The Mighty Thor #19, the war rages as Volstagg takes command of Asgardia and brings the fight to the Manchester Gods. Meanwhile Loki implements his own strategies, in only the way Loki could. The God of mischief certainly lives up to his reputation in this installment, as events take darker twists. The consequences of the numerous deals and double crosses are starting to mount and could fall in favor of either side at this point. Once again the story is super...

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Asgardia Inferno 0

The GoodAs things heat up in the nine realms, The Mighty Thor #19 takes a moment to delve back into the mechanics of what is driving this war machine, as well as the forming of Asgardia’s resistance. Things happen in this book but also don’t, it’s a lot of prophecy with a dash of action that leaves you a little ahead from where you were before, but not by much. I have stated in previous reviews that I’m not a massive Alan Davis fan but I have to admit, I really enjoyed the art in this issue so I...

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Let The Flames Begin... 0

The GoodThe story kicks off right where The Mighty Thor #18 left off, with the fire well and truly risen in different corners of the nine realms. Previous events are sufficiently touched upon, as dealings Loki has made throughout JIM start to fall into place, the ramifications of which are beginning to be felt with rebellion and war stirring once more. Gillen is on top form here, as he begins to thread together the various strands that have interwoven through young Loki’s story. One of the most ...

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The Fire Rises 2

The GoodAs an introductory issue it does an adequate job of establishing the foundations for what’s to come, with events from the past coming into fruition with unusual goings on in the present, very much in line with previous Asgardian adventures of this scale, obviously there are far more questions than answers here, some of which are more pressing than others. I can’t really say the art took my breath away but at the same time never detracted from the story, not to bad at all.The BadI come to...

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Batwing Begins 0

I’m not a massive DC fan but I was intrigued by the New 52 and so decided to pick up at lest one book within the new line, I opted for Batwing. First off I have to start with the art, Ben Oliver and Brian Reber have done an amazing job on this book I can’t fault it at all, Batwing and Massacre have a two page spread that really captives and announces the arrival of these characters. Judd Winick has delivered a solid start to Batwings adventures and established him as a rising force within the Ba...

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Journey into Eavesdropping. 0

This Journey into Mystery being a point one issue I had doubts to whether it would have been worth picking up but I was pleasantly surprised. The young Loki conjures a soothsayer demon in order to discover his fellow asgardians opinions on him after his recent resurrection. The story unfolds nicely with familiar characters being shown with expected outcomes and Odin is given a chance to show a more fatherly and tolerable side. Rob Rodi does a great job in this book; the tone fits perfectly with ...

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War of the Worlds 0

The final issue in the limited series of Astonishing Thor brings the tale of Ego and Alter Ego to a dramatic conclusion high above the Earth.The GoodThe issue opens with familiar couple having a picnic in central park where all is not as it seems and quickly and almost though an Inception like transition we are thrust back into the planetary showdown that has been brewing since Alter Ego’s release. The writing is on top form with Rob Rodi who really delivers on expanding Thor’s abilities who as ...

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Flash Heights 0

As a new fan of The Flash from this series I can say that I have consistently loved every issue since making an off the cuff decision a couple of months ago, and this weeks was no exception.  This issue opens with The Flash battling his old foe Captain Boomerang whilst trying to hold off the time travelling Renegade police force. Its action packed from the kick off with a daring helicopter rescue and an uneasy alliance with the future force. The Minority Report-esq plot that has started to unfol...

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Welcome to Hell… 0

This issue of Thor, even though it’s something of an establishing chapter for the apparent pandemonium to come really did it for me. The Disir’s plans for victory are starting to form in revenge for their age old torture while the survivors of Siege begin to rally there forces at Hela’s request. This sees Thor and Tyr making there way into Hela’s borrowed plot of Hell from Mephisto (who is very satisfyingly devious and slimy in this issue) in an attempt to retrieve a weapon devised to put an end...

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Hammer to Fall. 1

The first issue of Thor: The Mighty Avenger introduces us to a very different Odinson than the one we have become accustomed to in The Straczynski and Gillen runs of late, this Thor is younger and more brash so I’m going to say from the get go that if your picking this up to see the current incarnation of the character then you are going to be disappointed.  The story surrounds Jane Foster who is no longer a nurse but a curator of a museum, (probably the biggest change to the established history...

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Endangered Species. 1

It’s a little late to be reviewing Amazing Spider-man Issue #625 but it keeps coming back to me, just how amazing this comic truly is.  The former Rhino Aleksei Sytevich had stood firm in defiance of his self appointed successor’s attempts to goad him back into his old life in issue #617 a great book in itself however Endangered Species stands head and shoulders above many other issues surrounding the Gauntlet for me and I think this is mainly because of the pure dedication of Aleksei’s attempt ...

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The Hunger is upon us… 0

 First review :) The premise of Godhunter was strong and got of to a good start but sadly in this final instalment the package is never truly delivered with this issue wrapping up all the loose ends at almost lightning speed and leaving you wondering why Bill even bothered in his quest. The writing and art are both sound no problems there, The problem is that it’s to damn short, three issues is just not enough to get into a deep and meaningful story about the clashing of these two titans. The...

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